Camp Monsters
Camp Monsters
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These are the stories of impossible encounters with impossible creatures in the wildest corners of North America. We’ll travel the country, sit around campfires and talk about that thing that ran across the trail in the middle of the night, just beyond the beam of your flashlight. Come closer to the fire. Let’s hear the next legend.
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Great storytelling by a great storyteller!
I really, really enjoy every single episode of this podcast and Weston (sp?) does such a very wonderful job telling the stories. How about the Wendigo!? :) Dave
So spooky! My absolute favorite podcast
I can’t say enough about this pod. The writer and narrator, Weston Davis, is amazing. He paints amazing stories with his deep, soothing voice and still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat (or leaping out of it) with suspense. Season 1 was absolutely outstanding, filled with monsters and frights galore. The newest addition, the mini-monster episodes, are equally wonderful. I hope REI continues to produce this for many more seasons!
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Scrivener of Myth
Best ever
Omg I love this podcast soooo much I listen to it on podcasts I listen to it on iHeartRadio family I listen to it offline, I love scary stuff!!!! ( and this podcast!) please make more because I love and share these stories with my family!😍😍😍😍 I love it so much not a single complaint!!! 😍😍😍😍😻😻😻😻
Creepy cryptozoology
Camp monsters is awesome.i LOVE getting scared while listening. Even during the daytime!!!I remember listening at night to the Jersey devil. Whooo!(I like this podcast so much that I don’t really listen to other podcasts!)BEST PODCAST
Camp monsters
Waking up early this Sunday morning I poured a cup of coffee crawling back into bed to secure myself under my comforter while the cool air of October softly crept thru my open window.l just discovered the podcast CAMP MONSTERS. Iam making this my go to podcast for sunday mornings.thanks, guys !
Camp Monsters is a great podcast. I listen to this with my son and we both love it. It is amazing, in a creepy, suspenseful way!.👍👍👍
Great podcast
This is literally the only podcast we can turn on without someone complaining. Love that’s it’s spooky without being gross, crude or violent.
Love this podcast!
I’ve always loved cryptids and spooky stories so this podcast is a real delight! I adored the first season and was so happy to hear of season 2. I like how these stories aren’t too scary or disturbing; I find them to be a lot of fun. I think my favorite aspect is how the environment is used to enhance each tale. The strong sense of place really puts you in the setting for each encounter. My family has actually listened to these while camping around the fire and I recommend that as well for a fun spooky before-bed camping activity!
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So scary!!!!!!!!!!! So good.
Perfect for Halloween!
This is fantastic! I loved the one about the mole men. I swear my heart was beating right out of my chest! Best listened to in a dark room... alone... but maybe not as alone as I think...
Love it
Everything I wanted I got.
The Best Tractor Man
One thing I would change
I absolutely love this podcast I listen to it all the time I just wish they made more episodes more often
ryan springshard
Writing is spectacular
I’ve listened to the Camp Monsters podcast since it’s beginning, and I have to say that especially in season two, the writing is absolutely chilling. Stunning imagery that puts the listener in the thick of the setting — particularly during the intro, but littered throughout as well. Bravo.
It was so so so scary I meant the dark watcher and I think it is going to give me nightmares
The tiger🐯
Best episode by far! Best podcast on the app right now.
Yid Suarez
Did they change the writers?
I loved Season 1 it was so fun and informative! Season really hard to follow, I don't feel like I'm learning anything about cryptids anymore. Also I feel like it took a dark twist.
Furious Thumbs
Holy carp this is horrific good
This will give me nightmares this is great for the ghostly season
you guys made it sound so real the the first night i listens to it i couldn't sleep. can't wait for more. Also I think putting the sponsors in the beginning of the podcast is a good move so people can prepare. LOVE THIS PODCAST, KEEP THEM COMING.
I've consistently listened to this podcast since its beginning and have loved it all along. Not a whole lot tends to scare me, but listening to the episide "Mole" just now, which creates a fantastic immersive experience, honestly gave me some hard-core chills. Well-done to all of you on the podcast team, and keep it up!
All Of Them
I LOVE these! I’m so glad I found them. Our narrator has the PERFECT storytelling voice. I listen under my covers and I get tingles up my spine!!!
Fantastic Spooks
This podcast is 30 minutes of oral storytelling perfection. I love folklore, and Camp Monsters hits the spot.
Camping with Monsters
I stumbled upon this podcast last year. I thought it peculiar for REI to branch out into a storytelling podcast about cryptids, but I was all in after the first episode. I binged the first three and saved the last portion for a fall backpacking trip I took last October. I just returned from a weekend trip to Allegheny, and for the second year in a row, Camp Monsters fit the bill for spooky late night back-country stories in the run up to All Hallows’ Eve. Weston Davis is a fantastic wordsmith and storyteller. The team behind the campfire and background sound effects makes these stories feel really immersive. I can’t recommend this series enough to friends and camping enthusiasts.
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These can give me nightmares...😐
Okay, I have written many reviews, BUT HOW CAN I NOT, THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST EVER...(very true, don’t say otherwise, pls?) I also like how you mentioned Ohio!!!! (I live in it!) but there’s a downside to it,... I’m never going to the swampy area of Ohio. EVER. Pls mention the moth man!!! I bet that is terrifying. I wanted to use the voice thing, but I’m not, I’m listening to the podcast right now!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁 again, NEVER STOP. oh wait, I’ve never said that, but still, KEEP IT UP!
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mich time
camp monsters
Best scary stories I've heard on a podcast!
Delightfully Spooky & Atmospheric
I just stumbled upon this podcast, & immediately binged everything that they have so far. The writing is great, the narrator is superb, and the sound effects/music a perfect background. Together, they create a delightfully spooky, chilling atmosphere to these wonderfully creepy tales. I love that each Monster, each episode, is a specific story, not just a history or overview or opinion. I have definitely not been able to go to sleep for a while after listening to some of these. If you like spooky stories, cryptids, or that feeling you get as you leave a campfire to head to your bed, shivering as you enter the darkness, this podcast is for you!
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Great stories, wonderfully told!
The writing and delivery of these spooky stories is great! Weston has a perfect voice and style for these creepy tales! highly recommended!
Great stories!
Great story telling, fun spooky stories! They will make you want to go camping ASAP! Or perhaps not...
ily ty
this is actually the best storytelling podcast ever
digksks coals
Fun, scary, and surprisingly Relaxing
Well-crafted stories. Solid production. I even bought a YETI cooler because of it.
Awesome...simply awesome.
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these podcasts. Having been visited by something unexplained in a mountainous and forested area many years years ago, many of these stories strike a chord with me that immediately takes me back there and sends cold chills up and down my spine. The best thing, I think, is being reminded that despite our “technological advancement” and supposed mastery of our environment and superiority as a species, there just may be (ARE) others out there that continue to exist and tickle the ancient parts of our brains that still know fear of the unknown.
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Melodious sound of Weston Davis’ voice
First, the stories are fascinating and incredibly well-written. I can really visualize the story in my mind. Second, the melodious sound of Weston Davis’ voice and the crackling of the fire is like ASMR for me. The sound is like maple syrup, flannel shirts, and seat warmers.
The. Best.
The single best storytelling podcast there is. No contest.
Camp Monsters is Epic
This podcast is told beautifully, with great detail and spine chilling suspense. Great way to stay awake early in the morning
Help. This show is very enjoyable, but when I listen, I get nightmares. I want to keep listening, but when I do, I end up not getting enough sleep. 😂😥laughing and crying at the same time. (Ok that’s an exaggeration) Ps I’m only twelve.
Love this😁
So satisfying
Legit my fave podcast. The atmospheric soundtrack is so immersive and the narrator is fantastic!
Fantastic & Ominous
This podcast is one of my favorites, especially around the spooky season. Each episode is beautiful and ominous, with amazing narration and sound design. If you’re interested in cryptids, creatures and legends this is the perfect podcast, or if you’re going camping and just want a little pre campfire spook as you drive!
I LOVE this podcast!! I’ve been binging listening all day today., I’m almost done with season one!! He has the best story telling voice, and he makes you truly feel like your there sitting around the camp fire!! Keep these stories coming!
New fave
I just discovered this podcast a few days ago, and it’s great to listen to especially in fall, when I’m in the mood for kinda creepy storytelling. The narrator has a nice voice and good delivery, and the stories are a fun glimpse into American legends.
One of my favorites
I love the sorts of stories told on Camp Monsters. I also love the way it’s told- like you’re sitting around a campfire, or tucked away in a cabin, your friend telling a story trying their best to frighten you. Some of these stories are ones I’ve heard but many are new to me, too. Look forward to hearing more!!
aley burd
My Favorite Podcast
A buddy of mine showed me Camp Monsters last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. Great for some late night running or just sitting around the fire. Narrator has a great voice and I love how he makes it seem like you’re right there with him
Tom Hart NE
A wonderful listen!
This is such a well done pod! The narrator tells such a great story with perfect pacing. Just enough background ambiance and music to be engaging without distracting. I can’t wait for more episodes! I just love how they tell the stories of the Cryptids.
Great podcast, we can’t wait for new ones to come out! Very good for camping and sitting around the campfire.
Super spooky!
This podcast is so well done I felt like I was there, curled up around the campfire listening to one of the most chilling stories. I’m definitely going to have to leave the light on tonight! And the host’s voice-just perfect.
Miss Holland rm 201
Camping at home!
We couldn’t go camping this weekend, so we set up a candle “fire”, turned out the lights, and listened to an episode of Camp Monsters at home. Perfect length and just the right amount of spooky for my kids. Love it!!
I I love listening to the podcast it is very interesting and fun to listen to please keep making them.
quo ah am Cm
Incredible storytelling and atmosphere! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the second season since I’ve binged the first quite a few times. Perfect bite-sized tales of mysterious creatures and human paranoia blend to make this fireside podcast a spooky delight 🎃
Frightening and Fun!
Imaginative stories and great delivery. Weston’s voice and pacing create just the right amount of shivers, and the vague uncertainty- are these stories real? Love this podcast!
Most excellent stories. Glad the new episodes are here! Spooky
Story Time ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is one of the best podcasts out there. Each episode is so fun, spooky and oddly cozy. Weston Davis is the perfect narrator and host, hands down 🙌🏼 Excited for Season 2!!
Youssef & Katie
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