Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Theresa Melito-Conners, PhD
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Daily must
I love listening to her daily check-in. She is positive, inspiring and uplifting! Her podcasts are amazing!
Amazing podcast!
Dr MC is amazing and LOVE her podcast!! Self love is so important and happy to see others sharing inspiration about Love!!
Self-care is a nonnegotiable!
Dr. MC brings a fantastic combination of fun and practicality to her interviews. She always draws it back to the theme of self-care, which I love and truly appreciate as a listener. The variety of guests she has interviewed make it easy to come back for more. I truly look forward to a new episode drop because Dr. MC is so enjoyable to listen to!
Fun, Fantastic, and a Must Listen!
Dr. MC is extremely knowledgeable and informative. She is the self care EXPERT! She is one amazing bright light. As a Reiki Master and psychotherapist I have had the opportunity of introducing Dr. Mc’s Pod Cast to many of my clients on their journeys. I also follow her on social media and she is one of my go to pod casts that I listen to. If you haven’t listened all-ready please do so and also follow her on social media for more fun and exciting knowledge and Information.
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Amber the Karma Queen
Great Mistakes!
Wow, this was such a great experience. Dr.MC is a natural interviewer and it was an honor to be featured along with so many of her other great guests. Thank you again!
Informative & Fun
This is a fantastic podcast that sheds light on all areas of self-care with inspiring guests. Dr. MC is a great conversationist, educator and host. I learn something new every episode and look forward to more.
Purple Orchid
You need to listen to this!
Self -care isn't just bubble baths and meditation - join Dr. MC to explore all the things you could and SHOULD be doing to thrive in today's world. 😊
Excellent, great speaking voice!
I enjoyed these first few podcasts, looking forward to more.
Love hearing about self-care!
Was following Dr. MC on insta and super excited to hear she has a podcast now! Already learned more about caring for myself after the listening to the first two episodes…
That guy who buys stuff
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Just by listening to this podcast while driving or cooking, I feel like I’m taking time to perform self-care. From quick tips, to self-talk mantras, this podcast has played a major role in redefining self-care for me. Who knew that self-care was so much more than taking a bubble-bath?! Dr. MC’s expertise and professionalism, mixed with her raw, lived experience, make her a friend in your ear who truly wants the best for you. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone and everyone!
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