Busted Open
Busted Open
Join Dave LaGreca and his rotating co-host chair that features two WWE Hall of Famers in Bully Ray and Mark Henry and ECW Original Tommy Dreamer for the best pro wrestling talk on radio. From the WWE to Ring of Honor to New Japan Pro Wrestling and the independent scene, Busted Open covers pro-wrestling like no one else in the world! Listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eastern on SiriusXM Fight Nation channel 156 or On Demand anytime on the SiriusXM app.
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Best Podcast out there.
Informative, fun, and great show for the drive to and from work.
Best wresting podcast
Thank you for being consistent with your episodes and putting out new content almost every day, no other wrestling podcast does that and I love hearing everyone's unbiased opinions each week. The only bad reviews on here are those who are biased towards one certain company. I been listening for the past 3 years, awesome show!
Rob or Bob
I need you guys’ thoughts on RBG like I need Hulk Hogan breaking down all Daniel Bryan’s matches. You have no idea what you’re talking about.
Criticism can be too much
I love listening to the interview segments but find it hard to get through the recap episodes. While I can sometimes appreciate their “insider” perspective, at times the negativity that they spew makes it a hard listen. There’s too much “arm chair quarterbacking” that at the end of the day makes it seems like I’m reading a pro wrestling fan’s thoughts on Twitter.
Not the best
I can’t stand Dave voice plus his a kiss ass
Bully hasn’t watch any of Avenger movies
Bully has no rights to criticize Dave on Star Wars or LOTR no more because bully watched none of Avenger’s movies. Unbelievable ....smh
Wwe thunderdom and rebabution
Hi bully how are you I have a question for you, my name is Matt g and want to ask you would you ever resign with the wwe, and for today’s episode rebDabution faction is nxt superstars because they want revenge against triple h to be brought up to the main roster, one of rebdabution divas is Vanessa born
Bully Ray is honest
I’m a huge AEW fan and I think Bully Ray is the missing ingredient they need behind the scenes. He’s not biased to any wrestling organization unlike a lot of other wrestling podcasts and he always has some interesting insights whether you agree with it or not. Very constructive criticism and he always explains why he feels the way he does.
The Greek Sheik
If Busted Open were a Prison...
Lagreca would be walking around holding on to Bully’s out-turned pocket. “You’re a hundred percent right, Bully!” What a punk.
Jeff D. Loomis
The holy mighty Luis
I love pro wrestling & hearings busted opens just bring wrestling more exciting to me I get to hear opinions of three legends Bully Ray , Mark Henry & Tommy Dreamer. I learn & get great reviews from them I enjoy that and I appreciate them may god bless them. Of course Dave can forget about you. Thank you for hiring them you weasel 👍🏻
Luis Estrada !
Dave has always been the heart and soul, but kisses Bully’s ass too much. Bully is obnoxious to listen to sniff his own farts. Tommy is very fun, Mark is good. Hard to listen to the podcast version these days. Shame...
Insightful but tedious
Love hearing the Co-Host’s takes on the modern wrestling scene. End of pros... Any top 10 list is a waste of time. The fake rivalries and beefs that seem to occur on every episode are an insult to the listeners intelligence and will make you cringe with embarrassment. The show is absolutely humorless even though the hosts make attempts to be funny. Dave Lagreca seems to have a annoying problem of running short of breath at the end of sentences. The best way to listen to the show is as background noise when the listener is engaged in yard work or at the office where you can easily tune in and out.
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False advertising
Says they’ll review both shows and they don’t.
I use to be a fan...
The wwe bias had become to overwhelming to this point. They preview every wwe event, and rarely cover anything else. NJPW coverage is non existent. Impact, Mlw, Roh are rarely ever covered. Aew use to be covered more, but they’re now being phased out. Dave lagreca is slowly turning into San Roberts.
Stand up Straight !!!
10 to Noon 10 - Noon!!! Stand up straight open your ears and listen learn something when those wisdom is being spoken!!!
Less tommy
I’ll give 5 stars for the others like Bully, Mark, Dave and J Hood (long live the Score670). It Tommy Dreamer is horrible. You can have a drinking game with with as often he puts himself over.
This is by far my favorite podcast of them all! I can’t listen on Sirius do this podcast is huge for me! Dave has great passion, Bully is a wrestling genius, Mark is a class act with a huge heart, sense of humor and expertise, Tommy’s passion for and expertise in wrestling is admirable! Episodes like the trivia challenge with Joyce Hyser had me laughing more than I have laughed in such a long time! I am a movie buff so Dave’s love for and knowledge of 80s movies is awesome! You guys make these hard times that much easier! You guys have perfect chemistry too! Thank you also to Gabby for her hard work! Also on Saturday Ryan and Mark do a great job with their wrestling show of the week!
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Vin E.
A lot of fun!
I love the interaction between everybody. But I especially love Lagreca’s passion. He loves wrestling and it shows. When he gets hot over something, that’s where he really shines, he would make a great heel manager!
Great show for wrestling fans!
Love the cast, everyone is funny in their way. My favorite part is Bully’s fantasy booking.
Frank X Salinas
Great show
Ryan McKinnell though. Seriously, dude take a Xanax. I think you’re a fine guy, but you’re driving me crazy
Great show! Always entertaining!
I’ll keep my rating at 5 stars if Lagreca will quit being a b**** and watch the lord of the rings movies like a real man. Lame a**.
Dialed in
Love this show! Dreamer and Bully Ray Love em and Mark Henry? Da real mvp. Dave is so educated on Pro Wrestling. Awesome sauce.
Dj Halz
Love it Dave and Bully are the bomb
Really get me through my work shifts. Good topics all around great podcast.
Bubba Ray is wack
Dude always been lame to me and corny. But his podcast ain’t bad at all he actually gets good names on the show.
Busted Open for everyone to see
Listened to this show for years on SXM and could not be more happy to get back into it via the podcast!!! I love the revolving co-hosts of Wrestling Legends!!! The honesty and the peeling back of layers by Bully Ray is so refreshing for this environment.
Could be better...
>>>PERSONALLY<<< I am not a fan of Dave, his voice is annoying! But besides that, I listen mostly because of Bully and Mark Henry, not because I’m not a fan of the other wrestlers, they’re just kind of boring. I typically skip through most of the episodes without them. Also, they keep pushing Brock Lesnar and it’s annoying! Yes, he’s a great business man, yes he has talent, but he is NOT good for business!
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All star cast
What a great team. You guys do an amazing job and I love all your unique perspectives. Thank you for all you have given the sport and thank you for always being honest. Amazing content. Wrestling gets broken down to a science with Dave, Bully, Mark, Tommy and Dave. Thank you again.
Glad I found this
I’m late to the game but now I enjoy this show on an every day basis. I prefer when Bully and Dreamer are on the show because they seem to be giving their honest option about things without an agenda. I skip the episodes with Mark Henry because his take on things are always awful and ridiculous. Really makes for an enjoyable part of my day! Thanks!
Best wrestling Podcast!
Great podcast. Amazing perspectives from the hosts. Dave is awesome host and a true fan and great insight from Tommy, Bully and Mark! Can’t miss a day! I love this podcast! Renews my passion for Pro-wrestling everyday! Thank you Busted Open!
Dave LaGreca makes this show.
Love wrestling podcasts but sometimes wrestlers like to think they’re God(like bully Ray) and their word is sacred. Dave LaGreca is a smart, well spoken host who makes sure to share his opinion and doesn’t just get walked all over like some cohosts on other shows. Listen when Tommy Dreamer is on avoid when Bully Ray is.
Real Knowledge and Objective
I love this podcast because I can listen to it without the waves of negativity unlike the others
Arson Wells
Bully Ray Show
Bully Ray carries the other hacks on his back
Bully Ray and Mark Henry 🐐🐐
Good stuff
Started listening bc Tommy dreamer and the 1 of the best big man ever and he’s a Texas fan #hookem Mark Henry
Marco marrow
Thank you!
This is my go to show. A look into Bullies mind in terms of wrestling psychology. Is an education that money cannot buy. All wrestlers should post up like it’s a class. Mark Henry the exact same but sometimes a counter view that you didn’t see coming I like when mark manages to sneak in some Jesus praise on mark!! Dreamer dude seriously your falling apart Mexico has damaged you. Dave brings things from a fan perspective. His mental state on a daily basis has been questionable. His rankings are from boo boo love me please I’m Swiss land. I love the show mad respect. Thank you guys for all you have done for all of us.
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Great Show As Usual
I wanna see Keith, Riddle, and Cole for the rumble. 5 surprises of some sort
Why can’t Dave talk and breath?
Love the show when Dave’s not on. He’s annoying AF!
Best wrestling show out there
I first heard about this when I had a free Sirius trial when I bought my car. I listen to the podcast now and love the insight from the pros on the show. It’s also opened up my eyes to other organizations and wrestlers I never heard of before.
Love this show listen to it everyday I wish they would upload the full version on here. The only thing I dislike about the show is Mark Henry in his opinion everything WWE does is awesome. In my opinion the show would be so much better if it was just Bully and Dave everyday.
Be Quiet Mark!!
Mark Henry never ever shuts up and never ever makes a point all while. talking. so. slow. it. will. put. you. to. sleep....Bully Ray and Dave are incredibly annoying!! Other than that, show is great to have playing in the background
Listen everyday except...
I can not list when Mark Henry hosts the show. Gets totally side tracked and takes 4ever to make a point. And everything WWE does is awesome.
Great Show
Since I started listening I haven’t missed an episode!
Rollins heel turn
If Rollins turns heel, send Heyman over with him and the AOP. Punk could be Brock’s mouthpiece? Oh yea, great show, there is the review.
Love it
I listen to this show everyday. Bully should be a writer. Dave is funny as hell, his laugh is contagious.
Ryan gotta go!
The new dude Ryan on Saturdays is NOT it. His random laughs and interaction with Mark is so awkward. Seems like he doesn’t value his own option and gets pushed around way to easy. And it’s not Marks fault. That guy who replaced him a couple weeks back felt a lot more natural. And think would be a lot better for Saturday’s.
Wrestling Fix
I listen to u guys way more than I get to watch actual wrestling😃👍 I can listen to y’all and get so much content from all different shows as well as great interviews with new wrestlers as well as legends. It’s f&$@ing awesome!!! Show changing some. The Bully Ray constantly Monday morning qb is getting really tiresome. Is he trying to get a creative job? The “I would have done different” is so much I look for times when he is not on
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Nation Love!
Definitely in my top three favorite wrestling shows! Any chance you guys would ever upload the full show? Always good and into the show and then boom that b**** at the end says thanks for listening...! F*** you gimme more dammit.! Lol great show
This is the best wrestling podcast I have ever heard but please can you guys upload them earlier i have to wait all day to listen lol
Pretty good
Unsubscribed when Dave said Hell in a Cell was a great PPV until the main event and because Bully said your opinion matters less if you’ve never taken a bump. Still fun to listen to though and I love Mark Henry
Hugh Morris Mann
Dont bother
Save ur sanity. Skip this one. Its daily shilling for wee.
Chuckk Finnley
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