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463 Teaser - Mods Will Not Save Us
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Oct 16
5 min
462 - Feelin’ Like Chera feat. Tim Robbins (10/12/20)
Will, Matt and Felix absolutely refuse to go out like Stan Chera. We discuss Trump’s ongoing battle against COVID and a bizarrely chaste sext scandal around candidate for North Carolina senate Cal Cunningham. Then, Will and Matt are joined by actor and director Tim Robbins to talk satire in the age of Trump and his new radio play podcast “Bobbo Supreme”. You can find Tim's new pod here:
Oct 12
1 hr 19 min
461 Teaser - Q v. Mob
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Oct 9
4 min
460 - Masque of the Orange Death (10/5/20)
President Trump got covid lmao
Oct 5
1 hr 5 min
458 - Too Fail To Fail (9/28/20)
We talk Trump’s tax returns and Felix reveals the nature of Chapo corporate structure. We also do some debate preview and discuss Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Not a lot of good news in this one, but join us tomorrow to live stream the 1st presidential debate so we can at least laugh together at two cranky old men calling each other liars for 2 hours. Debate Stream will start Tues. 9/29 a little after 8p.m. e.s.t. on
Sep 28
1 hr 2 min
457 Teaser - Jerry Nadler Has an Accident
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Sep 25
4 min
456 - Beltway Garage: Avengeance Protocol feat. Don Hughes (9/22/20)
We’re back gettin’ hot ‘n greasy in the Beltway Garage, gauging the pressure on SCOTUS appointments, kicking the remarkably stable tires on the presidential race, and selling you a slew of useless upgrades on this year’s contested Senate races. Check out Bad News Hughes' podcast You Can't Win: Follow Bad News Hughes on Twitter
Sep 21
1 hr 9 min
454 - November Rain (9/14/20)
We discuss Biden’s attempt to court the youth vote by assembling the Adventures and fighting the Hungry Games, then read a truly demonic piece on corporate spiritual advisors. Also, of course, Guns N’ Roses 1992 monster power balled hit “November Rain”. Thanks to YouTube user sonnymcs for the joe biden vapor wave track “S C R A N T O N R O O T S”.
Sep 14
1 hr 9 min
BONUS: Will interviews Delaware Senate candidate Jessica Scarane
Will talks to Jess Scarane, who is challenging incumbent Chris Coons for a U.S. Senate seat in Delaware. They discuss Delaware’s unique importance as a state, the limits of “compromise,” building power for progressive policies, and how to lift voters’ expectations for what they can demand from their politicians. Get involved with Jess’ campaign here:
Sep 13
36 min
452 - Sucker-Bait feat. Derek Davison & Daniel Bessner (9/7/20)
We’re joined by Foreign Exchanges’ Derek Davison and Daniel Bessner to discuss Trump’s troop-disrespecting, Austrian domination of the Balkans, who the REAL losers and suckers are, and the roll of the military in America’s declining empire. Please subscribe to Foreign Exchanges on substack:
Sep 7
1 hr 24 min
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