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Breakthrough Brand Podcast
Elizabeth McCravy
Relatable, raw and tactical business trainings to keep you moving towards your big goals. I’m Elizabeth McCravy — a website designer and business strategist for female entrepreneurs. And, I’ve built a multiple six-figure web design business while in my early and mid 20s. I believe that how to build a thriving business shouldn’t be a secret. So, I’m here to pull back the curtain of all things successful business building. On this podcast, you’ll find solo episodes that are tactical, actionable, and easy listening! Plus, you’ll find the occasional expert guest interview or lifestyle-related episode. Let’s build a business that feels amazing on the inside and also looks great from the outside. We’re talking online marketing, graphic design, business strategy, and so much more! It’s time for you to build a breakthrough brand!
127: How My Business Makes Money (+ 3 Additional Ways We Make $$ in Our Personal Life)
Let’s talk about how we make money! I have personally always LOVED these types of podcast episodes when I’ve heard them on other shows because we all love to know what other people are doing to find success right? What revenue streams make up a business? And, what additional streams make up PERSONAL income? So, I’m breaking it down for you today.    First, we’re talking about the various ways my business makes money, and I’m even sharing some percentages of overall revenue in some of these ways! Plus, a few ideas for income streams I plan to add in the new year. Then, we’ll talk about my personal life, so outside of our actual work, 3 additional ways my husband and I bring in money to our personal lives. They might not be what you’re expecting — especially the 3rd way!    I hope you enjoy this episode and that it gets your mind spinning with ideas! If any of these ways are particularly interesting and you want to hear a deep dive into them… let me know. I’d be more than happy to do additional episodes on this stuff!    Links mentioned in this episode: - Etsy Shop:  - Amazon Influencer Shop:  - Website Templates:  - Booked Out Designer waitlist:    Get the full shownotes at    Let’s connect on Instagram! I’d love to hear what you think of this episode! 
Jul 20
29 min
126: From Almost Quitting Her Business to $6k Client Projects (+ More Revenue with Fewer Clients) with Katie Taylor
Today I’m chatting with an amazing founding member of Booked Out Designer, Katie Taylor! Katie is a Showit website designer and marketing analyst who works with local businesses in Cincinnati, Ohio. I know that hearing her business story will inspire you (and be super relatable)! Katie officially started her business in September of 2019, and it looked a lot different then than it does now. In the winter of 2021, she thought about throwing in the towel on her business and Booked Out Designer was the thing that kept her up and going!    Here are some quick highlights from this conversation: - Katie’s story of starting her business after 10 years in a non-profit event planning job  - How Katie was about to quit her business at the beginning of this year before discovering Booked Out Designer - The life of being a self-taught website designer  - How Katie made her projects go FASTER by implementing strategies in Booked Out Designer - Katie’s story of booking a $6,000 web project while in Booked Out Designer - An insider peek at what the community of Booked Out Designer is like and what you can expect from the course    If you’re listening to this LIVE.. then Booked Out Designer is open for enrollment right now, but only through this Friday (July 16th, 2021). So, be sure to check out the info page while you listen to this episode! This will be the last time the course is open in 2021, and if this feels like a good fit for you, then I want you to join me! See all the deets at    And, if you’re like me and you like to SEE stuff before you buy it, then go to to get 2 lessons of the course absolutely FREE. And, you’ll get to see exactly what the course is like, read about each module, and so much more!    Links Mentioned in This Episode: - Get the full shownotes:  - Join Booked Out Designer:  - Get FREE sample of Booked Out Designer:  - Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:  - Connect with Katie on Instagram:  - Connect with Katie on her website:  - Read Katie's blog post where she shares all about Booked Out Designer: 
Jul 13
1 hr 6 min
125: The Top 4 Mistakes You’re Making with Client Experience (That Are Causing YOU and YOUR Clients a Major Headache!)
Today we’re talking about one of my favorite topics — one that I honestly don’t cover on this podcast enough because I’m seriously obsessed with it. And that is… client experience! I got a heavy dose of teaching on client experience in my course for designers, Booked Out Designer, where there’s an entire module with 12 lessons (and 5 hours of content) on this topic. By improving your client experience you not only make your client happier, but you make yourself happier as the service-provider. You’re less likely to experience burnout and overwhelm, and you’re very likely to be able to charge a lot more for what you do! So today, I’m sharing the top 4 mistakes I see designers and other service providers making with their client experience. I’ll also be offering some solutions to these mistakes so you can have a happier YOU and happier clients!    Fun Tidbit: I’m hosting a webinar on July 12th, 2021 (and yes… I never do webinars!) where I’ll be teaching How to Attract and Book Clients with Bigger Budgets.  In this training you’ll learn things like…  The benefit of higher-paying clients – it’s more than just $$$ in your PayPal account Advice tailored to where you are in your business – just starting, in the middle, or experienced! Pro networking tips and tricks  – I’m sharing some of favorite hacks Getting real results – and strategically sharing them to get more clients And so much more! Plus, a Q&A at the end!    Sign up at and come hang with me on July 12th!  Links Mentioned in This Episode: - How to Attract and Book Clients with Bigger Budgets Webinar:  - Join the waitlist for Booked Out Designer:  - Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram: 
Jul 6
26 min
124: 4 Secret Strategies That Will Help You Nail Every Sales Call
Sales calls, discovery calls, consultations… whatever you want to call them — you may love them or you may hate them. Regardless, we all know they’re important. What happens on this call can literally determine whether a potential client works with you OR ghosts you and works with someone else.    I used to hate sales calls. I had a few bad experiences with them early on in my business,  and for a while, I left these calls feeling frazzled, vulnerable, and not sure if I was “confident enough” (even when I DID book the client). So, after about 5 years of consistently doing these calls (more if you count my freelancer days when I was so frazzled), I’ve learned some things that help you get that “sales call confidence” we all want. I’m sharing FOUR of those strategies with you today (plus, of course, extra tips throughout). So, get ready to feel CONFIDENT and totally book the client on your next sales call!    P.S. #dontmissthis: Booked Out Designer will be opening again on July 12th for new students to join the community! This program is the perfect place for brand and website designers who want to build a booked out, in demand design business. And, if you’re not a designer but you do another type of service-business, I welcome you too with open arms, because I promise you’ll get so much from this program as well.  When you buy Booked Out Designer, you get the amazing COURSE (over 90 lessons of content), you get an incredible private Facebook community (with actual access to me!), group coaching with me, and some incredible surprise bonuses too. And, like I say in this episode, there’s an entire module JUST ON discovery calls in the course with 3 and half hours of training content for you. So, join the waitlist at today!  Links Mentioned in This Episode: - Get on the waitlist for Booked Out Designer:  - Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:  - Shop website templates:  - For other episodes about Booked Out Designer scroll back to #122, #114, #110, #104, #105, #106, and #77!  
Jun 29
25 min
123: How to Be a Booked Out Website Designer with Ida Winstead (An Insider Scoop with a Student Chatting About My Program for Designers!)
Want an insider scoop on what my program Booked Out Designer is actually like? Today I’m chatting with one of my founding member students, Ida Winstead! We’re talking all about how her business has grown over the years, her story as a designer, and how Booked Out Designer has impacted her business.    What you’ll hear us talk about: - How Ida booked out her client calendar  - How Booked Out Designer helped her refine her client process and discovery call experience - The Booked Out Designer community of designers (they are seriously the best!) - What coaching calls are like inside the course  - Ida’s favorite lessons and modules  - What the course format is like so you know what to expect  … and so much more fun conversation!    In a few short weeks, Booked Out Designer will be opening again for new students to join the community! This program is the perfect place for brand and website designers who want to build a booked out, in demand design business. The doors open on July 12th and once our launch week is over, we won’t have another enrollment period for the course until 2022. When you buy Booked Out Designer, you get the amazing COURSE (over 90 lessons of content), you get an incredible private Facebook community (with actual access to me!), and some incredible surprise bonuses too.  Links Mentioned in This Episode: - Get on the waitlist for Booked Out Designer:  - Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:  - Listen to the Hygge Hour Podcast with host, Ida Winstead:  - Connect with Ida on her website:  - Check out Ida on Instagram:  - For other episodes about Booked Out Designer scroll back to #114, #110, #104, #105, #106, and #77!    
Jun 22
38 min
122: 4 Steps to Make Your Website Template NOT Look Like a Template (Making Your Website Uniquely You)
How can you start with a website template and make it your own? Make it FEEL super customized, without making it an actual “custom website”? There is a way, and I see people do it weekly over here with my EM Shop customers! In this short and sweet episode, I’m sharing 4 ways (and one bonus way) to make any website template not feel like it’s a website template. You don’t have to get a custom website designed in order to have a totally gorgeous, successful website for your business. These tips, strategies, and things to consider while shopping will get you started on the HOW!    We talk about brand photography in this episode, and I have a few podcasts on that topic. To scroll back and listen to those, check out episodes #120, #15, and #16.    ____________________________________   And the most fun news of them all, this week in EM Shop, 2 new templates just RELEASED! WHATTT… yep, and they’re gorgeous, strategic, fun, and I think you’ll totally be obsessed with them. To celebrate the launch, now through 6/18, you’ll get my new offer, Profit Sheet, for FREE with any template. PLUS, get 15% off all website templates with the code LAUNCH15!    If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, then you’ve heard me talk about my “financial spreadsheet” that I use to know my numbers in my business, and for well over a year, you guys have been asking me to sell it. I finally am! Profit Sheet by EM Shop is a Google Sheet to help service-based businesses track everything from income and expenses to tax savings, owner's draw, profit percentage, quarterly revenue, and more! This spreadsheet allows you to always know your numbers in your business. You’ll get the Google spreadsheet, a tutorial on how to use it, and as a bonus a 20 minute training where I walk you through my favorite business credit cards, investing companies, health insurance for us self employed people, and more. This week only, you can get it for free when you buy any template.    Shop all EM Shop templates:  See the new Gabby template:  See the new Taylor template:  Learn about this incredible Profit Sheet bonus:  Take the website personality quiz:    As a reminder, the Profit Sheet bonus AND 15% off code will expire on 6/18, so buy a new template before then to get Profit Sheet for FREE and that 15% off. Your business bank account will thank you. ;) 
Jun 15
28 min
121: 7 Amazing WordPress Plugins You Need For Your Showit Blog (All for $0!)
One of my favorite “Showit features” is that it integrates with WordPress for blogging. Which confuses the heck out of people sometimes, but when you get it, you get it… And it’s magical.  People love WordPress for a reason. It’s very “powerful” meaning there’s A LOT you can do with it, especially thanks to things like plugins. (Which absolutely work with Showit too!)    Basically a plugin is outside code (kind of like an app) that adds new functionality to your website by “plugging it into” what you already have. I’m kinda obsessed with plugins, not in an overdoing it kind of way (as that can slow your website), but more like a “there’s so much cool stuff you can do with these” way.    In this episode, I’m sharing 7 WordPress plugins that work amazing with your Showit blog. Instad of focusing on the basics that we all know about, like JetPack or various spam protectors, I’m sharing some more obscure plugins that you may have never heard of or thought about using before.    Some quick plugin notes: There is a free version of all the plugins shared, and some have a paid option as well. I currently have the free version of ALL of these!   The majority of these require you to have the higher tier “advanced blog subscription” with Showit. However, what is available on the “basic blog” subscription can change, so I recommend consulting Showit’s resources to see what’s available to you at the time you’re listening.  The compatibility of these with Showit could change in the future, so defer to Showit’s support for what works!  You can use the code “ELIZABETH10” for 10% off your Showit subscription - any tier. ;)   LAUNCH WEEK DETAILS!  There are new templates in EM Shop and a promotion for you through 6/18! Use the code "LAUNCH15" to get 15% off all website templates and snag the amazing bonus Profit Sheet FOR FREE. Details are here:  Links mentioned in this episode: - Shop website templates (new ones releasing June 11th!):  - Learn about Profit Sheet (the launch bonus):  - Get the shownotes for this episode:  - See info on plugins for Showit’s basic blog subscription: 
Jun 8
25 min
120: How to Get Amazing Brand Photos for Your Business (+ EM Shop Template Experience!) with Amber Tice
Get ready to feel camera-confident and prepared for your next branding photoshoot after you hear this episode! I’m chatting with Dallas Fort-Worth area brand photographer, Amber Tice, about how you can get brand photos for your business from start to finish. From finding a brand photographer to outfits and props!    Plus, Amber and I also discuss her website in the second half of this interview! She’s an EM Shop customer and uses the much-loved Nicole template. We talk about how she chose the template, what the setup process was like, how the feedback has been, and more! Amber gives some great tips for making your template unique to you and successfully setting it up! Plus, we talk about the transition from Squarespace to Showit, which is super interesting for those of you thinking about switching!    And, a fun announcement… EM Shop is droppin’ some new templates VERY soon, and you’re gonna want to see these new templates. Trust me. They’re gorgeous, strategic, and oh so fun. Plus, we have a really cool bonus during launch week that I think you’ll adore. (HINT: I've mentioned it on the podcast many times and have been asked to offer it for years now!) Mark your calendars for June 11th, 2021 when the new templates will hit EM Shop. The bonus will be available through June 18th! Get on the email list to be the first to know all the deets: (You can sign up for ANY freebie to get on the list, but that's a really fun one.)   Get the full shownotes with all linked mentioned at  Connect with Elizabeth on her website at  Connect with Amber on her website at  Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at  Connect with Amber on Instagram at  Take the website personality quiz:   
Jun 1
51 min
119: 4 Ways to Communicate Why Your Dream Clients Should Work with YOU (All Through Your Website)
Let’s talk about website strategy today in this short and strategy-packed episode! I’m sharing how to communicate ON your website exactly why your dream client should work with you over your competitors. All on your website — not even on discovery calls, email communications, etc… but literally just in the messaging and design you put forth online.    Your website is a marketing tool for your business, and no matter what type of business you run… there are some great tips for you within these 4 ways I’m sharing!    A fun note… You’ll hear me briefly mention this towards the end of this episode… New templates are coming VERY soon to EM Shop! I cannot wait to share these new designs with you. So, if you think your website needs more than these 4 tips and a complete overhaul instead, I got you. Mark your calendar for June 11th when there will be 2 new templates dropping in my shop!    Shop website templates: Connect on Instagram:  Get the full shownotes for this episode at              
May 25
28 min
118: Second Trimester Pregnancy Update: Babymoon in NYC, Finding Out the Gender, Exercise, Creating a Course While Pregnant, and Prepping for Labor
Time for another pregnancy episode! As I’m recording this, I’m in my 25th week of pregnancy. You’ll hear it in my 26th week if you listen live. Then the next week, the 2nd trimester is OVER and the 3rd trimester begins! Today I’m catching you up on things from the second trimester.    What We’re Talking About: Finding out the gender  Our gender reveal party with friends Physically how I’ve felt in the second trimester Our babymoon trip to New York Tips for planning a babymoon Exercises I’m doing daily to prep my body for birth Pregnancy podcasts I’m loving  Chiropractic care in pregnancy  Working with a voice coach Creating my online course  Maternity leave prep and planning  What’s on my calendar work-wise until baby arrives  Get all my favorite products, supplements, workouts, etc. from the second trimester in this blog post:  Get the full show notes for this episode at  Connect on Instagram:  ALL PREGNANCY EPISODES AND BLOGS: #107: We’re Pregnant Announcement:   #112: Pregnancy Rapid Fire Q&A:  First Trimester Must Haves Products Blog:  Second Trimester Must Haves Products Blog:  Our Gender Reveal Recap Blog:   
May 18
41 min
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