Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence?
Conspiracy or Just a Coincidence?
Jack Allen
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From aliens, the occult, to government conspiracies. Our history is filled with unexplained patterns and events. Are these occurrences all coincidences and conjecture, or is there a deeper, more sinister plot behind them? Has our true history been covered up, maybe even shortened! We take a deep dive different author's ideas and see which one has the most evidence to back up the claim! Support this podcast:
Rockafella 2. The elites realized environmental factors (they caused) got us sick. But cheaper to focus on germs. so who got the $? germ theory
they can't take the blame, so focused on things you cannot see as opposed to them ruining our health. --- Support this podcast:
Sep 16
1 hr 15 min
Rockefeller Medicine Man: How our education/medicine modern model was created. Pt 1.
Thanks for listening and hope you enjoyed this part 1. Next episode we will continue our journey through this awesome book! --- Support this podcast:
Sep 9
1 hr 32 min
Franklin, China our new enemy, Rs and Ds are literally the same @_theoddmanout
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Sep 2
1 hr 4 min
Trillions of $ worth of unheard of gold, at the disposal of bankers, black ops. Booby traps, treasure maps, codes, secrets and lies
Gold warriors Follow @conspiracyorjac  --- Support this podcast:
Aug 26
1 hr 21 min
@bobslessons. We talk current events, drugs, degeneracy, and solved 99% of the worlds problems. (yes, in one hour)
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Aug 18
1 hr
Silver: How the fed has stolen 99% of your wealth. Lying, fraud, incoming economic crumble. Hidden treasure and more!
I'm a little passionate during this show, find out all about how they have manipulated the precious metals market since the 1850s. --- Support this podcast:
Aug 12
1 hr 19 min
Intelligence Services in the Ancient World
Book: Origins of Intelligence (its over like 300$ on amazon, I have the PDF) support the show: Thanks for listneing --- Support this podcast:
Aug 6
1 hr 31 min
The issue w/ libertarianism, false flags, military intelligence w/ @_theoddmanout!
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Aug 3
1 hr 7 min
Gary Wayne: we talk freemasonry, illuminati, templars, tartaria and so much more that my brain hurts
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Jul 28
1 hr 1 min
Paleo Conservatism. How libertarians, republicans and obviously socialist all have it wrong. Really mind blowing episode @bigpapafascist
Follow @bigpapafascist. Really awesome episode! Super articulate, well read guy. I learned so much from the episode. I have been feeling that the whole republic scam was just that a scam. Empires need morality. Find out why! Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time dude, I listen and talk to a lot of people, was really impressed with your knowledge! Support the show:  --- Support this podcast:
Jul 21
1 hr 2 min
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