Chemist Confessions
Chemist Confessions
Chemist Confessions Inc.
With beer in hand, the skincare chemists navigate the smoke and mirrors of the skincare industry.
#14: Let's Screen Those Sunscreens
With a home concoction of vodka and green tea, the chemists, Gloria and Victoria, tackle the confusing world of sunscreen. They discuss how to choose sunscreens for your skin type, talk about all the sunscreen format, troubleshoot texture and white cast issues, and talk about the hangingfly. Let's get your skin prepped for that sunshine!
Jun 22, 2020
55 min
#13: We're Back!...and It's Summer!
With a few beers in hand, the chemists, Gloria and Victoria, finally reunite and jump into summer routines. They discuss how to tweak routines for hotter weather, what self-care moves they recommend, talk about all the skincare news, and give the little peacock spider a little spotlight. We're back guys!
May 26, 2020
55 min
#12: A Chat About Acids over Coffee...Beer!
With coffee-infused beers in hand, the chemists, Gloria and Victoria, go through a review of chemical exfoliating acids: AHAs, BHA, and PHAs! It's a whole alphabet party to help everyone obtain/maintain that smooth, glowing skin. Additionally, they also discuss the latest skincare news, share their acid mishaps, answer some questions, and admire the very grumpy looking harpy eagle.
Feb 25, 2020
52 min
#11: Alcohol and Sunscreen Filters in the Bloodstream
With makeshift cocktails in hand, the chemists, Gloria and Victoria, discuss the latest update from the FDA's sunscreen filter absorption study. All tested chemical filters were found to be over the recommended safety threshold for blood absorption. What does this mean for the US sunscreen industry and what does this mean for us as sunscreen users? Additionally, they also discuss the latest product launches, answer some questions, and give the bagworm moth a little spotlight.
Feb 9, 2020
48 min
#10: Beer O'Clock Resolutions
The skincare chemists, Gloria and Victoria, are ringing in the new year with some guidelines for those setting 2020 skin goals and some skin resolutions of their own. It's back to regularly scheduled programming with the news, confessions, top tips, Q&A, and animal facts. This week, ingredient relationships, personalization, sleeping masks, and... cassowawho?... 2020 is off to a great start!
Jan 21, 2020
1 hr
#9: A Look Back at 2019 (Not Your Normal Episode)
The skincare chemists, Gloria and Victoria, are ending 2019's podcast with some highlights from Chemist Confession's first full year of startup life. They discuss top instagram posts, walk down memory lane, and even share some of the weirder moments. No real skincare tips here, just some laughs and thank you's to everyone that's been part of our journey. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dec 24, 2019
58 min
#8: A Sober Christmas
The skincare chemists, Gloria and Victoria, are back and ready to filter through all the Christmas kits to figure out what's really worthy of being on your Christmas list. This time in sober fashion, the two chemists talk about what kits to consider, what you can save your money on, and what blunder holiday purchases they've made in the past. Clinical samples, hybrid foundations, and... koala bears. Hookayyy...strap in folks!
Dec 10, 2019
47 min
#7: Dry and Sober-ish close! The skincare chemists, Gloria and Victoria, are a little tardy with episode 7 but this time are having a heart to heart about dry skin. With Bar Beer in hand, the two chemists talk about ingredient necessities and do some product troubleshooting in hopes of helping to troubleshoot stubborn dry skin. Oil cleansers, sweet almond oil, and... the grumpy Pallas cat?... Oh joy.
Nov 26, 2019
1 hr 2 min
#6: Wine-ing Over Oily Skin
The skincare chemists, Gloria and Victoria, kick off November with a heart to heart about oily skin. Wine o'clock is filled with oily skin ingredients, acne woes, and product troubleshooting. Denatured alcohol, accutane, and... tape worms...blehhh. (Friends with dry skin don't feel left out, your episode is up next!)
Nov 9, 2019
51 min
#5: The Fundamentals + Chocolates
The skincare chemists, Gloria and Victoria, head into this Halloween episode going back to the basics. Munching on chocolates, they're focused on covering the fundamentals of the skincare routine: cleanse, moisturize, and sunscreen. They're sharing their perspectives for both dry skin and oily skin types. Gel creams, hybrid sunscreens, and quokkas...sho kewt!
Nov 1, 2019
0 sec
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