Coaching Through Chaos Podcast
Coaching Through Chaos Podcast
Dr Colleen Mullen- therapist/ Relationship expert/Chaos Crusher!
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Awesome podcast!
Dr. Colleen Mullen, host of the Coaching Through Chaos podcast, highlights all aspects of life and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Intelligence with heart
This podcast(er) is one I like to listen to on walks. It is thought-provoking and comforting at the same time, which is such a lovely combination. We all need to learn and keep growing in our lives, and this is one way I choose to do that. Colleen's warm, intelligent voice can truly help you tame the chaos!
#Men Too with Kelly Palfy
The topic was handled with such grace and compassion. Both the host and the guest were very knowledgeable about the topic. It was easy to listen to. So much value given. It is supporting me in evaluating some experiences I have had with male clients; men who end of being victims in their marriage even while being successful in their careers.
Wonderful first impression
Just listened to the episode with Patrick Lockwood - first time listening to this podcast. I think I’m hooked. Very intelligent perspective. I love that both Patrick and Colleen established we all have inherit bias. It’s so trivial to think about bias but it is also so deep when we start to formulate opinions and especially in the case of publishing those opinions on the web. Great work! Will be a new subscriber.
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Xi Ling Tsi
Great podcast!
Recently discovered Dr. Colleen Mullen’s podcast and I love her interviewing style and down to earth vibe that helps us learn really important life lessons ✨ thanks Dr. Colleen!
Love it
Great show. This podcast offers different strategies for listeners.
Back to Freud
Nowadays Freud is populated so much as I can’t recognize him because he was put in very vulgar way. Coach is never good, because therapy has its goal to help a person fit into the culture and create protection and teach them to live their own life, and training people is useless to make than believe in themselves, because “ I saw people who believe in themselves more than Napoleon believed in himself” psychosis if you want.
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Catty Cat Bright Moon
Put me in Coach!
Dr Colleen Mullen, is so versed and thoughtful in her advise. Her lineup of guests is excellent. This show is a great resource for navigating life's chaos. Thank you for this!
Story Spectacular
New favorite podcast!
Love it
Excellent Show, Keep It Up! Brent from Hysteria 51
Dr. Toboggan (Mantis)
So Helpful
I love this podcast. It is so helpful and informative. There is so much to learn. Thank You!
Love, Love, Love this Podcast
Colleen delivers solid tips for everyone. She's a great host and it's a show I highly recommend.
CarrieZ's Hunting Podcast
Great energy and content
Really like the range of guest experts and the breadth of information provided. Colleen is a great interviewer and brings an energy to the show that’s often missing in other podcasts.
ADD Crusher™
Great resource
Coaching through chaos has such a great variety of topics for listeners! Dr. Mullen is a great host and the quality is top notch.
Great podcast!
This podcast is very informative and well researched. Dr. Mullen is knowledgeable about the subjects discussed on the podcast. I learned a lot from listening!
Laura Reagan, LCSW-C
Informative and Empowering
Coaching through Chaos is a fabulous series put together by Dr. Colleen Mullen. Each week, various experts in the field of self-help and psychology provide information that not only will improve the lives of laypersons, but also the practice of mental health professionals. I highly recommend tuning in weekly to learn more about maneuvering through chaos while staying true to self and clients. The topics are rich and succulently delivered, so keep a notebook handy as you tune in.
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Fire and Iron VS TBI and PTSD
Very current topic in today’s fire service that is rarely discussed. I loved how he described the symptoms of PTSD. After listening to the podcast it really hit home. It not only can apply to the fire service but for anyone suffering from a trauma.
Big Stones Fan
A game-changing podcast
Dr. Colleen Mullen’s podcast—Coaching Through Chaos—has changed the way that I experience this vast realm of media! Dr. Mullen’s hospitality, her warm and receptive interview style, and her insightful and supportive interview style are clearly changing the podcast environment—thanks amok!
Great guests and great questions
I absolutely love the guests and conversations that take place on this show. I've listened to a few episodes already. Most recently the Good Wolf Bad Wolf episode. It's important for us to stay focused on self-care. I like that Colleen pays attention to that. I thoughouthly enjoy the content!
I don't listen to many podcasts, but CTC is one of the most entertaining and informative ones out there. I love the new guests that come on and Dr. Cullen is great to listen to. I can't wait to see where this show goes!
Dr. Mullen is the best!
Very insightful and straight to the point. I've learned quite a bit just after a few episodes. Recommended!
WOW…Coaching Through Chaos Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Dr, Colleen. Keep bringing it.
Excellent, informative, and practical content
Love this podcast!
Phenomenal Content!
Dr. Colleen Mullen’s passion for extinguishing stigma attached to accessing mental health treatment for veterans and non-vets is palpable. The statistics alone are enough to make anyone shake their heads and agree that something must be done. This interview was educational, emotion provoking and inspired me to ACT. Thank you Dr. Mullen, stellar content and clear delivery. Keep ‘em coming!
Coaching Through Chaos
Combat Veteran
Awesome stuff!!!
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