Common Knowledge: A Magic: The Gathering Podcast
Common Knowledge: A Magic: The Gathering Podcast
Common Knowledge: A Magic: The Gathering Podcast
Common Knowledge is your #1 Pauper Podcast to help you understand where the format is at and how to improve. Hosted by Lobbert and Brandon this show focuses on improving at Magic with a focus on Pauper Play. It isn’t about the cost, its about the knowledge.
Common Knowledge 106: Improving in Pauper
This week on Common Knowledge Colton and Christian talk about improving at #Pauper Twitter: Colton: Christian: Twitch
Sep 20, 2020
36 min
Common Knowledge 105: Pauper Power Rankings
Colton and Christian are back with some Pauper Power Rankings as they break down the format. Twitter: Colton:
Sep 14, 2020
36 min
Common Knowledge 104: Positivity in Pauper
This week on Common Knowledge the guys talk about positivity in the pauper community. Twitter: Colton: Christian:
Aug 31, 2020
33 min
Common Knowledge 103: Double Masters
Colton and Christian are back! They talk this week about Double Masters! Twitter: Colton: Christian: Twitch Stream:
Aug 21, 2020
39 min
Common Knowledge Episode 101: Back to Basics
This week, Colton and Christian tackle mana bases and mana fixing in the Pauper format, one of the basics they
Apr 29, 2020
35 min
Common Knowledge Episode 100: Isolation Celebration!
This week Shaun and Brandon return to the show to celebrate 100 episodes of the podcast! Listen in on what
Apr 22, 2020
1 hr
Common Knowledge Episode 99: Izzet a New Set?
This week we talk about the cards in #MTGIkoria that we think will make the biggest splash in #mtgpauper! Twitter:
Apr 14, 2020
47 min
Common Knowledge 98: Mono White Heroic
Spencer Howland joins the show to talk about Mono White in pauper. Twitter: Colton: Spencer: Patreon:
Apr 5, 2020
30 min
Common Knowledge 97: The Answer to Tron
This week Colton and Jared are back to talk about Pauper and they think maybe there is a clear answer
Mar 11, 2020
40 min
Common Knowledge 96: The Return and Our New Hosts
For Episode 96 of Common Knowledge the show welcomes its new hosts and gives you a chance to know Colton
Mar 5, 2020
1 hr 1 min
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