Credit Repair Business Secrets
Credit Repair Business Secrets
Daniel Rosen
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Daniel knows his stuff.
If you want factual information from a credit repair specialist who has been doing this a long time, Daniel is your guy. The only thing I would change is the rock ‘n’ roll blaring at me at the beginning and end of the podcast. I don’t really want to listen to that early in the morning when I listen to these things. I have an alarm clock that wakes me up. I would cut out the intro and cut out the extro. It’s a big problem with so many of these podcasts by guys. Just go right into the content, please. We don’t need to hear Joe Satriani riffing for two minutes at the beginning of each episode. Other than that, five stars for integrity, valid information, and enthusiasm. 👍🏻
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This was helpful, thank you!
Validation verification disputing
Thank YOUUUUU for clarifying all three because I often used to misuse them but now I know what they all stand for! Keep the info coming. 💯
Did my credit hero challenge. Wish i would of found the podcast sooner
Great information for FREE
This guy has the simplest system on the market to run a credit repair business. I love that he dispels myths about credit repair and gives tools to be truly successful. Keep it up!
Quality, bite-sized episodes!
I recently found Mr. Rosen and he has showed me my dreams of becoming a credit repair specialist can be achieved. Each episode is bite-sized and easily fits into my chaotic schedule. Day-by-day I learn ethical and legal ways to assist my future clients. Thank you for this podcast!
Awesome Listen!
Great podcast to get insights of the credit repair industry. I am new to the credit repair industry and already I’ve learned a lot of information from the first 5 episodes alone. Looking forward to listening to the rest of the episodes.
Yes, exactly what I needed.
I love listening to this in the AM for inspiration and to set my head straight and facing toward my goal. Thanks Danny
Great Topics/Infomation
Your guests provide so much information especially relative to what some of us newbies are facing! Thanks Daniel!
Great and valuable information!
Want to get into the credit repair industry this is the podcast to listen to! I appreciate all that you do for us Daniel Rosen. Awesome podcast!
Loads of Value Here!
I needed to hear from some CRO owners who are crushing it. I’m super grateful for this podcast.
Must Listen!!
Highly inspirational podcast, fantastic for anyone starting / considering starting a new business. Daniel is a great host, looking forward to following this podcast as new episodes are released!
Daniel ALWAYS Brings The Thunder!!
This man has been through so much and all he wants to do is give back. Seriosuly one of a kind podcast from one of a kind person. He makes me feel, think and grow beyond what I ever imagined. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT GOING THRU CREDIT ISSUES ... SO MUCH INCREDIBLE INFO!!
Supreme Dragon Slayer 69
Love this podcast.
Daniel makes listening to credit repair seem like you’re listening to a best selling book. It flows with ease!! A must listen!!
Krista Mashore
Amazing podcast even if you’re not in the credit repair business
Awesome business advice overall, Daniel is entertaining and the way he discusses ideas and outlines concepts is fascinating.
Ege Tanboga
Love this podcast! The energy and information is the best!
Wow! Sign up!!
There is so much information Daniel goes through in this podcast. I was curious about learning more about the credit repair industry and this podcast provided a wealth of information that is easy to follow and digest. I highly recommend!
Worth it!!
Worth every minute. 2 thumbs up. Can’t wait for more!
I really enjoy listening
Credit Repair Business Secrets is so valuable for me. I find Daniel's experience and his desire to help his listeners learn is a great combination for me. Thank you for all your efforts.
Kevin Vaart
Daniel is inspirational
I could listen to him all day. He is excited about this business and loves to help. When I don’t feel like working or I’m moving slow in the morning I listen to Daniel or watch a video of his on YouTube and boom! I’m ready to get moving. Highly recommend this podcast.
You don’t want to miss this podcast!
Daniel Rosen is amazing! Your story is amazing! I knew there was a reason I liked you! You never give up! Your story gives me so much hope for my own future! Thank you for all you do on this community!! I’m so happy to be a part of it!
That Credit Repair Chic
You’re missing out!
Whether you are looking to start, run or grow a credit repair business, this podcast is perfect for you! I think it’s awesome that not only does Daniel go into practical tips and tricks to starting and growing a business, but he also goes into the mindsets you must have to sustain and get more success in your live. You’re missing out if you don’t subscribe!
Daniel Rosen is Incredible! Love this podcast!
I have been in the credit repair business for awhile and nobody that I have encountered has pushed the limits on it like Daniel. Daniel's passion for helping people change lives has impacted millions of people and this podcast is a culmination of his efforts. If you are serious about building a 7 figure income in the credit repair industry, you MUST listen in on his words of wisdom and subscribe to this amazing podcast immedaitely! He is the grand-daddy #CreditHero!
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Not Bad
So far I listened to all three episodes. More story telling and pitch than substance. Episodes were more like infomercials in length. I’m sure that will change. For someone thinking about getting into the business, I didn’t get much out of it. Again, I’m sure that will change. I’m sure Daniel has plenty of information and tips he is going to share. I look forward to hearing more.
Thank you
Daniel Software is amazing! When I first started I the credit industry I was living on the south side rod Chicago in a house invested with mice. I had gotten in that situation due to credit. I paid someone over $1500 to repair my credit never gotten pass 500 🤦🏽‍♀️ I searched google for a software and credit aide kept coming up. Then credit repair cloud software. I literally tried the free trial over 12 times! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew that the software would help me. It does! I just recently signed up for another free trial with intentions on keeping the software for life. I have found that filing dispute letters and doing everything without the software can be a huge hassle! I plan on following Daniels recipe to success every step of the way! I encourage you to do the same! #CREDITHEROES
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Great find!
If you are looking to start a business you def need to listen to this podcast. This is a hidden niche that is amazing.
Amazing actionable content
This is a podcast that you can listen to then immediately go implement.
Daniel is a genius!
So glad to have found Daniel and the Credit Repair Cloud community. This content is definetly a life changer!
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