Busted Open
Busted Open
Are you ready to get in the ring with the realest pro wrestling talk on the planet? Join Dave LaGreca and his rotating co-host chair that features WWE Hall of Famers Bully Ray and Mark Henry, ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer, AEW star Thunder Rosa, and 11x World Champion Mickie James for knowledgeable pro wrestling talk, entertaining debates, and interviews with the biggest names in the game. From the WWE to AEW to the independent scene and beyond, Busted Open brings you daily pro wrestling content like no one else in the world! New episodes drop Monday afternoons through Saturday, with a special edition of “The Master’s Class” every Sunday morning, where the experts take you deep inside industry topics as only they can. Hear live episodes of Busted Open daily from 9a-12p ET on SiriusXM Fight Nation, channel 156. It may pay their bills, but the real winners are the Busted Open fans.
Raw: DIY Reunites PLUS Ilja Dragunov & Gangrel
Dave LaGreca & Bully Ray cover an exciting night of Monday Night featuring an excellent main event between Gunther & Ciampa. Plus, they are joined by new NXT Champion, Ilja Dragunov as well as former WWE star Gangrel, who gives some unique insight on AEW's newest acquisition, Adam Copeland AKA Edge.
Oct 3
49 min
AEW WrestleDream + NXT No Mercy Reactions
Dave LaGreca, Bully Ray and Mark Henry break down everything from AEW WrestleDream and NXT No Mercy!
Oct 2
52 min
'The Masters' Class:' Who’s Next & Why?
After Jade Cargill signed with WWE, Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer, and Bully Ray wonder who else would flourish if they got signed by WWE. Plus, the Masters share their hopes and expectations for Jade Cargill as she starts this new chapter of her career.
Sep 30
33 min
Cena Finds a Partner | WrestleDream
Denise Salcedo and Tommy Dreamer discuss John Cena partnering with LA Knight for FastLane! AND, how did Tommy Dreamer almost die?!? PLUS, they get into the full card from AEW WrestleDream and NXT No Mercy.
Sep 30
28 min
Rising Stars Jade Cargill + Julia Hart | WrestleDream
Dave LaGreca and Thunder Rosa discuss the star power of Jade Cargill as she signs a multi-year deal with the WWE. Plus, they talk about the rise of Julia Hart as she's Thunder's wrestler of the week. AND, they break down WrestleDream with Justin LaBar.
Sep 29
35 min
Who Attacked Jay White?
Dave LaGreca, Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer react to last night's AEW Dynamite including the cliffhanger ending of who attacked Jay White, plus the continuing storyline with Brochachos MJF & Adam Cole.
Sep 28
39 min
BOAD: Insano Moments from Dynamite
Hall of Famer, Bully Ray, breaks down everything from AEW Dynamite including the return of Captain Insano....
Sep 27
20 min
Brian Pillman Jr. Coming to NXT | Vince Russo on Raw
Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer & Mickie James break down a very cool vignette which could lead to the debut of former AEW star Brian Pillman Jr. in WWE. Plus, Vince Russo stops by to talk about the WWE signing of Jade Cargill, but his opinion is highly different on her ceiling than anyone else in the industry.
Sep 27
33 min
Jade Cargill Signs with WWE | Tyler Breeze
Dave LaGreca & Bully Ray react to the news that Jade Cargill has signed a multi-year deal with WWE. What is Jade's ceiling? Find out on the podcast. Plus, a riveting conversation with Tyler Breeze, who shares his thoughts on the ups and downs of being a part of the WWE roster.
Sep 26
49 min
A Heel-tastic Weekend
Dave LaGreca, Mark Henry, and Bully Ray recap an action-packed weekend in Primetime TV wrestling. The guys start with Smackdown and dissect The Bloodline feud with John Cena and wonder who can replace AJ Styles as his partner. Also, Dave, Mark and Bully tell you how they felt about AEW Collision, especially seeing Christian winning the TNT Title and the Texas Deathmatch between Bryan Danielson & Ricky Starks.
Sep 25
28 min
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