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Are Credit Sweeps a Legit Way of Doing Credit Repair?
“ANYTHING and EVERYTHING deleted in days not months” … I’m sure you’ve seen the ads and I’m sure you’ve wondered, “What are they doing to get such crazy results and how can I do the same?”
Oct 13
11 min
Scary Credit Repair Stories: Giant Banks Are Out to Hurt YOU!
Today, in honor of Halloween month, I thought I’d kick off my October Scary Credit Repair Stories series with something I’ve NEVER shared publicly before…
Oct 6
19 min
10 Steps To A Profitable Credit Repair Business
Would you like my PROVEN process to launching a profitable credit repair business in just a handful of steps?
Sep 29
14 min
How To Strike Back Against Debt Collectors - And WIN!
Scams, scams, and more scams! False, illegitimate, or even worse, illegal debt collection agencies are popping up left and right. How do you know when to pay a debt and when not to pay a debt, or what’s real and what’s not?
Sep 22
12 min
Work Smarter Not Harder - How To Build a Team
Today I’m sharing super-secret steps that cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn.
Sep 15
20 min
How to Build A Thriving Team (and The Future of Credit Repair) with Alex Charfen
This week on the podcast, I am joined by a very special guest. I’m so happy to welcome Alex Charfen, my coach and mentor, who’s helped me scale my Credit Repair Cloud team to over 70 employees and build an empire.
Sep 8
45 min
Money Mindset - Are You Holding Yourself Back?
What comes to mind when you hear the word MONEY? Maybe you want more of it. Maybe you’re afraid of it. Maybe you spend too much of it when you don’t have it. Maybe that’s why you’re reading this.
Sep 1
14 min
Proven Steps From Zero To Millionaire Part 2
People in our community start businesses on a shoestring budget in exactly the way I shared with you in Part One, and what I’m sharing in today’s part two articles.
Aug 25
10 min
Proven Steps From Zero To Millionaire Part 1
Did you know most of our credit repair millionaires started from nothing and with nothing? And guess what? You can too!
Aug 18
12 min
Build Your Million Dollar Business by Word of Mouth! (Interview with Tracy Arnett)
I’m so happy to welcome Tracy Arnett to the podcast. He is one of our Credit Repair Cloud Millionaires Club members, and we’re so lucky to have him!
Aug 11
40 min
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