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Good listen
Good info on topics that often don’t get picked up in regular news
Stop calling it comedy
You’re not comedians. You’re occasionally funny smart people. Comedians sculpt their work over decades. The live shows prove this: they’re not that funny and god knows what they’re actually doing to advance their so called goals.
Bunny Cub
Great stuff
Closest thing that exists right now to genuine counter-culture. Good show. Huge fan
As equally depressing as it is funny
More nudity
Like the show, more nudes please
here for podcast
Part of the same “take economy” they revile
What initially was an exciting voice of dissent has failed to evolve beyond base criticism. I agree with many of their ideas, but they’re short on actionable solutions.
Always Consistent
Only podcast I listen to on a weekly basis. Funny and good analysis.
I love it
Absolutely fantastic podcasts with colorful personality, a biting sense of humor, and a fresh perspective missing from the mainstream left.
Love it
One of my favorite podcasts. The right balance of engaging discussion and humor.
Stunning, jaw-dropping, blockbuster
Profound, insightful, impressive, illuminating, incredible, inane, impossible, indecisive, why is the pod late? And you haven’t responded to my last emails.
Four entitled White dudes
This is just four overly privileged, entitled White dudes claiming to be liberals but actually acting as tools of the radical Right. They could use their incredible platform to educate and motivated and entertain, but instead they just troll America. They teach their fans to be cynical pessimists who won’t vote and are willing throw the election due to their incredible pettiness because Bernie lost the nomination. It’s easy to not give a f#ck about the upcoming election when you’re in the the demographic that holds and is given all the power in this country. Some of us don’t have the luxury of giving up because our HUMAN RIGHTS have already been actively rolled back and repeatedly breached. The era of the White Bro is over and these tone deaf @ssholes need to learn that.
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Hit or Miss
Show is decent. Really lost its step when Virgil left. They are filling that hole with Felix, who can be funny, but overall his commentary falls flat. It’s missing something, and doesn’t seem as sincere or insightful as years past. Hopefully they pick up their stride again. They honestly just seem like over privileged, neo-progressive elitists. Very preachy, with a condescending arrogant nihilism. I still recommend it though.
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Marnical Mcdarnical
Very good
Smart, thoughtful, on the money.
Trans trans trans
Bernie Bros in their natural element
A bunch of Bernie stans har-harring and attempting to out-quip each other. It would be tolerable if not for the forced, humorless banter.
Fun stuff
It’s confusing to me why so much ire is heaped upon these guys. I was told by countless people that Chapo was full of angry misogynistic racist Bernie Bros, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These guys are funny, incredibly thoughtful, and wicked smart.
Best politics podcast
funny, insightful, and a great release for the shared frustration we all feel at the state of the world
Matt Christman is one of the greatest thinkers of our time
Listening to the whole gang make me feel like I’m on the hot couch swaddled in blankets made from Charlie kirk’s gums.
Once hot takes, now bad content
These guys had something special when Bernie was running (writing this in 2020). It really dissolved into nihilism after that. They have no direction anymore, no motive, they’re just antisocial elitists. And, to be frank, it’s off-putting to listen to neckbeards look down their noses at people. It really snowballs and shows how disconnected and self-absorbed they are. The premium content is just them talking about movies that they’ve watched in the last week with A LOT of forced laughter. Was a 7/10 show, now 2/10. What a completely wasted chance to do something good with their platform... shame lol
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5 Dollars
Must edit. When Phoenix went off about the debates I felt that desperate energy. I am right there. Have been for years. The edge of the canyon. I appreciate.
The podcast that shows the Dems true colors
There’s a reason my parents and every other resistance lib on twitter hate the chapo gang with a passion. These folks pull no punches when it comes to politicians, regardless of party affiliation. The libs hate them because they point out inconvenient facts like Biden is a ra(c/p)ist and has done more harm than good. We have every right to be cynical and pessimistic, and if you’re a progressive that’s tired of listening to people that pretend Obama didn’t deport undocumented people or order drone strikes, this podcast is for you.
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David mason.
“God will give me justice”
Americans are living in a prison of the mind. Only technically extant, running on fumes, almost ready to tie this thing off. We are Edmond Dantès after years of solitary confinement in the Château d’IF—haggard, lonely, embittered, having finally jettisoned the naive vision of hope that once deluded us. If we are Dantès, Chapo is Abbé Faria (along with a small collection of other important political voices), bursting through the floor of our cell and telling us “Don’t despair, there’s a way out of here.” You don’t need to agree with everything they say to reap the benefits. The value of the show is stitched into its rejection of the conventional thinking that led us directly into a dank and brutal trap. Take the show too seriously and you’ll rob yourself of desperately needed laughs. Dismiss the show too quickly and you risk ideological calcification. The Chapo team is presenting ideas; how you interpret and apply them is your choice. Let the fragile blossom of your certitude wilt a bit, and we just might make it out of here alive. Then we take our revenge.
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I’m here for the acid marxism
Deeply fascinating interviews and musings of an empire in decay and decline. Laugh along!
Ichabod Crane in LA
Nihilistic Circle Jerk
Heard of the black pill? Here it is in human form. This roundtable of over-educated Brooklyn brocialists takes aim at every cultural and political idea not connected to Socialism, and tears it apart in the snarkiest, most juvenile way possible. Yeah, sure, they make me laugh sometimes, but overall they degrade America's political discourse. Don't take them seriously.
Skeptical Lib
only the sickest vibes
your dad's boyfriend
Not for me
I hated the few episodes I gave a chance
Have some funny black ppl on you know it alls. Shouldn’t you know that as well? Anyway HUGE fan.
HATED by all the right people
Johnny HogTown
Mao did nothing wrong
October is coming
Kronos Employee
Dirtbag left
This is the way we need to go on the left. Unapologetic, and far stronger than weak democrats.
The Dirtbag Left Hates Women and That’s Dangerous for All Lefties
I have read and heard enough to know that these guys and gals, this self styled “Dirtbag Left” cool kids club, loves to befriend the worst sort of involuntary celibates as well as make excuses for working class bigots. Their fans and allies regular dogpile or doxx their most vocal (and female) critics as well as let slip to Proud Boy types where critics they deem “class traitors” live. It is only a matter of time before a “revolutionary Marxist” on their show jokes about murder is the answer, goes on a woman killing spree the next day, and then AG Barr uses that as the excuse to invade, disappear, torture, imprison all Lefties he can. Don’t watch this show. Don’t let people like them into your events or organizations. Block and report until these kids who care so much about being cool grow some humility and fight fascism on the terms of the most marginalized for real, as well as show some genuine remorse for their rotten behavior so far.
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Food for Thought
I don’t agree with them on everything, but they did convince me to convert to Mormonism. One of the best choices I ever made.
Based on how this show is talked about online, you would think this is going to be the hardest-core thing you’ve ever heard that will turn you into an alt-right psychopath or something. It’s actually just a funny show for if you hate politicians and want to laugh at them.
Dan is a Real Human
Brocialist whiteboyz 🤢🤢🤢
You’re not alone
If you find yourself frustrated by both the brain-diseased cruelty of Republicans and the constant spinelessness and left-punching of most Democrats, Chapo helps you feel like you’re not insane for believing better things are possible. I would have never joined the IWW if it weren’t for this podcast.
Neck beards rejoice!
Finally, a podcast for alpha males who grew up on 4chan! Huzzah!
The deep state
The deep state
Can somebody get me on the phone with Amber Traphouse I have a praxis to discuss with her
Confused male
Just listened to the first Amber lee frost episode. She sounds nerdier than later. I really like it. She sounds less dom. Later on she scares me. Does that make me weird? I’m so confused.
They’re actually FIGHTING for something here goddammit!
Still working my way through the “Black Wolves” catalogue, and I have to say as a 25 year-old white male, it’s nothing short of revelatory. I understand it’s not for everyone, and it can often get sweaty in it’s overly bro-ey and bleached white commentary, but most importantly it’s not trying to be what it’s not, because it realizes the stakes. Neolibs giving us lip service and never speaking with anything less than complete contempt for the worker they were supposed to “uplift” has gotten us to the desperate state of affairs we currently find ourselves in, and still they continue to “lecture” us. It’s more than infuriating, it’s alienating, and that’s why reactionary populism is currently wreaking havoc on us all. Podcasts like this one (in conjunction with others to be sure!) bring us back to earth and remind us just what exactly we’re all fighting for here. Hint: it’s not each other. But sound off cancel-culture king, we’ll still be here when you’re done throwing your tantrum. Because THAT’S what it’s all about, it’s about not stalling out. THAT’S what the neolibs want, to convince you to sweat the small stuff while they line their pockets, nothing to see here. You know the program. So tune it out, switch channels, and keep FIGHTING for a more just world. Stay focused. This ‘cast helps with that, ‘cause say what you will, their enemies are always infallibly the right ones, more often then not you just haven’t realized it yet.
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My Personal Favorite Podcast
The hosts are also hilarious, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. They also seem very kind. This show taught me about myself & my own beliefs & it kept me sane during law school & bar prep, as well as the terror of modern life.
Mr. Tsarnaev
Quality podcast that the whole family can enjoy
If you have scene my son Greg Hughes in the Toledo metropotan area tell Greg Please come home son things are different now it has been 4 years please
Virgil’s back!!!
The return of the king!!!!!
Brooklyn frat bros complaining about why they’re ugly af
Started to feel kind of culty
The contempt and ridicule they heap on anyone who doesn't agree with their exact take on things has gotten old- see their "critique" of the "white fragility" author for example ( who seemed to hit too close to home for comfort, or was that episode a parody?) Their bitterness post Bernie's defeat has consumed them.
This podcast is really good at explaining current events. Paired with For Your Misinformation, which typically focuses on chronic systemic issues, what else do you need!
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