Notes On Work - by Caleb Porzio
Notes On Work - by Caleb Porzio
Caleb Porzio
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Best developer/OSS pod
Awesome insights into open source maintenance and the thought process of a crazy productive and insightful individual. Hella inspiring.
Transparency is Golden
Livewire as a project is brilliant, fascinating and fantastic. This podcast continues in the stead of being open source and almost verbosely transparent. Hearing Caleb’s reasoning behind some of the decisions and solutions followed just builds more trust. The podcast is also constantly filled with snippets of brilliance that can be applied to many different aspects of not just computing, but life in general. Give it a listen, I am sure you won’t be disappointed!
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Amazing Insight from a New Open Source Framework
I have been following Caleb and Livewire since the very beginning and this is amazing insight into not only the technology but also everything else that goes into a major open source project. I love every episode.
Kevin McKee