Credit Repair Business Secrets
Credit Repair Business Secrets
Daniel Rosen
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How to Remove Late Payments From a Credit Report (My Secret Hack)
Life happens!... And sometimes it happens in a way that haunts you or your clients for years!
May 11
8 min
Use This WHEN TO HIRE Framework to Build a Successful Credit Repair Team!
When’s the right time to hire your first employee? It’s a question I get from Credit Heroes often and it’s one that’s important to really think about BEFORE making a decision.
May 4
7 min
Do THIS to Identify Your Ideal Credit Repair Clients! (How to Select the RIGHT Credit Repair Leads)
"Who is my ideal credit repair client?”... “Should I enroll just anyone who's willing to pay?”... “Or are there special things that I should look for?"
Apr 27
8 min
What's the Difference Between Validation, Verification, and Disputing in Credit Repair?
There are three terms in the credit repair industry that everyone seems to misuse and misinterpret. They are validation, verification, and disputing.
Apr 20
10 min
The #1 Secret to Happy Credit Repair Clients (CRUCIAL If You’re Starting a Credit Repair Business!)
Being your own boss, growing a business that changes lives, and living life on your own terms - that's every entrepreneur’s dream! But it's not easy!
Apr 13
7 min
FICO vs. Vantage: Which Credit Score Is the Best and Which Credit Score Scale Should You Trust?
All your hard work, all your pressure, and persistence, all your expertise on behalf of your credit repair client...
Apr 6
7 min
Stay Out of Trouble by Mastering Credit Repair Business Compliance in 2021!
Recently, there’s been a lotta talk about the credit repair industry both in our community and all over the world.
Mar 30
10 min
Dispute Letters To Creditors: How Many Should You Send At One Time?
Whether you’re working on your own credit or your credit repair client’s credit - you’re ALWAYS in a hurry!
Mar 23
7 min
You Got Your First Credit Repair Client... What's Next? Use This Simple Credit Repair Business Plan!
I’ve seen it time and time again inside our Credit Repair Cloud Facebook community. Somebody decides to start their own credit repair business, they begin to follow my proven way to get your first client within 24 hours…
Mar 16
11 min
5 Credit Repair Dispute Letters You Need to Fight the Bureaus - AND WIN!
After mentoring and coaching thousands of Credit Heroes in our community, one of the most common questions remains, “What letter do I use?”
Mar 9
11 min
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