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Dead Pilots Society
Ben Blacker and Andrew Reich
Episode 44 - Training Room written by Brig Muñoz-Liebowitz (People of Earth, Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
1 hour 43 minutes Posted Feb 6, 2020 at 4:00 am.
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Show notes

Our episode this month is Training Room from Brig Muñoz-Liebowitz (People of Earth, Brooklyn Nine-Nine). Jamie (played by Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero), the female physiotherapist for a men's pro soccer team, has always been a guys' girl. But when the team acquires a new star player who challenges Jamie's place on the team, Jamie is forced to seek support from a group of coworkers she's always avoided: the other women. Training Room was produced with Greg Berlanti and former professional soccer player, Robbie Rogers. In Andrew's interview with Brig, you’ll hear about her circuitous route from Santa Clarita to comedy writing…  how some bold moves got her foot in the door… why she likes writing stories about women in men’s worlds... and the impact #MeToo has had in comedy writers' rooms. This episode has it all: dick jokes and a discussion of second versus third wave feminism! Enjoy!

Training Room stars Melissa Fumero as Jamie Burkholder, Tony Cavalero as Ryan, Roberta Valderrama as Tawny, Matt Walsh as Coach Vince, David Fumero as Mario, Chelsea Devantez as Tima, Yassir Lester as Kyle/Teammate 1/Sledgehammer Guy, Asif Ali as Jamie’s Dad/Victor/Teammate 2/Bouncer/Nacho, Brendan Scannell as Nick/Frosted Tips/Teammate 3/Waiter, Ed Weeks as Iain, and Andrew Reich with stage directions.

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