Dead Pilots Society
Dead Pilots Society
Ben Blacker and Andrew Reich
Episode 45 - Eternally Yours written by Joe Port & Joe Wiseman (The Office, New Girl)
1 hour 31 minutes Posted Mar 17, 2020 at 2:00 am.
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Show notes

You probably need some laughs more than ever, and we can definitely provide them with this month's episode. Our dead pilot is Eternally Yours from Joe Port & Joe Wiseman (The Office, New Girl), about a family of normal looking but emotionally closed off, stuck-together-for-eternity vampires. If you think there's no fresh spins left in the vampire genre, you need to listen to this one. In Andrew's interview, you’ll hear about Joe & Joe's first show business gigs, including the insane, no-longer existent job of Night PA, delivering scripts in the wee hours. They talk about how far having a great attitude can take you in this business, the lessons they’ve learned through their long careers, and what they look for in people when they’re staffing a show. Pure fun from two great writers. Enjoy!

Eternally Yours stars Ed Weeks as Charles, Briga Heelan as Liz, Asif Ali as Max, Vella Lovell as Emma, Tony Cavalero as Jesse, Yassir Lester as Benji, Matt Walsh as Mort/Sigmund Freud, Mindy Sterling as Phyllis/Woman/Kristen Stewart, Brendan Scannell as Steve The Blood Guy/Man, David Fumero as Henry, and Andrew Reich with stage directions.

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