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Randi k
Fave podcast, Allison and Greg are fantastic together
Mrs 50's
The 1%
I love the show Fitzsimmons is hilarious. If you want to hear an entitled Karen complain about how her babysitter left her then this is the podcast for you. Greg will say anything so if you’re too woke you’re bound to be insulted. If you wanna know how the 1% lives this is the podcast for you. I love it keep it up you two.
Hack comedian
The problem with this show is Alison Rosen. She is one of those people who, like a trained seal, happily honks out anti-first amendment gems like “you can say whatever you want but watch what happens if you do”. I’m so glad this progressive hack got a taste of what she advocates for when she was attacked in her mother’s group. Maybe now you’ll wake up (probably not), but this is what people talk about when they refer to the snake eating its tail. Enjoy.
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KP Hockey
Just found this podcast from listening to old episodes of Christina Ps WMMA and heard Alisons interview. I’m a Mommy Jean for Life and love all things YMH, but I immediately took to this podcast. Alison and Greg’s conversations are easy and organic. They’re funny, honest and relatable. Subscribed and listening to back episodes.
More please
Love this show. Wish they did it every week.
Done it . . . again!
Yes, you’ve done it again! This really is one of the best comedy podcasts ever, but I gotta tell you, you’ve done the done it bit until it is done. Seriously. BTW Alison, if those “fruit flies” don’t have red eyes, but do have hump backs, they’re sewer (aka phorid) flies. Google accordingly.
Carla IS
Greg’s voice
Greg sounds like someone is holding his nose and stepping on his balls at the same time
Adult friends talking
It’s just friends talking about life. Generally kids related, but life focused. Great to hear how other people handle the chaos that Is parenting.
Great Show!
This wholesome podcast is great for the whole family to enjoy. If you don't want to raise little serial killers; best you listen to the wisdom of Alison and Ol' G Dawg. As a person that has yet to impregnate anyone, this isn't an issue for me, but I listen all the same. Definitely would recommend. That's what this is, a raving recommendation. -Neil
There’s no question that both Alison and Greg are funny. Alison was great on the Carolla podcast. I actually think she got railroaded by Carolla. But here’s the thing (buckle of Alison). For some reason, about a year ago, Alison began talking in this singsongy way. Its strange, because her tone is way different than when she was on Carolla, but weirdly, also different from early episodes of Childish. I think it may be a result of overcompensating due to remote recordings. Either way, been a fan for a long time, but I gotta check out. Just not on board with her new vocal stylings.
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the latest episode when they were talking about doing in person recordings and greg said he was being safe with covid??? while he is traveling to do comedy shows...doesn’t make sense. glad alison sort of called him out on it but i don’t think he understands what safe means.
Great! One tip tho..
Can Greg put the mic a few inches further back?? Thanks guys
5 stars but...
... let’s not do the Jewish jokes anymore, k? It’s awkward anyway because Alison is audibly uncomfortable. It’s just not funny Greg.
This is such a wholesome, hilarious, and relatable podcast. I was introduced to Greg from the Whiskey Ginger pod and immediately fell in love with him. Now because of this pod, I’m in love with Alison! They’re both so funny and great story tellers. Definitely download!!! You won’t regret it!
So funny and honest. Wish it was every week!
The podcast is fun and a good contrast between Alison, smart anxious mom, and Greg, stupid and overconfident dad. I always wonder what idiots are really having thanksgiving gatherings or traveling during covid. I get insight into this stupidity through Greg, whose family is traveling (his mother?!!) and generally seeming to not follow the rules. Alison always seems to be trying to hold in her horror at Greg’s behavior. Greg also says so many wrong things with such confidence it’s insane. I think Alison needs to get more confidence and contradict Greg bc she often just goes with his idiotic remarks or incorrect info. I’m really turned off by the way Alison acts on this show versus her own.
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Urine, urninals, and stools.
If you love podcasts about urnine, urinals, stools, penises, pubic hair, and testes you will love, love this podcast.
Mister Rpederso
Good podcast too much cussing
Funny show no need for all the cussing they could make their points without it
Stop picking on mental health providers
I have been working with patients face to face for most of the pandemic. I got the virus at work in April. I’m working 10+ hours per day and am really struggling myself. Sorry if you are struggling but PLEASE, don’t ever bash us again.. we are exponentially busier because of increased depression, anxiety, substance use, PTSD, domestic violence, etc. I’ve had 2 suicides in a week in my clinic. I can’t sleep. I worry all the time that I’m not doing enough, that I don’t have the computer skills to do really good therapy virtually when MY conservative state finally shuts things down again. We, the health care professionals deserve better, you guys. We don’t have time off.. we are working more than ever. We absolutely feel the weight of responsibility for people’s lives, every day. When I don’t get back to someone right away it’s not because I don’t care... it’s because I’ve put in a 10-12 hour day, haven’t seen my own kids, had my own therapy, seen my own extended family- as I am still seeing patients and am high risk - so need to self quarantine from most of my family. I usually love your shows but your level of entitlement is getting really old. Try a little empathy, consider that lots Of people have lost everything due to this pandemic. Maybe talk to some people who survived the virus. In my clinic of 35 staff, more than 14 of us have gotten CORONA. Just think more before you bash healthcare workers. We are STRUGGLING.
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Glad I didn't subscribe!
Alison can't help herself
She has to talk politics. Why don't you start a political podcast, and leave this show alone?
Love this podcast!!! Greg and Allison have a great chemistry and their 2 different Viewpoints are both refreshing Nd hilarious. His children are older and hers are younger and it’s a great chemistry!
Please go back to a Podcast every week..
Please go back to a Podcast every week. Go listen and catch up everyone. You won’t be disappointed. Greg & Alison have great chemistry and this Podcast is proof. I just wish they would go back to a new episode every week. Peace.. Rate, Subscribe, Review! 👍
Potty humor for parents (and non-parents as well!)
Through a veil of potty humor and dick jokes, Alison and Greg deliver surprisingly insightful parenting advice. I listen to A LOT of podcasts, but when the catchy Childish theme song starts playing, I can’t help but smile because I know I’m in for an hour of raucous laughter and fun! My only complaint is that there are just not enough episodes! I wish they would release one every day! Love this show and I hope this dynamic duo can DO IT again and AGAIN!!
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Trash show
By trash people
Good stuff!
I'm a retired 69 yr old grandfather,possibly the oldest listener(yt viewer), these two are very entertaining and even informative at times!
What was I waiting for?!?
I’ve listened for YEARS to ARIYNBF but for some reason I never tried Childish, til now. I got caught up but now I’m a couple episodes behind, hopefully you’ll forgive me because I’m starting from the beginning because you guys are that awesome! I love listening to the stories of what college is Owen deciding to go with, and when little Owen is brand new. Seriously though, I’m a mom to 17 year old twins, boy and girl, who are graduating early and starting college in January. This podcast has it all, highly recommend it to all my friends!
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I Call This Podcast- Child, dish!!
You don’t need to have or want kids to enjoy this podcast! Alison and Greg are superb! They’re genuine, funny and have great buddy chemistry. I look forward to listening every time the pod drops. Thank you for being so open and honest, talking about struggles and triumphs in such a humorous way. Saw your live pod in LA and wanted to tell you how amazing you both are, but felt too “this is nervous”, so thought the best way to show my appreciation is with a 5 star review! So much love for these legends!
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Fruitdog and Garfield!
When I heard about this show I knew it would be good but it exceeds expectations! These two podcast veterans have amazing chemistry. I’m a single father and I get good advice/ideas from listening, thanks guys.
... is listening to new episodes of Childish! I’m not going to toot Greg and Alison’s horns by saying that I’ve been a big fan for years, think their dynamic is on point, and actually LOL by myself in the car to this pod, but I guess I just did anyways. Years ago, Alison read my iTunes comment of the week on her show and I nearly passed out from joy! By now we’ve solidified a one-way friendship that is more comfortable yet somehow feels like a mutual redamancy. I’ve also gotten friends hooked on the show from just one episode. Keep on rockin, you two! - Emily
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No cliche title here
Love Fitzdog and love this show with Allison Rosen. I’m an old man with a 3 year old, so I relate with both of them greatly. They entertain while kind of educating. Just make sure to fact check them.
LOVE this podcast!
My husband and I started listening to this right before we started trying to get pregnant and now our baby boy is 6 months old! We love Greg and Allison and all their funny stories of parenthood. We tell all of our friends about this podcast!
Great pod
Alison and Greg are great together. I listen to all of their content. My kids are grown now but I still enjoy this one.
I love that we all have different parenting styles and can still get along! 😂 sometimes Greg makes me cringe but I always know Alison is making the same face so I feel included.
Fellow Parents You Actually Want to be Friends With
Longtime fan of Allison and I’ve always enjoyed Greg whenever he was a guest on other pods. Greg is the cohost Allison deserves. Happy for them both and happy for me - so fun to listen to! I’m in the trenches with two littles. Commiserating with Allison is cathartic and hopeful as I look forward to the future with Greg’s takes on life with grown kids.
Ahshbdjoctn woebegone
Alison and Greg are excellent together
Libs with Issues!
If listening to people who came from affluent houses complain about their parents, this is your show (Alison’s dad was a doctor, and Greg’s a radio personality). Lot’s of talk about Shrinks and taking Meds. Alison will talk about Pamona College and dropping a deuce. Woody Allen would think Fitzdog is a weird dad. This is the new norm...listen to them on how to raise kids.
I love this show! Even if I’m too shy to listen in the kitchen w my teenagers in ear shot. Fitzdog you are hilarious, your family stories and raw honesty make you my favorite comedian and Alison you crack me UP sister the way you bounce off Greg with your funny pov. I saw an adorable pic of Eliot and omg he looks like a baby Alison! So cute! Guys, thanks for doing this podcast!
The best
Alison and Greg are the funny and most importantly sexy on their podcast Childish. Podcast success is judged heavily in this space and I can’t stand doing reviews but Childish is worth this annoying exercise in futility. We speak your names Alison and Greg!
Greg Lester
Best of Both’s Worlds
I’ve been following Greg since Idiot Savants and Alison since her Carolla tryouts (rooted for her the entire time). Hopefully not complisulting, but this is my favorite of either of their work. I appreciate the turn of fate that I had a kid right in time with this podcast existing. Thanks for making a great show together!
Word Salad Days
Love Childish
John Henson was a great guest. Truly laughing out loud during the family bike ride story.
Greg and Allison are my favorite. I truly look forward to this podcast every week. They are honest, hilarious, and vulnerable. I find myself being able to relate to so many things they talk about each week. My husband and I listen separately but when he gets home from work on Wednesdays I always say “did you listen??” Then we talk about all the things we loved about the episode. Love you both!
Breah L
The Best
I can’t get enough of these two! I look forward to the podcast every week and am sad when it’s over.
More Greg
I’m a fan of all of Greg’s podcasts and appearances. Alison’s ill-founded political opinions make this show a difficult listen.
So fun
This podcast is SUCH a great listen! Whether you have kids or not, you’ll find so many topics entertaining, funny, interesting and/or relatable. I love Allison and Greg’s chemistry and love that we get perspective from a mom with young kids and a dad with older kids.
Two of My Faves
I’m a fan of both Alison and Greg separately and I love them together! I am a fan of Childish. I don’t have children, but I am delighted to find this podcast is for everyone! Keep the jokes and the fantastic chemistry going.
Hey now!
Love this podcast! I came across it a year ago while I was pregnant and I still look forward to it every week! Greg and Alison are such a great duo and it’s great to just feel like you’re hanging out with two great friends each episode. Love you guys!
I love their conversations
You can tell they have a true friendship! They make each other laugh. They respect each other. And they both are truly interesting and funny. I have kids Greg’s kids ages and we seem to have very similar parenting styles. And I like how he encourages Alison in her parenting. She projects such a love for her kids and an earnest love for parenting ! LISTEN, because it’s not a parenting pod. It’s two cool friends getting together and asking us to hang out with them !!!
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No kids? “Don’t need ‘em!”
I don’t have kids and still don’t miss an episode! Greg & Alison have great chemistry and are so fun together. It’s interesting to hear about the different stages that their kids are in. Love this podcast!
Great chemistry
Love Alison & Greg's chemistry. The show is always entertaining and makes me laugh.
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