Demystifying College Admissions
Demystifying College Admissions
Julie Kim
I’m Julie Kim, and I’m the host of Demystifying College Admissions. Look, I’ve been there before! Navigating through the college admissions process is overwhelming, confusing and ultimately stressful. This podcast is designed to inspire high school students to identify their passions, learn all about the most updated college admissions strategies, with guests and experts from all industries! And the best part is we’ll also dive into mental health so that this podcast will be a healthy, safe, and vulnerable space for all teens and parents out there!
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5 factors of success
This was a great episode. I love Julie's focus on the student as a whole person! Having and developing the right mindset is a life lesson!
5 factors of success
I love this episode! Other podcasts talk about the mechanics of the college process, but I so agree with you that the student’s mindset is the most important factor. I sent this to my daughter. You articulated this better than I could. Thank you!
College Talk
Thanks for sharing your journey. Awesome platform for my daughter who’s a freshman in high school striving for greatness, studying medicine in the future.
Amazing Work!!
Love this podcast! I love getting to know all the different sides of their journeys. Keep up the AMAZING work!!
Sage advice
The advice on “I” messaging is so simple but important for good communication.
Love this episode
It really helps when I talk to my two teens I listen to this episode over and over to refresh my emotions when I talk to my teens :)
Great Tips from Michelle on how to build Positive relationships with teens
This podcast with Michelle Farris was extremely insightful on how to approach my relationship with my teens. Thank you Julie, your podcasts continue to be very enlightening!
Fauzia Karmali
How to communicate with your teen.
We are parents of a junior who is going through everything a junior goes through at this point of time in their lives. Learning how to deal with them is a great insight and thanks to Julie and Michelle for coming up with the right questions and answers to ease some of our concerns. Great work and an awesome podcast...loved it....Anu Madhu
Anu Madhu
Informative and helpful college admissions podcast
I am a high school junior and am thrilled to find your podcast. I appreciated hearing your first episode about you sharing your personal college admission journey as well as episode two with your Dartmouth guest. Keep up the good work. I’ll be listening each week.
Buddy and Kylie
Insightful podcasts
Love these series. As a high school parent and first immigrant, this podcast series gives great insights about how college admission process works. It is very inspirational for students too. Thank you for the great work.
Great 1st episode!
Loved it. Awesome detail and very personal. Keep up the good work!