Common Knowledge: A Magic: The Gathering Podcast
Common Knowledge: A Magic: The Gathering Podcast
Common Knowledge: A Magic: The Gathering Podcast
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Very good. I love pauper and this podcast!
Great show, love the new hosts! Looking forward to learning more about pauper
New to the show, wasn’t familiar with the old hosts but Jared & Colton seem ready to carry the torch. I like their ease of conversation and fun banter about pauper and MTG in general. Looking forward to hearing more! One request I would have - I’m sure most folks who know about the show already know pauper well, but for those of us new to it, who may stumble across the show and are curious how to get started, it’d be cool if, for a few minutes at the start of the show, they could do a quick primer like “it’s really easy to get started in pauper, if you’re interested, check out possible decks here, or this person on Twitter, or we have some links in the show notes, etc” and make getting started easier. They talked a little about what got them started, which was great, but getting some guidance would also be awesome (for those of us too lazy to google “how to get started in pauper, hahaha”) Thanks for a great show & content, good luck!
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slam dunc
Why don’t you use scryfall? I’m not angry or upset just very curious especially because it is catered to most if not all sanctioned formats including pauper. Gatherer until the unification was a bad way to search for cards legal in pauper because it just gave common rarity not legality in pauper.
This Pauper Podcast is dece+
It was very well made and the hosts were very interesting.
The Best new podcast in magic
These guy are 1 episode in and already crushing it! Love their love and dedication to this format.
Spencer Howland