Camp Monsters
Camp Monsters
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These are the stories of impossible encounters with impossible creatures in the wildest corners of North America. We’ll travel the country, sit around campfires and talk about that thing that ran across the trail in the middle of the night, just beyond the beam of your flashlight. Come closer to the fire. Let’s hear the next legend.
There are so many good places to hide in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Is someone (or something) watching you from behind the trees and shadows? Meet this week’s monster: the Hidebehind.
Oct 21
32 min
This episode of Camp Monsters is about something decidedly inhuman. Something that dwells in the furthest reaches of New York’s last wilderness. No, not upstate ... Underground.
Oct 14
28 min
The Letiche
In Louisiana there are tales of a nightmare that lives under the water. A nightmare called the Letiche.
Oct 7
30 min
Shunka Warakin
In this episode we’re going into the darkness of the Montana wilderness. Where people swear they’ve seen something, heard something large and threatening … The Shunka Warakin.
Sep 30
30 min
Mogollon Monster
People call it the Mogollon monster — a Bigfoot of sorts, known to haunt the Arizona desert. It's a creature that arrives at night ... a shadow that reaches out to grab you when your back is turned.
Sep 23
27 min
Creature at Owl Creek
This monster is rumored to haunt an abandoned train track in the Kentucky wilderness.
Sep 16
33 min
The Dark Watcher
Are you being watched? Are you sure? This episode will take you to a lonely stretch of the California coast where that feeling of being watched becomes too strong to ignore.
Sep 9
34 min
Season 2: New Monsters Starting September 9th
Are you ready to meet some new monsters? Our second season launches Wednesday, September 9th.
Aug 27
1 min
Mini Monster: Chupacabra
This nocturnal monster is known to pick off livestock in a very vampiric way.
Aug 5
19 min
Mini Monster: Basilisk
This month we are traveling to Europe to tell the story of a monster that has haunted that continent for centuries.
Jul 8
22 min
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