Crime Crazy Podcast
Crime Crazy Podcast
Eryn Pluim Diana Sekhon
In which people can't be trusted S4E6
1 hour 8 minutes Posted Mar 4, 2019 at 8:59 pm.
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Diana is back and picking up her thread where she left off by telling and infuriating story about a couple who just couldn't manage their money. Then, from texting crimes to dating apps, Eryn carries her thread into the realm of stupid criminals who make bad choices. Plus we hear about an awesome podcast (and wave at our podfriends!) and some really incredible facts from the animal kingdom!

Show Notes:


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Eryn's Story

Dating Site Crimes That Are Just As Frightening As ‘Dirty John’

Man connected to woman’s suspicious death arrested for alleged probation violations in 2016 Tinder case