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Renegade Beauty & the Great Sunshine Myth with Nadine Artemis
On episode no. 37 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I have Nadine Artemis on the show talking all about beauty and the art of natural radiance. Nadine's message is to do less and allow the elements of nature, the great Life Force that fuels us all, to restore our natural glowing essence. Nadine's connection to the wellspring of Mama Earth's medicine is awe-inspiring. She teaches us that beauty is not separate from us and not something we have to achieve.  We also talk about some beauty myths... like sun exposure & conversely, the healing benefits of Heliotherapy. Nadine is the creator of Living Libations--which is a line of serums, elixirs, and essential oils that nurture beauty, enhance the immune, and promote healthy good oral care. All Libations' botanicals are authentic and pure and distilled only from the named plant matter. Nadine is a beauty philosopher, aromacologist, and botanical muse, shaping plant-intelligence into palpable consecrations to blush senses and muse imaginations. She is also is the author of Renegade Beauty and Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums.    Show Notes: Purchase "Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Nature Radiance" here Living Libations Favorites: Best Skin Ever- Seabuckthorn  Dew Dab Happy Gum Drops Rose Glow Serum      Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2020 Cafe Binge
Nov 29, 2020
1 hr 16 min
Our Scary Truths (A Group $$$ Chat)
On episode no. 36 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I have eight (POWERFUL) women on the show--all, members of Abundance Binge, talking with me about their $$$ stories, how scarcity looked in their lives and what they've learned from Abundance Binge. This casual conversation was so empowering for me to listen to, because even though our stories may seem different, they're so unbelievably similar. We all experience a scarcity model in our lives. We all feel unworthy, alone and separate. We all desire more abundance in our lives, whether that's $$$, or an abundance of time, friendships, love, joy, experiences, etc. This conversation showed me that I am She and She is Me. Thank you to these beautiful women of Abundance Binge. For sharing your stories and for showing up for yourselves, for taking the leap into Abundance. Your stories empower me. Your light shines bright. And we all are truly walking each other home. Thank you, soul sisters.    The link to purchase Abundance Binge is HERE, and the link to the payment plan is HERE.   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
Oct 21, 2020
1 hr 34 min
The Old Soul's Guide & Psychic, Ainslie MacLeod, on Healing Your Past Lives + Finding Your Soul's Path
On episode no. 35 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I have Ainslie Mcleod on the show, talking all about past life truama + healing it, soul level ages, and our unique soul types. Ainslie MacLeod is an internationally acclaimed past-life psychic, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author of The Instruction, The Transformation, and most recently, The Old Soul’s Guidebook. Ainslie specializes in exploring past lives to reveal your life’s purpose, and has been a featured guest on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations Series.    I was first introduced to Ainslie on Oprah's SuperSoul podcast and felt instantly connected to him + drawn to his message. If you've ever felt out of place in this world, longing for "home" and like an old soul, this podcast is for you. If you feel more drawn to spirituality than you are to religion, this podcast is for you. If you're longing to know why you're here, what your soul came here to do + want to feel unblocked in finding your soul's path, this podcast is for you. If you're spiritually curious, this podcast is for you.   Find Ainslie MacLeod: Website Instagram Soul World Community (membership)  Schedule a Session Take the Unique Soul Type Quiz   Find Ainslie's Books: The Instruction The Transformation The Old Soul's Guidebook     Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
Jul 21, 2020
1 hr 51 min
Abundance Binge $$$
On episode no. 34 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I'm introducing the newest course in the Cafe Binge family: Abundance Binge. YAY!!!!!  I'm sharing why I've been absent in podcasting, why I've been more silent on social media--and what 2020 has taught me. I'm also sharing more about my newest course, Abundance Binge, why I held off launching it & how NOW is the right time to share it with you. Abundance Binge is four-week-long course, which aides in healing your scarcity mindset and stepping into quantum abundance. And its MAJOR. This course opens enrollment Wednesday, July 8th at 4:44PM MT.   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
Jul 6, 2020
29 min
Q&A: Plant Based Eating, Why I Juice Daily, Acne Tips + Shiny Hair Secrets...
On episode no. 33 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I'm grabbing random questions from my Instagram polls and answering them! You guys asked questions like: do I count calories, changes in my body from going plant based, am I vegan, how to achieve shiny hair, was it scary to start a podcast, what to do if you received a "ping" from the universe, but feel too scared, acne tips (for the girl who has tried it all!) + MUCH more.  Today's episode was unplanned, off the cuff and so much fun. Felt like I was chatting with girlfriends for an hour. I also talked about the message I've been receiving OVER and over and over lately, "wait," and what that has meant in my life.  xoxo!    Show Notes: The Slow Down Diet by Marc David  Super Hair by Moon Juice Super Beauty by Moon Juice Olaplex No. 3  Unite U Argan Oil Loose Nettle Leaf (for tea)   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
May 5, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Finding Your Life Direction, Astrogeography and North Nodes with Dara Dubinet
On episode no. 32 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I have Dara Dubinet, life direction and Astrogeography specialist, on the show. Dara is one the most glowy, bright and high vibe people I've ever encountered--and it was, truly, such a delight to record this episode with her! Join us as Dara offers a live "session" to me, where she taps in intuitively to my life path, North node and my Astrogeography.  Dara uses astrology and intuition to offer people practical tools in discovering their life's direction. She opened my eyes to the importance of knowing and living in alignment with your North Node, and being aware of the triggers that come with your South Node, on your natal chart. The North Node is truly key in knowing why your soul is here and what it came here to do.  Dara also teaches me about Astrogeography, the astrology of places and locations. Just as we have a natal chart, we have our own unique map of the world, showing us the exact crossing lines and parallels of the world when you were born. This means, different places on Earth, will hold different energy for each of us. Have you ever been drawn to a particular place, for no reason other than it speaks to your soul? Have you ever been "turned off" from being in a location, for no other reason than it didn't vibe with you? Have you ever wondered where in the world you would most thrive? Find love? Find abundance? Astrogeography holds so many answers to these questions.  Dara is such a highly intuitive soul. Intuition fuels her life, and it's such an contagious energy to be around. She brings energy + intuition into all she does: including her raw food + tonics, her homes (as she teaches feng shui), and in how she teaches about astrology.  Find Dara on: Instagram  Youtube  Website  Find Dara's "life tools" for North Node + Astrogeography HERE.   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
Apr 21, 2020
1 hr 34 min
Skin Confident with Celeste Thomas (The True Spoon)
In episode no. 31 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I have the glowiest, MOST radiant Celeste Thomas on the show. Celeste is a medically trained Registered Nurse (RN, BSN,) and has married her scientific training with that of holistic medicine. She is the guru of glowing skin, of gut health, and a holistic skincare expert. She's the O.G. glowy skin girl, guys. No highlighter needed.  On today's episode, Celeste shares how/when she started this journey, what the catalyst was, and how she healed her acne-ridden skin by getting the "inside right." Her message is that skincare + radiance comes from deep within, and that our gut health is key in achieving the results we seek. We talk about food that disrupts our gut health, and foods that help. We also talk about what to look for on food labels AND what Celeste's favorite "clean beauty" products are. (hint: her recommendations are always SPOT ON.)  Celeste is empowering and inspiring women everywhere to take the reins on their health. She shares delicious "eat to glow" recipes, her favorite green beauty products and also provides so manic valuable education through her blog, Youtube + instagram account.   Find Celeste on: Instagram @celestethomas On her Youtube  And her website (where so many amazing recipes and information is shared) The link to my favorite (eat to glow) probiotic coconut yogurt HERE.  The link to the Skin Confident online course HERE.  The link to her amazing Fermentation Ebook HERE.   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
Mar 31, 2020
49 min
Standing Your Ground + Holding Peace Throughout a COVID-19 Pandemic
On episode no. 30 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I'm rolling out a solo episode! In this episode I am sharing some ideas for holding peace + standing our "ground," in a worldwide viral pandemic--while also holding space for fear of the unknown. This is a very strange time to live on Earth, and a time full of "evidence" that would cause us to hold fear and stress. But how do we continue to hold space for faith and truth, even now? How do we release the heavy energy? That is what this episode's all about.  This was a very unplanned and very off-the-cuff episode, but one that I felt intuitively called to share. I also talk about intuitively delaying the launch of my most recent abundance course--and when I plan to launch + how I'll strive to serve you all throughout this time   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
Mar 20, 2020
49 min
A Healthy Gut + Glowing Skin, with The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates
On episode no. 29 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I have Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef and pioneer of the inner beauty industry, on the show. As the O.G. of the inner beauty industry beginning in October 2009, The Beauty Chef was built on the philosophy that ‘beauty begins in the belly. Carla believes that health and beauty are inextricably linked and that, when we are healthy on the inside, your skin radiates a natural glow that no amount of cosmetics can replicate. The first step to healthy, radiant skin is balancing your digestive health. On today's episode, Carls shares her skincare journey: her struggles with eczema, her holistic approach, and how she healed her skin + achieved a true glow when she took an inside-out approach to beauty. She educates us on gut health, why our modern lifestyles are destroying our gut's microfilm + explains what bio-fermented foods are. Carla also shares The Beauty Chef's approach to probiotics, and how a broad spectrum probiotic is the key to a healthy gut flora. The Beauty Chef products are:  BIO-FERMENTED More than 20 years of research has gone into the development of their unique and natural bio-fermentation process Flora Culture which supercharges our ingredients and creates a natural, broad-spectrum probiotic.                                                                         MICROBIOLOGIST APPROVED Working with leading microbiologists, their research into the gut microbiome, skin health and wellbeing is cutting-edge.    GUT FRIENDLY Their food-based prebiotics and probiotics help balance the gut and feed the skin from within.                         ORGANIC & NATURAL                  They use only the cleanest, most pure ingredients from Certified Organic or Biodynamic wholefood sources.    I am so excited for you to hear Carla Oates story + learn all about The Beauty Chef! Connect with The Beauty Chef on their instagram.    Shop my favorite Beauty Chef products: Glow Inner Beauty Powder Collagen (vegan) Inner Beauty Boost   Antioxidant Inner Beaty Boost  Hydration Inner Beauty Boost  Gut Primer-Inner Beauty Support  Sleep Inner Beauty Powder  Probiotic Skin Refiner    Shop The Beauty Chef's BRAND NEW vegan "Omega Elixir Inner Beauty Boost"    Shop Carla's books: The Beauty Chef: Delicious Food for Radiant Skin, Gut Health and Wellbeing  The Beauty Chef Gut Guide Feeding Your Skin   Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
Mar 17, 2020
55 min
The Energy of Abundance $$$ + A (very, very) Exciting Announcement!
On episode no. 28 of the Cafe Binge Podcast, I'm talking all about abundance. Prosperity. Moolah. Wealth. The green stuff... But mostly about the freedom that comes from true and lasting abundance. I discuss the energy of both abundance, and it's vice, scarcity. I share a bit about my money story, AND I share an exciting announcement. A really exciting announcement. A $$$ announcement. That will help each of you who are ready to up-level your abundance story. Eeeek! Follow Cafe Binge on Instagram @ cafebinge All original content is copyright 2019 Cafe Binge
Mar 12, 2020
1 hr 13 min
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