Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show
Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show
Marie Segares
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Very useful
Thanks for the advice, Marie!
Love & very useful information!
Love this podcast, binged through it a few times and learned a lot. Found the host very insightful and thorough in her topics. Wish there were more episodes and appreciate all the time and work you put into these! (:
Underrated, useful for all types of crafting businesses
I just discovered Marie's podcast and I'm delighted by the practical information I am learning as a new craft business owner. My business is not related to knitting or crocheting, but the content usually applies anyway. Marie asks guests questions that are very specific to their areas of expertise, which makes the podcast dense with useful advice.
Rae 789
Awesome ideas!
You're podcasts are awesome. I work at a computer all day but I can listen to books, etc. I really like listening to something that will help me in my favorite thing to do when I'm done! Thank you!!
Tonya Nichols
Informative and Fun! I love this show.
I was so thrilled when I found this podcast. I find myself constantly impressed by how thorough Marie is with her research and suggestions. I learn something new in every episode, even on topics that I thought I was pretty knowledgable about. I haven't heard an episode so far that hasn't either inspired me, or taught me something new (often both!) If you haven't listened to any of her episodes yet, do yourself a favor and start now! Marie, thank you for all the work you put into this podcast. It's evident how much research and work goes into each show. I'd be at such a disadvantage if it weren't for some of the things I've learned from CYS. Thank you!!!
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Liana Chu
Inspiring, informational and encouraging!
Binged the first 3 episodes and can't wait to devour more. I'm ready to dabble in designing and it's been a little intimidating for me. This podcast is wonderful! It's very through and detailed which brings me a lot of peace coming into this world of designing. The hostess speaks clearly and fluently which makes it easy to follow along with the information. (Especially while crocheting.) Thank you for making this podcast. ❤️
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So professional!
I love the professional insight you get while listening to this podcast. I enjoy the guests and all of the tips that are explored.
I found Marie's Podcast just over a year ago. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I was just starting a yarn related business. I feel as if she was a personal mentor to me guiding me throughout the process, even though we had never met. I have listened to each episode numerous times. Each one is so well presented and packed with information. Some necessary basic information on to the stuff that made my brain hurt because it seemed so complicated. But, with Marie's wonderful ability to teach I can now say "that makes sense". Thank you, Marie. I can honestly say my business would not be where it is today without your help! Angie
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Angie Doherty
Great resource and easy to listen to!
I can't get enough of your tips and encouragement for success in the yarn industry. Your show notes are a wealth of great information and resource.
Very informative
I am always surprised at the amount of useful information included in these podcasts. Definitely worth the time and an enjoyable listen too.
Great motivation for small indie business
I seemed to have found this podcast at the perfect time. I had just started designing patterns and have been self publishing to my blog for free. Her intro podcast on submitting to magazines really motivated me to take my designing to the next level and I'm sending out my first magazine submission tomorrow. I know that I have followed all guidelines for the magazine and for proper submitting, and, thanks to Marie's guidance, I think I have a good shot at getting accepted. Marie brings up great points on every subject, and even on the episodes where I think it doesn't really apply to me, I still learn something. If you are a yarn related business owner then you really need to listen to this podcast! Many thanks, Marie. Joanna of Goddess )O( Crochet.
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The best yarncrafter business resource
I've been binge-listening to Marie's podcasts for the past week. I've set my iTunes to save the podcasts once they're played, because I go back and listen to them again and take notes. Here's why CYE is worth the subscription: Marie talks about subjects that actually matter. She discusses CAL/KAL/GAL and hangouts, and how to create one. She talks with crafters and designers about health and yarncrafting. She interviews designers and gets those all-important, tip filled startup stories that somehow match what we as solo-preneurs are going through: how do I get my patterns published? Why go to conferences? Is my tech editor right for me? Mailing list? What's that? Marie hits the nail on the head time and time again with her podcasts, and each and every episode contains AT LEAST one little idea-changing, inspiring snippet that you hadn't thought of. Hit that subscribe button, sit down with your knitting or crochet WIPs, don't forget your coffee and notebook (pen, too, I forgot that once), and catch up. There's a lot to learn here.
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Someone Insignificant 21776
Great tips on a much-needed subject
This is a great podcast for owners of fiber related businesses. Each week Marie Segares homes in on a topic of interest and gives really helpful suggestions that are very do-able.
Carla Cuadros
Thankful for the tips you gave!
My daughter was my pattern tester until she lost her baby, which changed her interest. I have had not only one, but a few bad experiences with pattern testing. Either people never get back with me or they get the pattern then get busy and do something else. One tester was awesome to get back with me, edited 3 of my pattern and since she was really good in English AND crochet, I totally trusted her. So I uploaded her revisions unseen for sale and people found mistakes after the revisions. Now what I do is to make the pattern, finish it , put it aside for a month or 2. Then edit it myself with fresh eyes. The indication of the quality my patterns for me now is my repeat customers. You gave me new insights on how to screen and engage testers and I would much rather have tester, than to remain my one man band. Thank you for these excellent tips.
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Oma Beate