Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence?
Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence?
Jack Allen
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Hollow earth
Just found the podcast and I loved hearing all the myths and legends about the hollow earth. The podcaster presented the stories neither denying them nor pushing them and I appreciate that. Well researched and a joy to listen to. Keep up the good work
Thank You!!!
Been listening to JAC for about a year now and it’s my favorite podcast. Jack is a great podcaster, great voice, and unbelievable information. These are the things that need to be talked about. So thank you Jack for all that you do talking about the craziness of today’s world. The episodes about specific topics are also so enlightening and entertaining as well. THANK YOU JACK
I enjoyed the ancient intelligence podcast
He breaks down this really interesting book about the origins of intelligence, this guy is fun to listen to and seems fair and well balanced politically and socially. It’s a great podcast in general, but this latest episode has inspired me to leave a review to show my support and appreciation.
Refreshing gumption for Kafkaesque times!
Journey with Jack via his candid research, and guests, through suppressed and occulted histories on a courageous quest for truths (even if unfashionable). This isn’t another limited hangout, Jack asks the tough questions and follows the truth even when it, inevitably, lands near... “Voldemort”. Pavlovian infants (useful idiots/mobs; often benevolent at heart) are conditioned with ubiquitous black mirrors via duplicitous sophists and derisive talking heads to acquiesce/seethe/ridicule at the drop of alchemical Pollyannaish sloganeering. Nefariously brilliant inversions of truth (mis/disinformation, half truths, manufactured consent) with Fabian patience and precision steer fearful softheads like a hidden hand. ‘Conspiracy, or JAC?’ helps us pierce this heavy and ancient veil and emboldens critical thinking. GOD bless and carry on, stud!
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Great 👍
Just found podcast, Love the voice, Love how he explains topics in easy to understand format, gets right to the point without worthless chit chat and dips into all the redpill topics. Jack- I see u reference a lot from Icke books, have you gotten into any of TJ Henglands books? Or Brad Olsens? Best out on the redpill topics, takes steps beyond Ickes. One quick correction, energy CAN be created. Michael Tellinger YT ch. you’ve helped connect so many dots Thank you 😊
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I read this book too.
I’d suggest reading a few books before doing a subject. Plus it’s obvious you don’t even know who these people are. Thanks but no thanks.
Love you jack ❤️
Appreciate all your hard work brotha keep on seeking and speaking truth unequivocally 🙏
Ryan D 17
Great show
Love the deep dives. The Aquino show was fantastic. Keep up the good work.
Most real
Probably the most honest, real, and totally mind opening thing I have heard for a long time. He is so real and honest feels like a true friend talking to you. Thank you for putting yourself out there..
It’s all lies. Lies, lies, lies.
Best podcast out there.
Do some simple research
Lewis and Clark expedition 1804-1806. Your claims are baseless and a simple 10 second google search would show you this.
On my radar
I love you content! Thanks for keeping it real!
Jack is the man!
Awesome show. HISTORY IS A LIE!
Great Informative Podcast!!!
Just found this podcast and though I listen to many others, I definitely learned some info I have never heard before. Keep it up and thanks!!!
Love The Show, But...
I really enjoy your show. The topics are right up my ally and the guests are on point. I would say my one and o my complaint and maybe it’s just from my perspective or a pet peeve of mine. You have a tendency to talk over the guest a lot in the middle of a sentence. I love hour enthusiasm and passion for the show but sometimes it’s distracting when a guest is in the middle of making a point and hear you jump in with emphasis on your amazement of the thought mid sentence. the show and much love all around. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work.
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Great content
Thanks for giving us this awesome podcast.
I appreciate that you give facts and let the listeners make our own minds up!
Excellent podcast
Keep up the good work Jack
Awesome podcast. I’m just getting started on this truther journey, and I’m learning a ton listening to Jack. Tons of good opinions and information! Keep er goin bud!
An excellent researcher and sharer of knowledge
Jack is great! He does his due diligence on the topics he talks about, and is excellent at citing facts, books, resources, etc to backup the information he is presenting. If you want to gain knowledge, inspiration, and learn the path to intellectual freedom, this show is great for you. Also, jack has great and knowledgeable guests on and he does a good job of asking the right questions to inform the audience and guide the conversation. Check him out!
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Keep keeping it really real...
Jack... brother... you really came through when we needed you most. I’ve been in it for a minute, and have torn through thousands of hours of podcasts. I can tell you there is truly nothing quite like this anywhere else in the wild world of pods. I appreciate your research and the effort you put into what you do. Keep on keeping on brother for real. Keep praying, He hears you... you will quickly learn how to hear Him. ~B
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Powerful Talks
I enjoy listening to you and your research is beyond awesome. I’ve been red pilled for a while but this is refreshing podcast to listen to.
Love the pod
I don’t always agree with everything 💯 but I love that the podcast always makes me think and opens up my mind to new possibilities.
Love it
Great show with the Dawson brothers
Love the pod
Different way to have a podcast and it works Keep it going
I enjoy this podcast. The host Jack seems to approach each guest and topic with an honest sense of wonder and desire to learn.
Love the show.
From what I can tell, this podcast is pretty new. Despite this, it is easily one of the better podcasts out there. He manages to keep the subject matter interesting despite the fact that there are a lot of other podcasts talking about the same thing. The only thing I can complain about is sometimes the host says “woooow” a few too many times. But I can certainly live with that thanks to the QUALITY of info being given.
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4deep loves Jack
It good
Rock RoundTable Podcast
Jack is getting better and better
Excellent guests and information coming out. Jack is well read and red pilling the masses. Great show and an easy listen.
Fellow conspiracy podcaster
I love to listen to other people’s ideas on what I believe and cover!! You guys are awesome!! Joel from Chaotic Conspiracy Theories
Amber's J-boy
Keep up the good work, I enjoy your podcast!
Keep on keeping on
Great Pod. Keep it up. Catch me on the twatter @pewpew300BO or killdozer69 on discord
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
You’re crushing it brotha. Great research, thanks for doing what u do 🤙
Kevin J Nass
Love the show
Great as always, love the content, love the discourse. Follow me on Twitter @undocidiotspod
Great Show!!!
Great show with interesting content!!
Mad At Us Cause They Ain't Us
Killing it doood
From another recovering heroin addict.. I love your show bro! You a consistently informative and have great topics and guests. Personally I think Janet wants your wiener.. 🤣 - Christian B. In San Diego
Truth Seekers Heaven
I’ve listened to a good amount of “truth seeking” podcasts, while this one is relatively new, it might be the best as it revolves solely around facts not rumors and unverifiable conjecture. The podcast with Don Jeffries is especially informative and fun to listen to!
Great Podcast
Jack does his research and doesn't disappoint!
Very informative and entertaining
I don’t miss an episode. The research and information always brings some new information I have to dig on. Do not miss it.
Great, thorough, and insightful
Jack does a great job of boiling down lots of hours of reading and research into concise points on topics. He is very down to earth and has opened my eyes to many topics and ideas I hadn’t been aware of. Keep up the great work!!!
Always so full of amazing information! I absolutely love it
Clear, concise, convincing
Hands down the most informational conspiracy podcast I’ve found. I’m fairly skeptical, so finding a level-headed conspiracy show that presents multiple credible sources for each episode really appeals to me. After each episode I find myself with 20 tabs open on my computer going deeper into things that were mentioned. Really appreciate the time Jack (and his fiancé behind the scenes!) are putting in on this, it shows. Thanks for making my work day a million times more interesting!
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Great show!
He talks about it all. More fact based than opinions. He also has invited guests that are smart and entertaining.
Love this
Keep them coming! I’ll be here to listen!!
I actually found this podcaster off of a Reddit page. I figured I’d give this guy a listen, as we share some common beliefs in certain conspiracies.... and let me tell you, I’m glad I did!!!!! SO GIVE HIM A LISTEN, PEOPLE! he’s knowledgeable on various topics (without being biased), down to earth, and has a genuine curiosity about our world and the people on it! 10/10 would recommend!
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