Demystifying College Admissions
Demystifying College Admissions
Julie Kim
I’m Julie Kim, and I’m the host of Demystifying College Admissions. Look, I’ve been there before! Navigating through the college admissions process is overwhelming, confusing and ultimately stressful. This podcast is designed to inspire high school students to identify their passions, learn all about the most updated college admissions strategies, with guests and experts from all industries! And the best part is we’ll also dive into mental health so that this podcast will be a healthy, safe, and vulnerable space for all teens and parents out there!
SAT vs. ACT with Dan Ascher
32 minutes Posted May 29, 2019 at 2:06 pm.
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    In this episode of Demystifying College Admissions, I’m interviewing Dan Ascher, M.Ed, the president of A+ Test Prep & Tutoring, who specializes in helping high school students improve their SAT or ACT scores.   WHAT YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE:   How to discern whether individual or group test-prep is best suited for you. The optimal time to take the SAT/ACT. The biggest advantage you can have when preparing for the reading comprehension portion of the SAT/ACT, regardless of how old you are. How to decide which SAT Subject Tests you should take   NOTABLE QUOTES: “We get emotional very quickly when we work with our family.” “If you do too much too early, you may get burned out a little.” “You can read about things you like: read books about sports, the newspaper. You have to find things related to the interests that you have.” “There are a lot of different paths to success and happiness in life.”   SHOW NOTES:   STRATEGY SESSION: