Coaching Through Chaos Podcast
Coaching Through Chaos Podcast
Dr Colleen Mullen- therapist/ Relationship expert/Chaos Crusher!
Conversations with experts to help you conquer the chaos in your life! You'll hear inspiring and motivating stories about relationships, finance, stress, conflict resolution, healthy living, addiction recovery , health and fitness, money management, success coaching. The show is hosted by Dr. Colleen Mullen, PsyD., LMFT, a therapist and expert in managing life's chaos!
Could You Pivot and Professionally Start Over? with Wendy Bruton
Dr. Wendy Bruton, host of "I Used to be a Therapist" podcast has lived a few lives. She joins me to talk about how and why she decided to pivot out of her chosen profession as a licensed psychologist after a year-long battle through a professional trauma. Hear how she works to help women now, how this former university professor and researcher adopted essential oils into her life, and what she has to say after being married to her high school sweetheart for more than 3 decades.
Mar 30, 2021
59 min
Grief, Loss, and Surviving with Shelly Buck and Kathy Curtis
Shelly Buck and Kathy Curtis, the authors of the book "Leave Your Light On: The Story of an Illuminating Spirit" join me to talk about the personal experience of losing a son, grieving, parenting through loss, and how to cope.
Mar 9, 2021
43 min
Get Your Business Spinning with DJ Amani Roberts
How can one night in the DJ booth can get your business spinning in the right direction? That's some of what my conversation with Amani Roberts, AKA DJ AmRo of the Amani Experience, focuses on. Amani takes his knowledge of marketing, hospitality and the DJ business and creates ideas around how to help your business get off the ground.
Feb 15, 2021
40 min
Helping Millennials Transform their Careers - Ben Preston
Ben Preston helps young professionals understand their strengths, sort through their blockages and helps them design a path to the career they've dreamed of.
Jan 25, 2021
56 min
The Best of Coaching Through Chaos
Reminisce with me as I share clips of some of my favorite past episodes - You'll hear from a resilience expert, a doctor who treats phobia and combat trauma with virtual reality. Then we have some personal stories revisited - mine included. I share a clip from the time I let Dr Johnathan Singer interview me about the loss of my brother to suicide, I talk with real life Humpty Dumpty, Ret Fire Chief Matt Shobert, who's body was put back together after a freak accident on the job, but is now living with, and educating others about the prevalence of Post Traumatic Stress among fire fighters. Then there's financial expert, CFP Jeff Motske who helps us understand how couples can find ways to be more financially compatible. Want to hear how to crush your ADD to live a life with more purpose and productivity? Want to be a Black Belt Husband? This is the place! And finally, I give you an update on my life with my special needs sister, Suzy - how her life has changed, how my life has changed because of her, and an announcement regarding a new project. 2020 has been, at the very least, tumultuous, but for most, it has been a violent storm of chaos. I hope you find some solace in some of the lessons, tips and life stories that Coaching Through Chaos brings to you.
Dec 28, 2020
31 min
Not Created Equal - Muslim Immigrant US Army Ret. Lt. Col. Mona Johnson
Her early life was filled with cultural traumas - escaping Egypt and then immigrating to the US after living in exile in Saudi Arabia with her family. Mona Johnson, grew up a fighter for equality, but the fighter in her was also fought with at home - she survived a marriage filled with domestic violence. Somehow, she kept fighting and as a single parent, decided to enter the US Army. She is now thought to be the first Muslim-Arab Immigrant female Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. Listen in to our conversation that came out of her book, Not Created Equal: A Muslim Woman's Pursuit of Equality in her Family, the Army and America.
Dec 6, 2020
53 min
Can You Really Find Calm After Years of Chaos? with Robert Delude
This one is for those who come from a chaotic, unstructured childhood. Those who relate to having no adults willing to pay attention to a kid who didn't feel like they fit in. Robert Delude is now the host of the None of Your Business Podcast, but he joins me to talk about how a chaotic young life led to years of addiction to heroin, toxic partners and self-sabotage. Listen in to hear what really got the wheels of change to start turning.....for good.
Nov 16, 2020
22 min
The Family Discussion We All Avoid - Legacy Planning with Leslie Quinsay
Joi me as we discuss the family dynamics that can take place when we have to explore estate planning with our family. Leslie Quinsay, an investor and business owner, discusses her personal connection to this subject that led to her book, Legacy: A Guide to Successfully Transferring Wealth from One Generation to the Next . She is passionate about helping families learn to have these conversations and make sure no one is left questioning what someone's intention was when it comes to their business.
Oct 26, 2020
39 min
Unspoken Pain - #Men Too with Dr Kelly Palfy
I discuss the often unspoken pain of men who carry the repercussions of being sexually abused as children with Dr Kelli Palfy.
Oct 5, 2020
43 min
How Much Money do you need to Retire? with  Financial Mentor Todd Tresidder
I chat with Todd Tresidder, for hedge fund manager and now the genius behind where the mission of the site is to make gaining financial planning knowledge simple and accessible to everyone. Todd and I talk about how each person can figure out how much money they need to retire, what was his motivation to start this free educational website and all sorts of nuggets of knowledge about retirement planning.
Sep 14, 2020
39 min
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