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Awesome Podcast!!!
The host of the Cafe Binge podcast, highlights all aspects of fashion, beauty and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
The ONLY Podcast I Listen To
I’m not a big podcast girl but man, cafe binge is so worth the time. It’s uplifting and informative, she isn’t self absolved, you can really tell she cares about helping women. Just watch.. Cafe Binge is going to be talked about in all the major magazines soon. It’s that good.
Love this podcast
Amy brings so much love, beauty, and depth into all of her work. This podcast and her Glow Binge course have launched me into so much deep inner work and has impacted my life so much
Divine timing
I started listening to Amy’a podcast because I saw she had Carla Oates (The Beauty Chef) as a guest. Everything Amy talks about is in line with what I’ve been intuitively feeling! I had to go back and listen to all the episodes because she had so many amazing guests and her solo episodes resonated so much with me. This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts now!
Innovative & inspiring
I love how real Amy is and how she’s so willing to share her knowledge and experience with holistic health. Her episode about revealing her shadows made me feel really understood and I thought it was so dope that she opened up like that! Definitely one of my favorite podcasts and highly recommend❤️
This girl knows her stuff!
Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
This podcast has cracked me open like an egg finding deeper parts of myself and changing the way i think about certain things. Truly a gift and as an esthetician who is rewriting all the stories learned in esthetician school you are very inspiring and i know that i am meant for the holistic work and not the busy office focused on tearing down and attacking the skin
Love this podcast!
I was searching for a good podcast and I found an excellent one! 😊 I’m binging it all because it’s just so good.
Listening at work keeps me in a great mood!
I am so picky about the podcasts I listen to. I love the way Amy shares her ideas and speaks, and how she interviews her guests. There are so many beautiful truths that come out of this podcast, even if you don’t believe in some of the same things Amy does. It’s taught me to just remain open and seek out things that are high vibe. Thank you for your work Amy, I’ve gone through similar things as you and it’s not always easy to share things that may challenge the thinking of friends, family, your culture.
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Cecily Jorgensen
Favorite podcast
I LOVE this podcast. Everything Amy talks about is so interesting and I can’t get enough!!
I heart Amy
Literally in LOVE with Amy. This podcast has lead me to learn so many wonderful things about myself. I live in Utah too and was born in a religious home. I can relate to the other type of spirituality Amy discusses from time to time. OBSESSED is an understatement.
Spirit animal
Love “binging” this podcast. She is beautiful inside and out. Love her beauty tips, horoscope knowledge, and overall life advice and opinions. She is a dear.
Spence's #1 fan
Binge Worthy 100%
I just found Cafe Binge 5 days ago- I have listened to every episode available and absolutely love it. I believe podcasts can change peoples lives if they are open to receive the messages. Cafe Binge is what I put on first thing in the morning, on my drive to work, on my breaks, on my way home and what I listen to right before bed. Trust me when I say there is something to learn and gain from each episode if you open your heart and mind to listen! I 100% suggest this podcast.
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Madeline Angelica
Spiritual Queen
I love Amy + her words. She speaks wisdom for well being. Each episode either brings a new topic for me to learn about or it expands my knowledge. I love how she expresses herself & it always leaves me wanting more.
Fearlessly free
Stumbled across this podcast when learning about HD and was completely taken back by what I heard. She spoke straight to my soul. She opened a door I have been askkkkkking for. Forever grateful for fearless souls willing to share to help the greater good.
fearlessly free
My favorite podcast !!!
Amy’s approach to all things wellness, self love, religion, spirituality are real + raw! Her attitude and outlook on life is pure! Such an uplifting inspiring podcast I look forward to listening to on the daily!
Great content!
Great content wonderful audio and love the fresh approach to wellness.
Yiskah Anderson
I could listen to this babe all day.
Love all the content Amy puts out!! I could listen to her all day long. Such inspiring but relatable conversations.
Extremely helpful!
I love some of the topics discussed. I think your so real and I love it. Most podcasts are very uplifting and extremely helpful😊
Not insightful, poor questioning
I’m not impressed with her questions. She’s constantly saying “ok” or “I love that.” It sounds like a one sided conversation instead of an interview. 👎🏻
Such a binge-worthy podcast!
Amy has such good insight! All of her tips and tricks are amazing. I have tried so many new things becuase Amy recommended them! She has such great insights and her guest have been amazing too! My favorite episode is the sex talk. Love how open it is! <3
I love this podcast! It always makes my day. If you want to laugh, learn tips for your overall wellness, and put a smile on your face, give this one a listen! ❤️
Binge-worthy 💕
Loving this podcast so far ! Amy is fun to listen to. I’ve already learned so much about my skincare and can’t wait to hear her take on more topics ! Side note, i love how the sound is good quality 👍🏼
Absolutely love this podcast ❤️
Thanks for providing fun content! I’m an esthetician and it’s hilarious and informative for people who don’t know about skincare!
theeeee best
All things beauty, body, fashion and good for your soul wrapped up in rich little slices of podcast heaven delivered by the absolute kindest, most down to earth soul. Amy is the real deal, with all her knowledge, experience, undeniable charm and humor every minute is a dream come true ✨
Great content -so fun!
I love Val’s podcast and how much good content is in that episode!!
Air Nate
Real Things
Your podcast is fantastic. Thank you for sharing all your tips, lifestyle notes, and things that matter. Helpful in my everyday life! Keep going :)
My new favorite podcast!
I absolutely love listening to this podcast! She really knows what she is talking about!
Can’t wait for more!
All the skincare and general beauty tips that your Mom forgot to mention. Love this podcast and am starting to look forward to new episodes!
Cafe Binge is simply magic. Xo Marissa Sue
Pro beauty podcast I’ve been waiting for!
A Pleasurable BINGE!!
Wow!!! Episode 2 blew my mind! ‘Should’ has literally been a major stumbling block for me growing and in how I interact with family, customers, and just about everything else where I hit resistance. This episode was the absolute epitome of a 1.21 GIGAWATT flashlight beaming into those areas of my life where I know I’m feeling resistance. Thanks for the awesome content! Can’t wait for more!!!
You NEED this podcast in your life
I think the best thing about this podcast is that I didn't know I needed until I started listening to it. The insights blend practical tips with a focus on inner beauty in ways that increase alignment and a sense of overall well-being and contentment. I feel fortunate to have found this right when I needed it!
Real, exciting, and informative!
Folks, this gal is PACKED with wisdom, inner beauty, and positive energy! If you’re looking for a fluffy, boring podcast, you definitely will NOT find that here. Amy knows her stuff, is very insightful without being overbearing, and is so down-to-earth. I’ve learned a plethora of awesome beauty and health tips that I really need to implement in my life ASAP—after listening to just three episodes! I’m still hungry and ready to binge on more goodness! You bet that I’ll be listening for more!!
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The best!!
I’ve followed her on Instagram forever and loved all of her insights and knowledge so it was no surprise that her podcast is just as amazing!! You won’t want to miss this one!!
Cafe Binge is everything!
Wow wow wow. First episode I was hooked!! I love hearing new tips and tricks for life and beauty. I can’t wait to add new things to my daily routine. Thank you Amy for always keeping it 💯!
Alignment before action
I’m so incredibly excited about the release of this podcast! I’ve learned through experience that heeding Amy’s shared wisdom is a sure bet towards moving me closer to increased health, well-being and joy. Amy seems to perfectly balance complete self love, acceptance, and authenticity with a quest for personal growth, and her thirst for knowledge, openness to new information, passion for life, sense of humor, and capacity to savor the moment is contagious. Amy consistently helps me tap into alignment, love, and excitement about life, which helps me more fully enjoy all things binge worthy. Keep these episodes coming!
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Found Amy on Instagram a while back & this podcast is everything!!! She is incredibly insightful, truthful, honest, motivating & most definitely binge-worthy. Can’t wait for more!
Rae Lemons
Love love love Cafebinge. Smart, real, funny, and a total luminary idol
The #1 beauty podcast!!!
If you want to look and feel better inside and out- take this podcast as BIBLE!!! Amy is so full of knowledge and I’m so glad to have more education and advice accessible!
Spiritual Guru in the Form of a Beauty Expert
I like listening to people who embody joy and invite you to all the routes they’ve found to get there. Cafe Binge is fun and lighthearted and filled with nuggets of deep truths. Such a great listen.
Get Ready for Your Mind to be Blown... 🤯❤️🔥
Cafe Binge by Amy is the best content I have ever consumed! Amy is a genius with impeccable taste! Everything she recommends is pure gold. She has never let me down yet. Every tip, product, book, or routine she has recommended has literally changed my life in so many positive ways! I will be a fan of hers for life! I like to think of her as my pathfinder helping me navigate this awesome life! I highly recommend her podcast to anyone who wants to upgrade their life! 👏👏👏👏 Thanks so much Amy! I recommend your content to everyone! You are the absolute best!! 🙏❤️🙏❤️
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Karyn Maridee
The queen herself
Love love LOVE Amy and podcasting is the PERFECT fit for her!
Cafe Binge is so Binge worthy!
By now I have no doubt you’re thinking exactly what I’m thinking...I’m so glad I found this podcast! Cafe Binge is dropping so much knowledge on things I never realized I wanted to know about! Amy is so insightful and so welcoming on each episode, I only wish I could listen to a new episode every day. I love this podcast!
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