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Dead Pilots Society
Ben Blacker and Andrew Reich
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Good pilots, bad audio quality
The pilots are generally great. The interviews with the writers are insightful and interesting (I want to join the industry, but not necessarily as a writer). YMMV on the individual pilots themselves, sometimes the stories are a little flat or awkward. The actors are great and do their best with cold reading scripts. The audio quality varies wildly even within one episode, which makes listening to it on my commute difficult (I often have to turn my headphones volume up to the max just to hear some parts on the train). Not a big fan of the solo intros, especially the one where he talks about the show that he wrote that no one liked. It really does sound transmisogynistic... TLDR: if the audio quality actually improves, this might become my one of my favorite shows.
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pure irritation
An all time favorite
Fantastic combination of hearing a quality episode plus the behind the scenes of how shows get made
Love but bad sound quality sometimes
I love this podcast! It’s so well done, just wish the sound quality was better, especially on episodes where you have A list actors reading and it sounds like they recorded on an iPhone.
McKenzie Goodwin
Start with recent episodes
The sound quality gets so much better that you want to love it before you get to the ones with terrible sound.
I Like It.
This is such a good podcast, very entertaining. Interesting too, hearing what goes into producing a pilot, they’re all so good too, but Episode 45 Eternally Yours is FANTASTIC!
Some real gems!
I’d heard the ads for this podcast for awhile, but I only started listening to it this week. It’s the perfect antidote to everything that’s bad in the world right now! The actors that they have reading the scripts are great, and it’s a blast to hear actual performances of shows that would otherwise be dead on a shelf somewhere. Thanks for the laughs!
Entertaining and informative
I have listened to nearly every episode of this show in the past three weeks, and it is one of the most interesting podcasts I’ve ever listened to. The format is unique: a fantastic cast of actors read a script for an audience, and then the writer(s) are interviewed about the script. It’s a really great look behind the scenes of the both the writing and production processes. Yes, occasionally, and especially in the earlier episodes, there is some poor audio quality, but it never detracts from the script itself. If you have any interest in writing or seeing how things are made (or not made), this is a podcast for you.
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Your last episode
Your last episode, expressing contempt for America and American people, is the reason why I will be donating to other Max Fun shows, but not yours, this year.
duplicate podcast 3
I love DPS
This is literally my favorite podcast ever. Granted, I’m working on television scripts constantly, so I may be biased. But, I’ve listened to so many television podcasts and none of them compete with Dead Pilots’ Society. So, there you go, Andrew. Here’s a top review for you. 👏🏻👏🏻
I never miss it.
After each episode I cannot help but ask myself why the show I just heard didn’t make it on air but dozens of inferior ones did. Listen and you’ll get to hear some of the best writers out there writing their funniest most unfiltered scripts—very worth it.
Must listen if you love sitcoms
So fun to listen to these hilarious pilots performed by a lot of my favorite actors. I love hearing the interviews after by the writers. I’ve laughed and learned a lot about the pitching and writing process. I look forward to every episode!
A laugh and a lesson!
This show is so good, I look forward to every single episode. Along with the amazing scripts and actors, the hosts shares so many lessons and tips for writing and how the whole operation works!
Insanely funny and always interesting.
A great podcast full of all the tv actors you love and scripts that leave you desperately craving more.
Audio is touch and go
I absolutely love hearing the pilots, but unfortunately the audio is often still touch and go. It’s improved from when the podcast has started but some characters are definitely still at a louder volume/better sound quality than others.
Entertaining and Informative
Not only does each episode feature a live script reading by many familiar voices from the greater improv podcasts universe, it also gives insight into how the pilot-writing process works. I’m not exactly an aspiring comedy writer, but I find the behind-the-scenes talk and interviews with the writers just as engaging as the show itself. If you enjoy The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Superego, Spontaneanation, and anything else that’s appeared at Sketchfest, you will certainly enjoy this podcast.
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Sound issues otherwise great
If you can get passed the sound quality, this podcast is great. I love listening to readings of these pilots but it seems like not everybody’s mic is on. I’m constantly adjusting the volume on my speaker to pick up one actor’s voice only to have to turn it down a second later because another actor is blowing it out. The host also is always louder than the actors or writer he’s interviewing. Also, I usually end up skipping through a great deal of the host long winded chit chat, it gets a little unnecessary and he often talks over the folks he’s interviewing.
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More of this, please!
Great show
Love this concept, wish I could attend the live show but the podcast is a wonderful substitute.
Dry presentation, hit-and-miss audio, but content gold!
Love the table reads, about 80% of which are really funny pilots. Enjoy the interviews, although the successful comedy-writer hosts are oddly dry. But man, oh man, does the audio need some consistency. Don't miss episode 2!
100 Watt Walrus
Love the content hate the presenter
I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is by far my favorite at the moment but oh my god the main presenter/interviewer needs to stop talking. I really enjoy the interviews with the writers afterwards but i often don't listen to them because it seems like the writers have to fight just to get their own words in especially when its a woman. Overall the lay out of the show seems really selfishly set up just to allow the creators to talk more but other than that the idea behind this podcast is fantastic and i love almost every episode.
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Thor is amazing
If you want to see this show at its best start with My Cousin Thor.
Wait, I think I get it!
The more they apologize for poor sound quality “in the past” while releasing new episodes with poor sound quality, the more I think it’s intentional. The true premise of the podcast is to see how long a group of likable professionals with good content can keep listeners downloading episodes with borderline intolerable audio quality. If this is not the premise, I am stumped, because so many talented people are involved in this show, but I’ve heard countless other podcasts recorded by two random amateurs in a garage that consistently sound fine.
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Patroclus Menoitiades
Based on only one episode, recorded live, and starring Tony Hale and Patton Oswalt, -hilarious, awesome vocal work, and a well written script. Every other episode, meh. One star.
You are in desperate need of an audio engineer!
I really enjoy the concept of this show. It is a joy learning about these pilots, how it all works & experiencing the actors exercise their craft. Unfortunately the sound is hit and miss. I is a chore to listen to. Maybe more rehearsal or practice using a microphone will help. But an audio engineer is a necessity. I will keep listening.
josh Pharmacuetical
Fire the sound tech
Who ever is doing mics and balancing for this show should be fired and barred from working in audio for the rest of their life. The mics during the performance sound like the performers are eating them, but there’s no way an entire room full of acting professionals would ALL be that bad about it. Had to stop at episode 35; the main characters mic sounds like it’s inside her throat. Interesting premise, boring host; great actors, can’t hear them.
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Fantastic show great insight
I have very quickly burned through the entirety of this show that is currently out and it is a delight. The pilots they read are fun and very well performed. Another benefit is a neat little insight into the process. In the intro and interviews you get to see a bit of what goes on to make the shows we all love. I’m excited for more.
I listen to podcasts to keep me sane at work where I basically work alone in a small windowless room. This is a great idea brilliantly executed that makes me crack up like a crazy person.
Fun for the most part
It’s a fun show, but a couple quibbles: 1) Too often, the levels on microphones (both in the show portion and the interviews) are wildly off from each other. You can barely hear one person so you turn it up, but then the next person blows out your eardrums. Some sound editing would be welcome. 2) Too much industry jargon is used without explaining what it means to people outside of entertainment.
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John Maddening
A true appreciation for script writers!
I love this podcast! I love all the stories I get to listen to...but I love the educational interviews too. I really appreciate how it’s a fairly clean message! A few cuss words here and there, but the major content is professionally delivered and edited very well. I work as a program director for a non-profit in Kentucky and this makes me want to throw it all away and try my hand at comedy writing. I mean I won’t...but you know what I’m saying:-) Thanks for all the great content!!
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Needs to woke up
I listened to this show for a while, but after a handful of the pilots leaned on the same misogynist, racist, homophobic lame jokes that Friends used in the 90’s...I got frustrated that things haven’t changed very much and gave up. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Heartbreaking Death of TV
You can see why TV is on its way out. I liked all these people. But from the a-list writers you could hear why so many did fail. I think of the talent that was wasted and never made it when they did. I wonder how many compromises they made. I want to laugh. So badly but it doesn’t come. I really want to like this.
Devoted Listener
I really enjoy this podcast. I love how I can listen to it in the car and visual the show as if I was watching it. I've even sat and listened to one of the shows whilel in a cabin in the woods without cell service, wifi, or running water. It was how I imagine folks listening to the radio programs back in the day. The only criticism I have is that sometimes the sound is too low. I also think y'all should go on tour with the shows. I'd love to see one live but I don't live in CA.
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The Frustrating review is right.
I could not agree more with the previous review of this show that warns listeners about finding yourself waiting to "see" the next episode of some of these pilots, only to realize those next episodes don't exist (and likely never will). Unfortunately for me, some of my favorite shows of the last few years are apparently never going beyond the funny pilots read cold to a warm room. Very fortunately for me, this podcast will allow me to go back and "rewatch" at least those single episodes as many times and as frequently as I want.
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Smart. Funny. A great window into how TV shows get made (or...don’t).
Easily my new favorite podcast. I started listening a few months ago and I cannot get enough of this show. Every week has great insight into the TV industry, the struggle of the writing process, and just how maddening it can be to get a show on the air. And if that’s not you’re thing, then just listen to the hilarious shows they put together. I am constantly amazed at the comic gold this podcast brings each week.
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Andrew Swearingen
Great Concept Great Execution
If you’re not listening to this show you should be. It’s stellar actors unearthing the greatest coulda-beens of network television. If there’s one criticism it’s that it makes you a bit sad that these shows were never made in their originally intended filmed glory. That being said, thanks to these guys for shedding light on scripts that deserve it. A must listen.
These discarded pilots should never have been discarded. Each one is fresh with a wonderful premise and a great excitement for the new story being told. This podcast is worth listening to every episode.
Possibly my favorite podcast
This podcast scratches an itch I didn’t know I had. The pilot table reads are so funny and showcase such writing and acting talent as to not be believed. As well the insight into the world of television show creation that it provides is (for this industry outsider) fascinating. I can’t say enough good things about it!
Really interesting!!
I really have enjoyed the interviews the most, but I do prefer listening to them after the tableread because then it's easier to know what the writer's talking about! Some of the scripts have been not as funny but that's probably just my sense of humor being against certain things!!! Great podcast!
Alex Moser
Funny and useful for aspiring TV writers
Always worth a listen.
better then apple sauce
no one really likes me but I sure like this show
Poppy Corn
Great idea
The terrible sound quality is totally worth the content. The idea is amazing, and many of these pilots make you wish they aren’t dead- and some you can see why they never made it to the filming stage. Keep them coming! I haven’t laughed this hard at a podcast in a long time.
Mixed bag but the best are the best
Mixed bag but the best are the best. The John Hodgman episode in particular is amazing, as is "Front Man."
JJHo Fan
Love it
Totally rad.
Giving life to great stories
Hear amazing casts read scripts of shows that in many cases really should have been given more of a chance.
tv execs are dumb
If you only listen to one episode, listen to John Hodgman's Only Child. Proof that tv is unfair and that the best stuff isn't always what ends up on tv. And then keep listening because there are some truly amazing shows like Housewives and the musical episodes. The casts reading the script are always amazing and so talented. And if you ever get a chance to see it live, do it.
So funny!
I love this podcast...always makes me actually LOL.
This is why I don't watch tv
All the good pilots are dead. If you're a fan of comedy shows, this is where all the good ones end up. I love every one of these episodes, they are all well written and the actors do a great job reading them. This show also gives a great insight on the process of writing and selling a show.
Such a Great Idea!
The stories and the voice acting in this podcast are so good! It's not just failed TV pilots, but the ones they've picked to read are all exceptionally good, with great casts to read them! I only wish that the sound quality were better so that I could listen to it while washing dishes or cleaning the house. To be fair, they have addressed this issue and there is usually a warning at the beginning of the episode if sound quality will be bad.
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Kee Wee Fish
Do you live TV?
If you like TV and Comedy you'll love this. It's live table reads of some really great scripts by some really great casts. It's awesome, just try it, you'll like it.
Be prepared to be angry.
Literally every episode ends with me wanting to yell at network executives for killing these pilots unaired. We get a zillion seasons of Big Bang Theory but only one table read of Only Child? Unreal...
NicWester PI
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