Don’t Get Me Started
Don’t Get Me Started
Dan Balser
Hosted by Dan Balser, a former department head at The Creative Circus in Atlanta, this is a series of conversations about advertising. But they're not just about the industry; they're about the people in it.
Episode 340: Dan and Zach of The Academy at GS&P
The Academy at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is the brainchild of Zach Canfield, the agency’s Director of Talent. Dan is now its director, and this episode marks a personally significant moment of transition.
Nov 11, 2021
26 min
Episode 339: Sean Curran, VP, Creative & Marketing at Ranch Rider Spirits
Leaving agency life in his past, Sean shares his thoughts on start-up culture, imposter syndrome, and the overemphasis put on deck perfection.
Aug 3, 2021
30 min
Episode 338: Nathalie Con, VP, Strategy Director at Giant Spoon
A natural strategist at heart, Nathalie shares her thoughts on how to best work with strategists, the genesis of insight, and moving to a new job. She also has some profound advice for young professionals (esp. women).
Jul 8, 2021
49 min
Episode 337: Omid Amidi, CD at Johannes Leonardo
This one manages to cover Wordsworth’s Ode; feeling different and integrating; the value of a good strategy; the making of an epic, celebrity-laden commercial; levity; and finding a family at work. It wraps up with a generous offer from Omid.
Jun 17, 2021
1 hr 12 min
Episode 336: Lauren Goldsmith, ACD at Thrasio
On finding your professional family, inner workings of e-commerce marketing, and uncovering opportunities in unlikely places
May 17, 2021
37 min
Episode 335: Joe Baratelli, EVP and CCO at RPA
An inside view of a great agency, from a leader's perspective
Apr 8, 2021
41 min
Episode 334: Dominique Monet, ACD at GSD&M
Advertising as a platform, the value of a good presentation, some real talk, and the power of truth well expressed
Mar 17, 2021
46 min
Episode 333: Federico Diaz, ACD at The Community
An online, mid-pandemic chat about a cookie vault, Seinfeld, sketch comedy and one copywriter’s process
Feb 17, 2021
37 min
Episode 332: Yanci Wu, Senior Experience Designer at Autodesk
The power of asking questions, being humble, and acting with intention. The value of going in-house, self-analysis, and knowing what matters to you.
Dec 16, 2020
42 min
Episode 331: Gavin Lester, CCO at Zambezi
A conversation with an award-winning, bi-cultural agency leader on creating not only great work, but also your own autonomy, your own agency within an agency, and originality within familiarity
Nov 16, 2020
50 min
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