Notes On Work - by Caleb Porzio
Notes On Work - by Caleb Porzio
Caleb Porzio
Brief thoughts and insights from Caleb. Mostly on work. Mostly while drinking tea.
Validation in Livewire 3
Fun stories about me refactoring Livewire's validation system...
Oct 7
10 min
Winning over your audience
How to win friends and influence people, jk.
Oct 6
13 min
The big bad bug
A tale of a big bad bug...
Sep 26
14 min
Grow where you're planted
Grow where you're planted... yo...
Sep 23
19 min
Forums are so awesome
Where have these been all my life?
Sep 19
11 min
Telescopes are awesome
They totally are
Sep 19
11 min
Have a circle
Prepping for Laracon and thinking about how nice it is to have a circle of friends who will help a brother out.
Sep 12
11 min
The oxidation of tools and ideas
Sep 9
11 min
The art of non-judgement
Let's talk about judging other people and related paradoxes...
Sep 9
12 min
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