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Welcome to the Breakthrough Brand Podcast, hosted by Elizabeth McCravy. Each week, I’ll bring you workshop-style trainings that teach you how to stand out online, design success from the inside out, and create a breakthrough business. It’s time to turn viewers into raving fans and design the business and life of your dreams.
082: 7 Secrets to Working Smarter, Not Harder (Be More Productive & Get Hours of Your Life Back!)
I’m really excited about this episode of various productivity hacks for you! As the title says, I’m all about working smarter, not harder. That doesn’t mean that intentional work isn’t important, but instead that we should make the absolute most of our time spent working. Interesting thing: I rarely work more than 40-45 hours in a week for my business, but have been able to build a multiple six-figure a year business on that time. It’s not about the hours you put in, but about how productive those hours are.    In this episode, I’m sharing 7 little hacks that help me be more productive — from what I listen to in the workday to managing my calendar! My challenge for you is to pick 2 of these things and implement them into your life this week. Even with just 2, I think you’ll see huge improvements. Now turn up the volume and get pumped for some time-saving hacks!  Links Mentioned in This Episode:  Binaural Beats Audio on YouTube:  Episode #46 of this podcast for my best calendar tips — just scroll back to find it!  Episode #76 of this podcast for my best inbox management tips — just scroll back to find it!  Connect with me on Instagram and tell me what you’ll be implementing:  Come hang out on my website:    Get the full show notes for this episode: 
Sep 8
41 min
081: 8 Time-Saving Hacks for Launching Your Website Template FASTER
So you got a website template or maybe you’re thinking about getting a template, but you want things done ASAP. I’m talking about a 5 day set up then launched! It IS possible, and I’ve had many customers over the years get their sites done in a DAY and even more in a week or a few weeks. In today’s episode, I’m sharing tips for how to customize and launch your website template faster. Whether you have a template from me or someone else, whether it’s a Showit template or a Squarespace template — doesn’t matter, these tips will help you out!    Your website can’t go to work for your business unless it’s live for the world to see. So, let’s get it live and up asap! Turn the volume up for my top 8 time-saving hacks to get your site up fast!    Get the full show notes for this episode at  Watch a tour of the Showit Blueprint Course mentioned in this episode:  Shop the EM Shop Showit Website Templates: See a showcase of what our amazing customers do with their sites:   As always, thank you for listening! And if you found this episode helpful, I’d love for you to leave a rating and/or review and share it with a friend who this could help! 
Sep 1
40 min
080: 5 Secrets for Using Dubsado to Attract and Book More Ideal Design Clients
Want to attract and book more ideal clients? Ready to have more leads turn into paying clients? These 5 secrets will teach you how. A little while ago, I hosted a live webinar with one of my favorite software companies, Dubsado, as part of their summer sale. It was really fun, I got to hang out live with tons of other designers and small business owners and teach some big strategies for marketing! This webinar was such a hit that I asked Dubsado if I could share it on the podcast. They happily said yes. So, in this episode, you’ll hear the audio from that webinar plus a fabulous Q&A at the end where some really great questions were asked!    I’d recommend downloading the slides to get the full experience here and to help you implement what I’m teaching. To download the slides as a PDF, go to If you’re not a designer, but instead another type of service business, there is still so much to gain here. When I did the live webinar, I had some bookkeepers, copywriters, photographers, and coaches watching and they loved it too. So, just apply what I say to your business type.    To get the slides (for a visual of everything I share), see them here:   If you want to watch the webinar instead of just listening, you can watch the replay here:   To get 30% off your Dubsado subscription + a free trial, sign up here:    Visit Elizabeth’s website:   Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram: ________________ Timestamps:  Secret #1 - 9:15 Secret #2 - 13:24 Secret #3 - 20:50 Secret #4 - 26:35 Secret #5 - 32:09   Question #1 When should I send a potential client to my scheduler to book a call? 41:00 Question #2 Should I ask for a potential client’s budget on my contact form? 42:03 Question #3 Can you offer a call option to potential clients if you list a starting price on your services page?  43:23 Question #4 Do you have to incentivize clients to fill out your survey? 44:48 Question #5 Do you set up a “Coming Soon” page for custom website clients while you are working on their new website? 45:26 Question #6 What do you do when your clients launch or promote their products until later? 46:51 Question #7 How do you handle promotion for high profile clients? 49:14 Question #8 What to do for clients who are interested in multiple options on your contact form? 52:02    
Aug 25
55 min
079: How to Systemize Your Inbox so You Can Spend Less Time Emailing
I hate emailing. There I said it! The “inbox management hustle” is one of my least favorite business things, but creating SYSTEMS around emailing has certainly helped me enjoy it more. Emailing is such a vital part of running a business. It’s how we communicate with customers, potential customers, and so much more. But, spending ALL DAY in your inbox is not “vital” and is actually a total waste of time.    In this episode, I’m giving you 7 strategies for how to systematize your inbox right now — whether you get 15 emails a day or 200. Starting NOW on creating an organized inbox will be a key to scaling your business long term. Some of these strategies you may already do, while others might feel totally new. Listen through all of them, and then I challenge you to take 3 of them that resonate with you the most and implement them this week!    Links Mentioned: - Get the full show notes and all links mentioned:  - Connect with me on Instagram:  - Get a trial + 30% off of your Dubsado subscription: 
Aug 18
39 min
078: How to Confidently Film Yourself (like a Pro!) and Create Magnetic Video Marketing Content
If I told you right now “Hey, you should do a live on social media this week, show your face on stories, or make a video about your service!”, does that scare you? If you’re like most online entrepreneurs it does! Video can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Video is a key way to connect more with your audience and make a bigger impact in your business. It just takes some learning and practice! That’s where my guest today comes in!    Friends, meet Patricia Kelikani. She is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and video coach who shows entrepreneurs how to make more money in their business with video. So, if you’re ready to learn how to film yourself like a pro and create magnetic video content, turn up the volume and tune in!    Get the full show notes and all links mentioned for this episode at    Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at  Connect with Patricia on Instagram at See Patricia’s website at     
Aug 11
50 min
077: Insider Scoop Alert! The Making of My Online Course for Designers
The secret is finally OUT. I’m creating a program for designers on how to create and run a booked out design business. I’m SO excited to share this program with you! So, I was on a walk a few days ago thinking and brainstorming this course, and had the bright idea to take YOU ALL along for the journey with me. So throughout this process, I will do episodes updating you on where things are at. Ever thought about making a course or digital offer in your business? Thinking you might want to GET this course when I release it? Either way, this episode will have some lessons and learnings for you!    My hope is that these episodes will be inspiring, entertaining to listen to, and full of little tidbits throughout that will help you grow your business.    Here’s a bit of what we’re covering today: - Building “bridges” in your business and why you should nail one offer before adding the next  - Business dream journals - what and why you should have one - Why I’m making this course and why NOW  - Some of the nitty-gritty details of what will be included  - The struggles I’ve had so far in the creation process and what I’m learning - Pre-selling, beta testers, or straight up launching? — I’m sharing what I’ll be doing here!  - A fun thing I’m doing right now to talk 1:1 with potential customers  - Figuring out prices, names, and so much more!  If you’re like “Hey! This course sounds amazing. Count me IN!”, then head over to You’ll be able to get on a waitlist for the program and/or take a survey for me to give your own input for what you want in this course. I am making this course FOR YOU, so I want your input on what you want to learn!    Get on the waitlist: Shop website templates: Connect on Instagram:
Aug 4
44 min
076:  7 Money Mistakes You Might Be Making as a Creative Entrepreneur
It’s time we talk about our business finances! Today’s guest is Dondrea Owens! She is the owner of The Creative’s CFO. As a certified public accountant, she specializes in helping small business owners know their numbers, so that they can grow their profit, up-level their life, and keep more money while doing it.   This content is specialized to YOU. This isn’t some advice for restaurant business owners or manufacturing businesses. Nope —  she’s sharing common mistakes that creatives make — designers, photographers, artists, wedding industry pros, copywriters, and even coaches. You’ll walk away from this episode with a better understanding of your business finances and the confidence to make smarter money decisions going forward.   She’s sharing 7 common money mistakes that creative women make in their businesses, and some of these mistakes you might be making RIGHT NOW. I certainly resonated with a few of these as being mistakes I’ve made in my business early on. We’re also giving you key ways to correct the mistake going forward.  An invitation for you: If you’re listening to this LIVE, then I’ll be doing a live webinar today (Tuesday, July 28th) with Dubsado. I’m sharing 5 Secrets for Using Dubsado to Attract and Book More Ideal Design Clients. If you’re a graphic designer, this is for you! And, Dubsado is having their BIG SUMMER SALE on July 27th - July 31st. To get an additional 30% off during their already amazing sale, use the code “ELIZABETH30” to save.    To watch the webinar (or the replay) visit:  To learn more about Dubsado and get a direct link to sign up via my code:  To get the full show notes and links mentioned for this episode, head to     Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at  Connect with Dondrea on Instagram at    [This month, we’re doing a weekly business book giveaway! To enter just leave a review on Apple Podcasts. (Seriously that’s it.) And, if you’re already reviewed, share about the podcast to your Instagram stories! We are randomly selecting one winner each week of July! Leave a rating and review to enter!]
Jul 28
46 min
075: Ask Elizabeth Anything: Instagram Marketing, Indecision, Business Budgeting, Haters, and More!
I’m answering your questions today, and we’re covering everything from budgeting in your business to online haters, exercising, indecision, and so much more. These are questions listeners sent in from a survey and on social media. You might even hear your name on here! ;)    Here’s a sampling of the questions you’ll hear me answer on this episode: - How do you budget best when your income is inconsistent? - Do you ever get hateful messages online? How do you handle them?  - How do you market yourself well if you’re introverted, especially on Instagram stories? - Is your husband an entrepreneur too?? What does he do for work? … and a bunch more!    I get really real on this one, and I hope what I’m sharing helps encourage you to grow your business boldly! If you want to hear the previous “Ask Me Anything” episode, scroll back to episode #41!    For shownotes head to Connect with me on Instagram at Shop website templates:    This month, we’re doing a weekly business book giveaway! To enter just leave a review on Apple Podcasts. (Seriously that’s it.) And, if you’re already reviewed, share about the podcast to your Instagram stories! We are randomly selecting one winner each week of July!   
Jul 21
39 min
074: How to Write Personality-Packed Copy That Entertains AND Sells
Today we’re talking about copywriting, but not just any ole copy — copy that is personality-packed, entertaining, and ultimately makes the sale. I’m chatting with my friend and copywriting expert, Brittany McBean about 8 specific tactics you can use to improve your copywriting. These tips apply to your whole website, your sales pages, and even your email marketing. You guys know I LOVE copywriting, I love helping you create more sales through your words, your designs, and everything in between, and this episode has so many tactical ways to do EXACTLY THAT.    What You’ll Learn: - How to include sensory details in your copywriting - The best way to talk about yourself in your copywriting - How to use market research to get a jumpstart on your copy  - How to use the 5 emotions to invoke deep feelings in the reader - What reading level you should be writing at and how to double-check yourself - How to create your very own “copy vault”  … and so much more!    Our lovely guest today, Brittany McBean, is a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist who helps online educators and creatives stand out with crystal clear messaging and a laser-focused strategy—writing the words that get you seen by the right people so you can make a maximum impact and income.    To get the full show notes and links mentioned for this episode, head to    Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at Connect with Brittany on Instagram at   This month, we’re doing a weekly business book giveaway! To enter just leave a review on Apple Podcasts. (Seriously that’s it.) And, if you’re already reviewed, share about the podcast to your Instagram stories! We are randomly selecting one winner each week of July! Leave a rating and review to enter!
Jul 14
59 min
073: Visualization Techniques and Mindset Tactics to Create a Success in Your Business
My goal for this episode is that it will inspire you to believe in yourself, see what’s possible for your business, and give you some practical tools to create the business of your dreams. We’re talking about visualization, mindset, goal setting, future self, and so much more!    What You’ll Learn in This Episode: - 3 reasons why visualization is key to creating your desired business  - 5 ways I use visualization and mindset to create success  - Real-life visualization and mindset examples that you can take and make your own - My absolute favorite journal prompt  - How to figure out what your crazy dream for your business is  Before I get into the topic, you’ll hear me struggle through talking about how my wonderful dad just recently passed away. I stumble through everything I say on the audio, as you can imagine the grieving process is weird and this is the first episode I’m recording since his passing away. I just wanted to note that this won’t be the last time I talk about this, but I wanted this to be the first thing I recorded since stepping back into the office because this topic is something my dad suggested I do an episode about. When I was interviewed on James Wedmore’s Podcast (episode #368), I talk about visualization and how it’s played a role in my business. My dad listened to that interview not once, but twice, and encouraged me to do a full episode on that piece of the conversation. I am missing my dad SO much as I type this, but I also feel a peace knowing that he is with the Lord in heaven. I appreciate your prayers and loving messages during this time. I’ve read every single one. Please keep praying for us during this strange time, and even though I felt a bit “off” as I recorded this, I hope you get something beautiful from the content in this episode!    Links Mentioned: - Get the full show notes and all links mentioned:  - Get the journal prompts download:  - Listen to my interview on James Wedmore’s podcast:  - Connect with me on Instagram: 
Jul 7
36 min
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