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Quality information & genuine laughs!
There is a lot of BS on the internet and in podcasts about skincare - I LOVE learning about it from a scientific perspective from experts. And I love their silliness and sense of humor! I do sometimes wish the audio quality was a bit better, but that's not anything that prevents me from thoroughly enjoying the podcast. If you love skincare, you've gotta listen!
Bose infomercial
Love the concept and information so far but please speak up! I have the volume turned up all the way and can’t hear what you’re saying consistently. This podcast is unlistenable unless you’re willing to constantly rewind or just accept that you’re not going to pick up everything they say. I was listening in my car one day and had the volume turned up all the way so I could hear. That helped a little bit until the hosts simultaneously burst into laughter and I think I permanently damaged my hearing. Obviously that’s extremely annoying. I shouldn’t have to buy 300 dollar noise cancelling headphones to be able to enjoy your podcast. The hosts are likeable but I wish they would speak into the mic consistently, speak up and/or get better audio equipment. I should probably give this podcast 2-3 based on the fact that it’s failing at its intended purpose but I like the concept too much.
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Posh buyer/seller
I know nothing about skincare so I appreciate what these two do to put some science and logic to the skincare world. A refreshing, down to earth, hilarious take. Looking forward to hearing more.
Knowledge & Humor
As an esthetician I so, so value these two’s knowledge about the industry and their humor throughout the episodes. I can’t wait to try some of their products!
inaudible and rambling
It could have been an interesting podcast, but the 2 speakers are inaudible: theirs are not radio voices- on top of the recording quality being poor- and their delivery is grating (one of the 2 speakers seems to just emit burst of sounds like a squeaky toy in the background.) Radio voices, these are definitely not. I lost attention after 10 minutes: the topic is lost in an unpleasant listening experience.
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The content is interesting but I just can’t understand what you’re saying. One host in particular mumbles like crazy.
Please stop slurring
Hi! I really want to like the podcast, lots of interesting topics and lots to learn! I especially like the episode about sunscreen. But it was difficult to listen to. It’s not that the speaking is too fast, it’s more about enunciating. Some of the technical words or chemicals sounded slurred, especially from Gloria. Don’t know if it’s the microphone or just simple not enunciating.
Great content bad audio
I always love listening to these two. They’re entertaining and informative. But the audio quality seems to be getting worse as the they go on. In episode 6 (which for some reason is labeled 7 in Apple podcasts) is utterly unlistenable. I hope they can sort this out because it is not on par with the quality of their products and content.
Informative and hilarious!
I’m so happy one of my favorite instagram accounts has finally started a podcast! Gloria and Victoria are my go-to source for solid, science based skincare recommendations. I highly recommend them to anyone who’s ever been curious about the chemistry behind the marketing. If I may offer one piece of feedback- sometimes with the way the sound is engineered, the voices are quite soft and difficult to hear at times. I hope for next season there might be a way to mix the sound a little “stronger.” Thank you both for all that you do! :)
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Great start!
Congratulations! So excited for this new adventure. Looking forward to learning more and to see this podcast progress. Yay science 😊