Crime Crazy Podcast
Crime Crazy Podcast
Eryn Pluim Diana Sekhon
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Crazy crimes
I will not have this podcast in my house where my children and I are subject to foul/offensive language that is popping up! No one is offended when offensive language is not used! However, I am very offended with the language you choose! You lost a follower!
Missing eps, screw this
They removed the first 27 episodes. I hate when pods do this, usually to put behind a paywall. Unsubbed.
Really great!
Love listening to these fine ladies! They tell a great story and work well together.
Crazy for Crime Crazy
Love this podcast! It is fresh, exciting, and so much fun to listen to. Strongly recommend for everyone!
One of my favorites
This has become one of the podcasts I look forward to the most on Tuesdays. I listen most exclusively to true crime and this podcast has a great combination of true crime, humor, and everyday good naturedness. (Is this even a word?).
Muppet's Mom
Love the Crazies!
Click...Click...Hey! This is awesome! Fun podcast!
Awesome variety of true crime cases here! So many I had never heard of before. Just binged a bunch this weekend! Excited to add to my queue.
The Carroll Sisters
Great podcast!
I listen every week. These ladies do a fantastic job of telling great crime stories. I love their wittiness and level of intellect and sense of humor.
Great TC podcast
It's hard to find the right true crime podcast when there are so many. This has become one of my favorite independent ones. Keep up the great work, ladies
Ignore the haters!
These ladies have a clear dedication to their work and their show definitely doesn't lack quality - whoever says that is clearly bitter about something that goes beyond the occasional mention of politics. Keep up the good work, Eryn and Diana - I can't wait to hear more! :)
Just started listening and LOVE it.
Just started listening and it helps me to enjoy my commute to and from work. Love the dynamics of these two ladies!
This show has definitely hit its stride with the updated format. Love hearing you two!! If only I knitted, of liked the cold, but we could get a GOAT!!!!
Get your fix
Erin and Diana do a great job of balancing each other's stories with interesting retellings and charisma. I also really enjoy the opening segment of something they learned, like fun facts, which are connected to the stories they tell.
Crazy For Crime Crazy!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast! These ladies have hilarious banter and are such good story tellers. It's so fun getting to hear their personal updates - this podcast will make you feel like you're part of a crazy book club, except instead of books we're all obsessed with muRdeRRRR. Ahem. GO SUBSCRIBE!
Keep your ignorant political views
I’m always looking for new, interesting podcasts to listen to. I thought I may have found one in yours. I randomly scrolled to an older podcasts and hit play. The episode of November 2nd really lit me up. It was fine at first, asking people to go out and vote in the midterm elections. (I do wish entertainers would keep politics to themselves). Then KABOOM! Trump the racist.... blah blah blah... vote Democrat rant was intolerable. You don’t like Trump, that’s fine, no problem. You want people to vote Democrat, fine no problem. When you rant about hating, by extension, you’re ranting about me. I’ll not be listening to your podcast any longer. You are the person you think you hate in President Trump. Evil ignorant and intolerant. I’ll not be supporting you or listening to your show any longer.
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Good brief retellings
Only listened to one episode so far since I’m seeing how well or how badly people are talking about the Black Metal/Mayhem murders in Norway. The guest on this one (from another podcast about Amazon movies), surprisingly gave a really good concise retelling of the story and made sure to emphasize how horrible of a person Vikernes is. Erin’s story was good too, so I’ll be listening to a few more of these episodes.
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Great show!
The topics are sooo good and the hosts make it that much better!
Love it!
I’d heard of a podcast like this, so different and entertaining! Thanks for a great show.
It’s Just Okay
Loved the early episodes, but when Jordan left and Diana came in, the podcast has suffered. WAY too much political jabber. I was there for the stories, not for the personal views on politics.
Season 3 episode 22
Amazing guest! Betsy is the best
These ladies do their research and offer lively discussions. They relate well to each other, have fun wordplay, and choose intriguing topics. I look forward to it each week.
Crime crazy is a hoot
I love listening to this podcast. They make the topics seem ridiculous and entertaining even when it is very serious. Thank you for sharing your unique perspectives with us all.
Auntie Sharon R
Love this so much!
“Crime cozy” is my favorite new term. 💜 you both!
Gossiping @ strange true crime with bestie
Listening to Crime Crazy is like listening to two old friends discuss the vast tapestry of human existence. It's true that one of the hosts IS an old friend, but all bias aside -- although I already subscribe to way too many podcasts, this was immediately added to my list, and quickly working my way through the back catalog.
This podcast is AWFUL. They sound like stupid valley girls. They truly are not educated. Do yourself a favor and skip it...
Foggy Star
Highly entertaining
These ladies provide a great mix of story, humor, and entertainment. I love listening to them and learning what they learned this week. Great true crime and weird stories/crimes from past and present. Eryn and Diana have great chemistry and they riff of each other in an easy and hilarious manner.
Savage Pixie
Awesome podcast!!!
These ladies are great. Well researched, great presentation, funny banter. An awesome addition to my true crime obsession. Thank you for sharing your entertainment with all of us Crime Crazies. Troy The Trucker in Tucson
One of the Best Crime Podcasts
I’m not sure how I haven’t heard of this podcast! I am only a few episodes in but certainly hooked on “Crime Crazy.” I love true crime and I love the rapport between Eryn and Jordan. The stories they choose are highly interesting. Eryn and Jordan are intelligent ladies who always make me laugh throughout the episodes. Thank you for giving me a new podcast for my commute. I recently met Eryn in real life and I instantly liked her. It was like she was an old friend. We started talking about true crime and that’s how I learned of her podcast. Keep up the amazing work!
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Hmm whato say...t
I really like this podcast, but if you cannot listen without gagging maybe true crime isn’t your subject. It also sounds like Jordan may be anemic or have low iron in any event every podcast she is yawning and sound the zip she could barely stay awake! Despite those two critiques which are very annoying I still like the show I like hearing about the great things and the children have a great relationship and very interesting crime stories. I meant Great Danes.
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This is a great podcast the host are entertaining and relatable. I just started listening and have spent the Last 2 hours Binge listening.
I'm Crazy for this SHOW!!!
Ahhhh... I just love this kind of true crime chattering! Eryn and Jordan are hilarious and very knowledgable. Many of the cases I have never heard before. Can't wait to listen to more Crime Crazy!!!
Story Spectacular
great podcast
I am always looking for great podcast to listen to on the road. thank you
Nerds from the Crypt
Love it
Excellent Show, Keep It Up! Brent from Hysteria 51
Dr. Toboggan (Mantis)
One of the best podcasts in podcast land
This is such a great podcast from the awesome banter and cool insights on every story. I know one day this podcast will have a following like My Favorite Murder and I’ll be first in line to see them on tour! It’s officially approved from me Queen Duck from Twitter isn’t that enough I think so! Lol BTW I love the random noise of one of the dogs collars shaking I always smile! They share their lives and feel like it’s family crime time when I listen and it’s always brings a smile to my face!
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These ladies make you feel like your are sitting right there with them, chatting about things happening in their lives. And their crime stories are great too. :)
Fun and Interesting
This is one of my most favorite podcasts, within the genre of humor-themed true crime shows. They cover crimes that are obscure and crimes that are famous. Sometimes NSFW (but not so much as to be a turn-off). The two co-hosts have great chemistry. Nearly all of their stories are very well researched, yet always told in a way than any listener can easily follow the story. I look forward to every new episode.
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Forgotten News Podcast
Can’t Get Enough
I really can’t get enough of these two! They talk about a lot of smaller stories that you won’t hear anywhere else. Add to that the right amount of humor and their cheerful attitudes and you have a podcast not to be missed!
Wish they would chit chat less
Has great potential to be great. Stick to the point, girls.
The constant political, anti-trump talk got old quick. I understand you can talk about whatever you choose but it got annoying fast. Disappointed because there were so many good reviews!
Awesome show
So many TC podcasts out there, but this one really separates itself from the others. I love the way the topics are discussed. It holds my attention from the beginning until the end. I definitely recommend that everyone subscribes to this podcast!!! A++ show!!!!
Nerds With Words
Meaningful entertainment
Excellent case coverage, and interviews in the name of bringing attention to the missing.
Fun AND informative true crime podcast!
This is a great show. Nearly all the episodes feature stories that I haven't heard before on other podcasts. The two co-hosts have really great chemistry. There are jokes and occasional NSFW chatter, but they are not excessive or over the top. Definutely worth a listen.
Jim Thinks
Love the intro!
As a podcaster myself, I appreciate being awkward during the intro! Love the cast, content is great! ---Carol from Cold Case Notes From the Goober State Queen
Great for True Crime Addicts
I love this podcast! It has the perfect formula for a great listen for any true crime addicts!
Not Just Another Crime Podcast
The field of crime podcast is a hard one for a good show to stand out within but Crime Crazy does. This young show is getting better with every episode and firming growing its place in that field of weird stories, bloody hands, and ways of seeing the truth of human nature.
Jordan and Eryn are the TC Team I Need!
Crime Crazy has two very likeable and fun co-hosts. Jordan and Eryn both are charismatic and tell true crime in a way that I actually want to hear more details. I love how they can get personal about their lives but still have time to tell me about a case I've likely never heard of before. You can tell they are good friends because they share a chemistry that is rare. In such a gruesome subject matter, you need hosts who are going to lighten the mood and these two do just that. Keep it up!
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Film Roast Podcast
I'm loving this one!
So glad I heard about this podcast from TCFC. I like the back and forth between the two hosts, great use of humor and honest reactions relating to the gruesome stories.
Fun and informational
I was skeptical at first with all of the crime podcasts out there, but this one is different. I enjoyed everything that Eryn and Jordan did to make this a fun, sometimes silly, and creepy adventure into all things crime. After examining all of the evidence, I can conclude that this is a great podcast
Highly recommended!
Great stories told by great ladies! Love the banter & the super interesting cases they choose. Looking forward to more episodes. Definitely check out this podcast! -Brianna from Murder Dictionary Podcast
A fun listen!
As a fellow Podcaster I'm picky about the podcasts I subscribe to. This podcast is a great listen. It's witty and I enjoy how conversational it is.
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