Breakthrough Brand Podcast
Breakthrough Brand Podcast
Elizabeth McCravy
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This is an amazing podcast! The BEST!
Elizabeth is so fun to listen to. I love her energy, and I gain something from every single episode. Whether you’re a business owner or not, this show is for you!
I Cannot Believe How Helpful This Podcast Is
I have been struggling to update my website, and although I have yet to switch to Showit, the episode on free Wordpress plugins to enhance your website was golden! Thank you so much for your sharing your knowledge with us!
Candid Liv
My New Fave Podcast
I started up my own copywriting business at the end of 2020 and man has it been overwhelming. There’s so much to learn and figure out along the way. I found this podcast after purchasing a template from Elizabeth, and it has quickly become my favorite! I’ve binge-listened to most of the episodes already and have become a big fan 💗 I’ve also implemented many of her tips into my business and am looking forward to learning more each week.
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Feel like Elizabeth is my mentor & BFF
I’ve been a template purchaser of Elizabeth’s twice now, and have recommended them to EVERYONE I know. I started listening to this podcast a few months ago, and binge it so hard. Truly feel like she is my own business mentor, BFF, and just love learning everything from here. Thank you, Elizabeth!!
Incredible Content!
Elizabeth does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!
Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Elizabeth does such a great job of sharing her wisdom and I love how she leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
Helpful and practical!
I always love podcasts that have tips and ideas I can immediately put into action. This one has so many takeaways that are doable for me
So real & vulnerable!
I love listening to Elizabeth because she is vulnerable & genuine on every episode! I’m not even an aspiring business owner & I love listening to the Breakthrough Brand Podcast!🤩
Kelly Gwartney
Fun and insightful
This is my go too podcast when I need some entrepreneurial inspiration. Elizabeth makes business fun and shares her experiences which are easy to relate to.
Jamie Kowalik
Love this podcast!
Elizabeth has such a sweet personality and is so fun to listen to! She’s always dishing out the *best* business advice no matter what stage you’re at in your business! I started listening to her when I first began my journey of becoming a brand strategist, two years ago and I’m still coming back for more! PS. I *highly* recommend her Booked Out Designer course if you get the chance to take it! 💕💕
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SO valuable I can't believe it's free!
This podcast is like having a business coach in your pocket. I've learned so much from it and it's all valueable and practical. Never disappointed.
SO generous with her knowledge
Elizabeth knows her stuff when it comes to online business and she doesn’t hold back! Each week I’m blown away by all of the actionable advice she provides here for free. This show is truly the best!
The Best Authentic Branding Podcast!
New or 10 years into your business this podcast is for you! I look forward to listening to Elizabeth share her life as well as all the tips in how to make your business better & create the brand you want! Elizabeth not only is an incredible person, but the best of the best when it comes to sharing how to grow & develop your business to represent you!
So Many Breakthroughs!
I am so grateful for Elizabeth and how dedicated she is to sharing her AMAZING business tips with the world. She is thoughtful, intentional, strategic and so inspiring. I am a regular listener and have found so much value in her podcast, I just HAD to take her Booked Out Designer course! I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without her advice. Highly recommend listening, you’ll definitely level-up in every area of your business!
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Need My Books 😡
Fun and Highly Effective Advice
This podcast is just awesome. Elizabeth is inspiring, relatable, and so genuine. This keeps me focused and curious on ways to grow my business, and I’m so thankful for this FREE guidance. The Em Shop template has also been an amazing investment for me. Thank you, and keep being you!
Such a fun podcast! One of my go tos!
Besides being down to earth and sweet Elizabeth provides actionable content week after week! This one of the few podcasts that I hardly ever miss! Thank you Elizabeth. Excited for the next 52! 🙌🏼🥳
My favorite business podcast!
Elizabeth is so relatable and genuinely helpful on this show! I find myself listening to past episodes often as I wait for the new show to be released each week. I listen to a lot of podcasts about growth and online business, and this one is definitely my favorite!
Laken N
Love Elizabeth’s Podcast!
As a new business owner myself, this podcast has been one of the most helpful resources I’ve found. Not only does it provide great information but it is also encouraging! I love listening each time a new episode comes out!
Morgan Sloan
Great Content!
I always enjoy catching Elizabeth’s newest podcast. She synthesizes some of the best content from all around and is so encouraging for those of us just getting started. Congrats on 100 episodes - can’t wait for the next 100!
100th Episode🥳
Elizabeth is such an informative yet calming person. I loved the discussion on Faith in business. I’ll definitely go back and listen to Episode 42 to hear more. It’s refreshing to hear two women support each other too.
Best Podcast Out There!
I have learned so much just from listening to Elizabeth’s podcast! She inspires me to run my business in the best way possible. I also love how I feel like I’m listening to a friend while I do my design work. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who owns a creative business!
So helpful!
I love listening to this podcast! Elizabeth has the best ideas and advice to help me run my business.
Secret Juliet
Love this podcast! It has taught me so much and allowed me to expand my brand in no time. Amazing tips and tricks that would’ve never crossed my mind without this podcast.
cam t b
Elizabeth is who has inspired me since I was in college to start my own business! This podcast has helped me SO MUCH and I just really feel like I know her on a personal level since listening!
Kiersten Marie
Great content!!!
I absolutely love these tips and info! Super practical, not just conceptual but listed out “how to” steps that make application simple! And Elizabeth, I love your delivery! Interesting, fun, and some personal tid bits keep me locked in and tracking with you! Thank you so much :)
Emmie 2000
Love this one
I am always looking for podcasts about getting things streamed lined so my business can run smoothly and efficiently and I’m so glad I found this podcast!
Best business podcast ever
I listen to A LOT of business podcasts. But this one is by far my favorite. Elizabeth gives such great advice. I also love her relatability and kindness. It shows through.
A Necessary Part of My Listening Routine
Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge to my ears! This podcast is fun to listen to while also being super informative and inspiring. I love how I can leave each episodes with actionable steps to take. This is why I make listening to every new episode a part of my weekly routine! Thanks Elizabeth!
Really informational and relatable!
The info and topics are super relatable to all business owners at any level. I LOVE the BTA and origin stories she shares!
Heather Joyce Co.
Practical content & tips!
I LOVE this podcast!!! I only discovered it recently and have listened to just a handful of episodes, but I can’t wait to listen to more! I am a professional photographer and Elizabeth’s tips have helped me in my business SO much! Thank you Elizabeth!!❤️
I don’t miss an episode!
I can’t believe this is free! I’ve learned so much from Elizabeth and have applied it to my own business.
One of my favorites!! (and a game changer for my business)
I’m so grateful for this podcast!! Elizabeth is so generous with the valuable and actionable information she shares, and I LOVE how much her love and talent for her craft comes through in a “this has been a game changer, I can’t wait for you to try this too!” kind of way. In a sea of marketing podcasts that can sound a little too harsh and authoritative, I keep coming back to Elizabeth’s friendly tone (and genius content) again and again. It’s helped me design a better website, get clients through crafting better welcome sequences, emails, testimonials, and social posts, create a better team through effective hiring, and curate a better client experience by implementing Dubsado upon her recommendation. I couldn’t be more grateful for this podcast! Thank you so much for what you do, Elizabeth! Btw, love the new intro!!
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Kelsey from Austin❤️
Can’t get enough!!
I really feel like Elizabeth and I are having coffee weekly when I listen to her podcast. She’s my business girlfriend who is just a “few” steps ahead of me! My only problem is that I have to wait an entire week for a new episode!!
I just started listening today and there are so many wonderful nuggets in here. Elizabeth knows her stuff and has some awesome guests!
A go-to podcast for business owners!
I love learning from Elizabeth each week! She shares amazing insights and tips, and covers ALL THINGS BUSINESS! I love the guests that join her and how she shares what has worked in her business!
Elizabeth helps your breakthrough!
Elizabeth is an awesome host who touches on some amazing subjects. I highly recommend listening to her podcast!
Trevor Oldham
Soooo good!
I love how Elizabeth is wide open about her business and schedule. I can get much practical advice listening to her podcast. I have tried to listen to as many of her podcasts as possible. Regardless of the title of the episode I choose there is always a little nugget of advice I didn’t think of.
Probably the best podcast of all time. Seriously.
I am continually impressed with Elizabeth’s podcast. Week after week, she (& her guests) have so much valuable information to share. I’m always pausing and jotting down notes of inspiration for my own business. Many podcasts out there just sorta skim the surface or talk about more beginner-level things. Elizabeth’s podcast somehow can work for any level. She breaks things down to the basics but also packs in so much value for those who have been in business for a while. I look forward to hearing her voice every single week - you can tell she’s genuine, passionate, and excited to share. She feels like a friend and business mentor all in one! Thank you Elizabeth! You are such an inspiration!
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My absolute favorite podcast with real usable pieces of information to use in your own business.
The "It" Factor
This girl has it. All of it. Elizabeth McCravy is someone I trust about online business, business tools, finances, style and real-life coolness.
Jason Pyles
Elizabeth is my business coach/friend in my head!
Omg! I have listened to so many episodes of Elizabeth’s podcast that I have lost count! I first discovered her on a YouTube tutorial video that she did for Dubsado. Her voice, communication and presentation style really resonated with me. So much so that I immediately went to her website after the video. Once on her website, I learned about her podcast and website templates. Her templates were so gorgeous I just knew I had to have one, but I had some questions first. I contacted Elizabeth from her website and was pleasantly surprised with a quick and personal reply...and an invitation to schedule a call with her. This was so surprising because I have reached out to other online business experts and only received canned responses and no invitation to meet with them. Not only did I get to speak with Elizabeth directly, we had a Zoom call, so I got to SEE her face-to-face! This made the experience especially personal even though I hadn’t become a paying client, yet. This let me know that Elizabeth truly wants to provide value to her audience. Back to the podcast....I have learned so much from Elizabeth’s podcast on various aspects of building a business. Pretty much anytime I get in my car, I listen to an episode of Elizabeth’s podcast while I’m driving. In fact, I had my first personal branding photo shoot a week ago, and followed Elizabeth’s recommendations as I planned the shoot! Her tips were extremely helpful and streamlined the process. Elizabeth is super knowledgeable and personal, and I love listening to her talk. Her voice is soothing and she communicates her messages really well. I love how she breaks down each episode, she doesn’t just ramble. Lol I finally purchased a template from the EM Shop and so far I am very pleased with my purchase! The blueprint course that comes with the template is amazing and oh so helpful! I know this is a long review but I can’t say enough about Elizabeth and how appreciative I am of her content and resources.
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Ricklyn Woods
This podcast is GOLD.
Elizabeth leaves you with tangible takeaways from EVERY EPISODE. That’s a rare thing in the podcast world. If you are running a business, you need this podcast because it’s like having a business coach for free! Plus she is so delightful to listen to. Way to go, Elizabeth!
Paige Hobson
Love this podcast!
Great podcast for any biz owner in whatever season you’re in! I learn something new every single episode, and I always look forward to learning more each week. Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge, and this podcast is a must listen!
Love hanging out here!!
I absolutely love this podcast! I just binge listened to 4 podcasts while doing work at my desk and just couldn’t stop listening. I am a wedding and portrait photographer and Elizabeth talks about so many topics that really grab my attention and where I can leave with action items. I will definitely keep listening to her and all her wisdom, tips and tricks!
It’s like chatting with a friend!
I have learned SO MUCH since discovering Elizabeth's podcast! The topics are always on point and relevant to my business. It's not the kind of podcast where you have to drink tons of coffee to stay awake. It's like hanging out with a good friend at a coffee shop who happens to be a genius in business and websites. It's fun, exciting, and worth your time.
I love LOVE this podcast! She gives a fresh and honest take in every episode!! You will not regret listening to her podcasts!! Give it a listen! You will learn so much!!! insta:annacarinyoung
Anna carin young
Elizabeth is literally my biz BFF and she has no clue! lol Every single one of her episodes feels like I’m chatting with a friend who only wants the best for me, and happens to be amazing at business advice! LOVE this podcast!!
I always learn something!
Every single episode is valuable and fun. I look forward to new ones. And I’m so grateful Elizabeth shares her insights! I’m not even ready to start a business yet, but I love having this easy-to-understand resource to help me get there. EM- Also humbly requesting more info on what to write on each page of a website, loved the ep on the contact page.
I feel like I should Venmo Elizabeth
I’ve gone back and listened to nearly every episode. I love Elizabeth’s delivery, topics, episode layouts, and guests. Not a lot of chit chat or ads... just gets right to the content. I’ve learned something from EVERY episode and I still can’t believe I don’t have to pay for this. Definitely worth your time as an entrepreneur.
Elizabeth’s podcasts are great!
I ♥️ her podcasts because they are always helpful. She has such a welcoming voice and explains things in a way that’s easy to understand. Her templates are fun & so creative! Thank you Elizabeth | C.M.M
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