Don’t Get Me Started
Don’t Get Me Started
Dan Balser
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Advertising Business Bliss!
Dan and his incredible guests cover all aspects of the advertising business, not only providing insight we wouldn't have otherwise, but also giving creatives the inspiration they need to move forward in their career. The best part is it all comes from truly engaging individuals that know the industry inside and out. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Dan - keep up the great work!
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Katie Joy B.
Hands down my favorite creative advertising podcast. The advice and wisdom given in these shows could be made into a book.
"Iceman" Weissman
pretty good podcast
DGMS is a good advertising podcast. Dan Balser is a knowledgeable host with a great background, but I believe he is what holds this podcast back from being 5/5 great. Some incredibly talented, inspiring, and intelligent guests are featured on this show. The problem is the are made to feel like the features and not the stars. Dan (the host) has a hard time letting guest finish sentences, compete thoughts, or pull more out of his guests. He will sometimes interrupt with his own thought when it isn’t called for. I think if more of a back seat approach was taken it could really take the conversations to a top tier level. Also, some audio mixing would be appreciated. Volume differences between mics are noticeable. Don’t mean do be negative, overall a great podcast. Just hoping to be constructive.
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dumb kid trying to learn
Fails to be Irrelevant
I’ve been listening to this podcast for the past couple months and digging through the archives everyday. I’m headed into my 3rd year of college studying advertising and it’s priceless to hear from people in the industry everyday. Literally, it’s free. Thanks Dan!
Prettyman Family
A National Treasure
This podcast is indispensable for anyone in advertising. It's even more indispensabler for creatives. Binge listenable and full of an understanding wisdom, it has something to offer no matter where you are in the field. Heed the practical advice and drink the inspiration. Dan is conscientious of the listener and has welcome perspectives on everything. Listening will make you smarter, promotable, and taller. If I listened more, I probably wouldn't write such sloppy reviews with the suffix -able in so many sentenceables.
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As an advertising student, hearing first-hand insights from the rockstars and brilliant minds of the industry helps fill in the gap of creative wisdom that lacks in formal classes. Dan is great in digging relevant information of the people he interviews and makes sure that every episode provides fun and learning. I've only listened to a few episodes but I'm already looking forward to hearing more!
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Jereek Espiritu
It’s like McDonald’s all day breakfast, for your ears
Dan’s perspective on the industry is insightful, inspiring and entertaining as hell. The variety of guests he’s able to corral never ceases to amaze me, giving each episode its own flavor of awesome. Whether you’re a junior creative, an ECD or someone who just wants an inside look at the industry’s brightest minds, it’s such a good podcast.
Brendan O'B
A must listen!
I've been listen for years and it just gets better. It's a must listen for people that dream of being the next great in advertising. Dan moderates in a manner that allows guest to be themselves and open up, which results in great content.
A Great Service to the Ad Community
Listening to Dan’s podcast has helped me prepare for job interviews, rethink my career, and even get fired with grace. I have learned so much about the possibilities in this industry from these conversations. Dan’s guests are passionate, talented, and generous people who love what they do and who want to uplift all of those who are willing to listen.
Matthew Wyne
If you love advertising, you need to listen to this!
I just love this podcast! I listen to every episode. It's loaded with advice from top pros in the business. In my opinion, this one is a MUST. Dan Balser, the host of the podcast is hilarious and so fun to listen to. He always pulls great information from his interviewees. A lot of the content on this site comes from his podcast. Amazing stuff. Thanks Dan.
This Has Opened My Ears
I've been binge listening to Dan's podcast for about 3 weeks now. There are multiple great things about it, but here are a few: - roster of guests from the ad industry and students - Dan's humor - Dan's passion for what he does - Genuinely smart questions If you're into all the above, grab your Moleskin and pen and go listen to the podcast.
John Soares
I'm always surprised when I find creatives that don't listen
I’d been a full-time high school teacher for six years when Dan Balser’s podcast introduced me to the creative side of advertising. Within a year, I’d quit my job, sold my house and moved my family across the country to attend the school where he taught. I can honestly say any professional success I’ve had is in large part due to lessons learned from Dan’s incredible podcast. It is, in my opinion, the most valuable, entertaining and convenient form of continuing education in the entire industry.
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Josh Shelton
Solid Hostmenship
DGMS siphons great incites from all over the map. Sometimes advertising noggins can speak pimple-talk, but your ability to direct conversations and squeeze out wisdom, matures us all. Awesome perspectives from CCOs to freelancers – I look forward to more.
Just listen to it.
I was fortunate enough to attend the Creative Circus portfolio school where Dan is a teacher. Before the start of every class, Dan would give advice and wisdom for about 15 minutes on matters relating to life, advertising and anything else he wanted to talk about. I really enjoyed this advice and found it extremely helpful as he has been in the advertising game for awhile and wants to make sure we all know what we're getting into. I have just graduated and starting my career and feel extremely confident not only from Dan's talks but his podcasts as well. Dan does a great job of making the interviewee feel comfortable and really unload all wisdom he or she may have. For anyone looking to get into advertising as a creative, you are getting behind by not listening to these podcasts. Anyone in the industry would gain valuable insights from other leading creatives, so basically anyone looking to get into or already in advertising should listen to this podcast. Simply put, they are entertaining, funny, insightful and extremely valuable.
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Jurk - Creative
Good Stuff
There are a lot of good subjects touched on in this podcast. The ideas discussed are ideas that certainly need to be considered when working in a creative field. Sometimes it's just people talking.
The best podcast ever. especially for ad students and junior creatives.
This podcast taught me so much that I couldn't learn in my ad school that I don't know how to thank Dan. Being able to listen to the mind of the best creatives in the field right at home is priceless. The interviews with the recruiters helped me so much on how to approach them and what not to do, etc. Cannot believe that it is free. Thank you Dan and all the creatives for your time and effort. There are so many nice people out there in the field of advertising, and I see hope.
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JamieShin Creative
A must listen
I didn't love the early podcasts but this has really hit it's stride. It's a perfect support group for anyone in the ad business. If you are a student this is a required for getting your bearings.
Ben Applebaum
it's terribly
good stuff.
Love this podcast
Engaging interviews... I will never not listen to this.
Black Mayonnaise
Pumps you up and gets you thinking
It can be a good creative pep-talk when you need it, but I also enjoy the deeper purpose-pondering conversations.
Horrificly Insightful
Don’t listen to these. I don’t want you stealing my job.
As an advertising student, this podcast has been the single most helpful and encouraging tool in figuring out what I plan on doing my with my life after graduation. DGMS is an archive of insights from industry professionals and top-notch students that I would normally never get to hear. Professors encourage students to attend lectures, look at other student work, and keep up with the industry news; Balser takes it a step further and delivers these elements straight to your ears.
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Skyler Dobin
Don't get Dan started, or he's liable to smack you upside the the head some knowledge
Dan's quick wit and keen insight make this podcast a must-listen for anyone in the ad industry. For hopefully students it's a window into the exciting and often mystifying world that lies ahead. For troops already in the field it's a practical and extremely helpful fount of advice on how to navigate the waters. As a former student of Dan's, it's wonderful to be able to get a dose of his hard-hitting commentary wherever I am. But beyond that, this show is remarkably relevant to people at any point in their careers. Great host, fantastic roster of guests, lots of colorful profanity. Tune in. Well, only if you actually want a good job.
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Andy Pearson
It's what we need to hear
Spot on advice and insights into ad world for the want-to-be-so-badly-I'm-bordering-desperation creatives in school or hot on the job hunt. Instead of asking every hack you come across, download some solid content you can play again. And again. And however many times it takes you to get the point.
Brotherless Grim