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Breakthrough Brand Podcast
Elizabeth McCravy
Welcome to the Breakthrough Brand Podcast, hosted by Elizabeth McCravy. Each week, I’ll bring you workshop-style trainings that teach you how to stand out online, design success from the inside out, and create a breakthrough business. It’s time to turn viewers into raving fans and design the business and life of your dreams.
004. How to Ditch the 9-to-5 Mentality & Correct Your Money Mindset
32 minutes Posted Mar 12, 2019 at 1:00 am.
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    In this episode, we talk all about money, time and effort. I go into some deep work that’s been happening in my own life around money blocks I used to believe. We join the entrepreneurial world from the employee perspective, where being a good employee means working “harder”, but that’s not what being a good entrepreneur is. If you’re interested in how you can be more productive, scale your business, and work past mental blocks that are holding you back, then this podcast episode is for you.   We focus big time on these two questions: Do you believe that you have to work hard to have money? Do you believe that money comes from your effort? And, we debunk myths around the idea of hard work.   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: - As the CEO of your business, you will not earn more money by sitting at your desk longer. - How I believed for a long time that I needed to trade my time for money in my business - Why working more hours to “earn” a vacation doesn’t work - 3 things that prove that money doesn’t come from effort, time, or “working hard” - 4 practical ways to ditch the employee mindset - The question you need to be asking when you start your workday - Why I don’t like the word “busy” (and why you won’t hear me say that I’m busy) - How managing your time well doesn’t just happen on it’s own, and 4 tools to help you   Shownotes: Podcast Webpage: