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Elizabeth McCravy
Relatable, raw and tactical business trainings to keep you moving towards your big goals. I’m Elizabeth McCravy — a website designer and business strategist for female entrepreneurs. And, I’ve built a multiple six-figure web design business while in my early and mid 20s. I believe that how to build a thriving business shouldn’t be a secret. So, I’m here to pull back the curtain of all things successful business building. On this podcast, you’ll find solo episodes that are tactical, actionable, and easy listening! Plus, you’ll find the occasional expert guest interview or lifestyle-related episode. Let’s build a business that feels amazing on the inside and also looks great from the outside. We’re talking online marketing, graphic design, business strategy, and so much more! It’s time for you to build a breakthrough brand!
151: You Can’t Be Everything to Everybody- A Business Lesson from a Very Rude Email
I’ve got a short and sweet episode for you today! We are talking about how and why you shouldn’t create a business that is the “right fit” for everyone — the art of attracting some and repelling others. And, this topic is inspired by a funny and extremely rude email I got during my Black Friday sale from someone who my products are not right for!     So, volume up for the story plus my tips for how to differentiate yourself and be less vanilla in your business!    To get the show notes head to: Connect on Instagram:  Get on the Booked Out Designer waitlist:  Shop website templates: 
Jan 11
14 min
150: A Bulletproof Strategy for Achieving Your Goals with the Power of Habits [Recast]
It’s that time of year where we are all goal setting. Today I’m sharing ONE simple strategy I use to create new habits in my life. In a little by little sort of way. It’s simple, yet powerful. I believe this episode will be the motivation you need as we move into a new year to really GO AFTER those crazy goals and create change for yourself. I want you to not just get all excited with a goal on December 31st then quit, but actually carry it out throughout the WHOLE YEAR. Habits are the way to do it.    So volume up for a short and sweet episode to motivate and inspire action in your life using the power of habits. And if you’re catching this episode at some random time in the future... still tune in. This strategy is timeless, and you can get started at absolutely any time!    This is a recast of episode 98 that aired at the end of 2020! Here we are a year later, and it’s just as relevant as ever, so I want us all to hear it again. (Myself included!) Tune into the beginning too to hear a fresh intro and a little life update from me on what’s happening as we start 2022.    If this episode impacts you, please share it with a friend who needs it too. Let’s get the word out! And, I’d love to hear from you. What’s your takeaways from this episode? Come tell me over on Instagram:    Get the full show notes for this episode at  Shop website templates at  Join the waitlist for Booked Out Designer at    * If you love the Breakthrough Brand Podcast, but haven’t left a rating and review yet, would you mind taking a moment to do so? It helps other people like you find the show and means the world to me! *  
Jan 4
30 min
149: 4 Important Business Lessons I Learned in 2021 (+Recapping the Year, Talking Revenue, Growth, What Worked, What Didn’t)
I personally love these types of episodes — don’t you?! And I’ve done this yearly recap content on my podcast or blog typically every year, but skipped 2020. So, I’m back though to recap 2021 with you in this casual, fun episode with plenty of biz tips throughout!    I’m sharing some highlights from the year both personally and in my business, plus 4 specific business lessons I learned. I’ll also be talking about revenue numbers from this year compared to 2020, what WASN’T working for me this year and some things that were frustrating. And, at the end, I’ll be sharing what’s on the agenda for my business in 2022!    I hope you enjoy this casual episode! And, as we close out another year, I want to say THANK YOU for being here. Thank you for being a podcast listener. I appreciate you more than you know! If you’ve never reviewed or rated the show, would you mind doing so today?! It just takes a moment and helps others find this podcast.    I’d also love to hear from you in my annual survey. Take that here: — You’ll be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card for your time!    Links mentioned in this episode: - Get the full shownotes and all links mentioned:  - Take the annual survey:  - Join the Booked Out Designer waitlist:  - Shop templates:    Episodes mentioned:  - Recapping the Booked Out Designer launch: Episodes 110, 114  - Colin’s birth story: Episode 148  - Pregnancy Recaps: Episodes 107, 112, 118, 131 - Real estate podcast series: Episodes 134. 135, 136 
Dec 28, 2021
50 min
148: 10 Ways God Showed Up When Birth Didn’t Go As Planned (Colin’s Birth Story — Surrendering, God’s Goodness, and Unanswered Prayers)
Ready to hear Colin’s birth story?! My sweet son Colin entered the world on September 2nd, 2021, and I’m here today to tell you that story, but more importantly to tell you how God showed up in a difficult birth experience. My labor was long, scary at times, and not what I “wanted”. Things didn’t go according to MY plan, but the story is beautiful nonetheless!    Instead of focusing on the nitty gritty details of my labor experience, I’m going to hit the highlights and then tell you the 10 ways God showed up in the birth story. I want to encourage you to stay until the end too because I’ll be sharing some tips/takeaways for any expecting mamas! Plus, I saved one of my favorite ways God showed up for the VERY end… so stay until #10!    I’m recording this episode solo, but Adam was by my side the whole time and was such an amazing birth partner. I wish you guys could hear his perspective too, but us both sitting down to outline and record this together might have taken hours and we have a newborn to care for, haha.    I hope you enjoy this episode. Thank you for holding space for me to vulnerably share my experience with you, and I hope hearing Colin’s birth story points you to the goodness of God. I feel so blessed to be his mama, and stay tuned for more motherhood content on this podcast in the near future!    To get the show notes head to:  Connect on Instagram:  Near by Sally Lloyd-Jones:  Scripture mentioned: Ephesians 3:20; Matthew 6:30-32 
Dec 14, 2021
1 hr 2 min
147: How to Increase Your Profits in the New Year with a Quick Evaluation of These 4 Things
I run a pretty lean business — meaning lower expenses, higher profit margins! I’m proud of that. That’s a PRO of online business, we can be lean! However, so often we overspend without even thinking about it. It’s easy to just spend, spend, spend! Shiny object syndrome is real. And most of us (myself included) did not study finance, accounting, and bookkeeping in any professional capacity. We might struggle to really SEE where our money is going.    As we move into the new year, it’s the perfect time to evaluate what’s been happening in our business financially and what shifts we can make to improve our finances! Let’s look critically at our business’ finances today to see what shifts we can make to increase our profit margins! I am going to show you 4 areas to evaluate in your business finances to get your profits higher and spending lower for the new year!    Think you want more financial tools to track this kind of stuff? Check out my resource, Profit Sheet! This is the tool I created and have used for years to track my business finances. You can track everything from tax payments, to what you pay yourself monthly, profit margins, and so much more! Buy it at    Links mentioned in this episode: - Get the blog version/full show notes for this episode: - Get QuickBooks at 55% off:  - Get Profit Sheet for your business:  - Connect on Instagram:  - Shop Showit templates:  - Why You Shouldn’t Use Personal Venmo for Your Business: 
Nov 30, 2021
19 min
146: 3 Simple Ways To Drive MORE Organic Traffic to Your Website
You asked, I’m delivering! I keep hearing that you all want podcast content around SEO! That’s what this episode is all about. I am sharing some ways I specifically drive organic traffic in my business. These 3 things work for me, and they can work for you as well. I think through exploring these “SEO hacks”, it’ll give you a better understanding of SEO — especially if you’re someone who feels like SEO is “too over your head”. It might be a lot simpler than you’re thinking!    Our EM Shop Black Friday sale is underway RIGHT NOW! This is the biggest sale of the year. Haven’t had a sale this good since Black Friday 2020, and we won’t again until Black Friday 2022. All templates are 35% off and you’ll get 2 amazing bonuses with your purchase absolutely FREE. I’m also doing some fun giveaways for customers throughout the sale as an extra special treat. If you’re thinking about buying an EM Shop template, now is *literally* the best time of year to do so! To see all the sale deets go to  Be sure to sign up for emails as well so you can get details on the sale as it’s happening. I hope to see you join the EM Shop family soon!    Links mentioned in this episode: - Join the email list and get the Black Friday deals:  - Get the blog version/full show notes for this episode:  - Connect on Instagram:  - Shop Showit templates:   
Nov 23, 2021
19 min
145: Is a Showit Website Template Right for Your Business? (Software Integrations, How to Choose a Template, and SEO Strategy) — Part Two
Two episodes in ONE WEEK?! So fun right! I’m here with part two of our Showit Templates Q&A time. I’m answering the top questions I get about using Showit, my template shop, and other website design questions. These are coming to you straight from our inbox, and I’ll be answering them in the most easy to understand, non-techy way possible!    If you are interested in a template from me but have some questions first — this episode will likely (hopefully!) answer some of those questions. And, if you missed part one… scoot back to episode #144 for that! You don’t have to listen to both, but both will be helpful to you in understanding templates.    You’ll find time stamps below, so if you want to skip around this episode to find just what you need - you can!     [02:39] Do your templates integrate with (fill in the blank software)?  [06:03] I am struggling with which template to pick, I really love X one but also X one! How do I pick?  [09:43]Who are your templates not right for? [12:17] Who all uses your templates?  [14:54] What happens if I run into an issue and can’t figure something out? [19:25] How is the SEO game with your templates? Links mentioned in this episode: - Get the blog version/full show notes for this episode:  - Connect on Instagram:  - Shop Showit templates:  - Get 10% off your Showit subscription:  - See a full tour of the Showit Blueprint Course:  - Save on 30% on Dubsado:  - Save on FloDesk:  - Save on ConvertKit + Free Trial:  - Save on Kajabi + Free Trial:  - Save big on ThriveCart:    And, head back to episode #144 if you want to hear more questions answered! 
Nov 18, 2021
27 min
144: Is a Showit Website Template Right for Your Business? (The BIGGEST Questions We Get Asked About Using Templates!) — Part One!
If you are interested in a template from me but have some questions first — this episode will likely (hopefully!) answer some of those questions. And, this is a two parter, so in a few days I’m dropping another episode with more questions answered.    I’m explaining everything like friends sitting over coffee chatting web design. And I hope these answers will give you clarity around my templates, what they are, how they work, who they are for and all that good stuff! And if you’re like “I’m not really sure I even want or need a template, but I am curious about how website templates work and how Showit works” … then still totally tune in. I think there’s something here for you as well!    You’ll find time stamps below, so if you want to skip around this episode to find just what you need - you can!     [03:13] What are your templates? What exactly is a website template?  [05:32] What costs are involved with your templates?  [11:44] Can I change (fill in the blank thing) on the template?  [14:58] What is Showit? And how come it looks like Showit only is for photographers?  [20:46] Why does Showit use Wordpress? [24:39] If I have Wordpress already, will my blogs come over to Showit? Links mentioned in this episode: - Get the blog version/full show notes for this episode:  - Learn more about WordPress and Showit differences (episode #32):   - Connect on Instagram:  - Shop Showit templates:  - Get 10% off your Showit subscription:    And head to episode #145 right now to hear part two! 
Nov 16, 2021
28 min
143: 8 Time-Saving Hacks for Launching Your Website Template FASTER [Recast]
So you got a website template or maybe you’re thinking about getting a template, but you want things done ASAP. I’m talking about a 5 day set up then launched! It IS possible, and I’ve had many customers over the years get their sites done in a DAY and even more in a week or a few weeks. In today’s episode, I’m sharing tips for how to customize and launch your website template faster. Whether you have a template from me or someone else, whether it’s a Showit template or a Squarespace template — doesn’t matter, these tips will help you out!    Now, if this topic sounds familiar to you… it’s because the meat of this episode originally aired in 2020. It was a really popular one based both on downloads and feedback from you all. So whether you listened then and need a refresher or you totally never heard that one, but NEED IT… It’s back and here for you to check out. And with a fresh intro where I talk a little bit about what’s been going on with me lately in newborn life!    Your website can’t go to work for your business unless it’s live for the world to see. So, let’s get it live and up asap! Turn the volume up for my top 8 time-saving hacks to get your site up fast!  Get the full show notes for this episode at  Watch a tour of the Showit Blueprint Course mentioned in this episode:  Shop the EM Shop Showit Website Templates: See a showcase of what our amazing customers do with their sites: Take the website personality quiz:  See fun, free freebies and resources for your business:  Hang out on Instagram:  As always, thank you for listening! And if you found this episode helpful, I’d love for you to leave a rating and/or review and share it with a friend who this could help!   
Nov 9, 2021
40 min
142: Living a Well-Watered Life as a Business Owner with Gretchen Saffles (Social Media Boundaries, How to Study the Bible, Serving God in the Mundane, Motherhood, and the Struggle to “Balance It All”)
This episode blessed me so much to record it, and I just know it’s going to bless you right now as you listen to it. So, get ready to be encouraged in your faith and in your business! I’m talking to my friend, Gretchen Saffles. Gretchen is the owner and creator of Well-Watered Women, which is an online ministry and shop that reaches women worldwide with the hope of the gospel. Gretchen is a mom to 2 sweet boys and a wife to her husband of 9 years. And, she’s the author of The Well-Watered Woman, which I am totally loving right now! (And at the time this airs, I will have finished reading!) We cover a wide variety of topics today as you’ll see in the title, but you can get a glimpse into some of what we hit on below.    Some of the topics we’ll cover:  - Gretchen’s business story - starting her business 8 years ago to what it is now  - Practical ways to set boundaries around social media as business owners  - How to study the Bible when you don’t know where to start or feel you don’t have the time  - How we can seek God in whatever season of life we’re in  - How we can lean into God and serve him even in the mundane moments (like folding laundry or the behind the scenes work in your business)  - The pressure to “balance it all” as women and how living a well-watered life is vital  - Why we don’t need “Jesus Plus Coffee” (or fill in the blank) and how we can find our satisfaction in Him alone  - Setting goals as business owners without making them an idol  - How to be in your season of what God has called you to do without comparing yourself to others … and so much more!    Get the full shownotes with all linked mentioned at  Connect with Elizabeth on her website at  Connect with Gretchen on her website at  Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at  Connect with Gretchen on Instagram at and  And, you can find the Well-Watered Woman book on Amazon here: 
Nov 2, 2021
1 hr 8 min
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