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We are Dallin and Maren Droubay, the husband and wife duo who promise to keep things real. This is the podcast where we will chat about everything from the worst marriage advice we’ve ever received to our over-analysis of children’s entertainment! Most importantly, we will introduce you to some of the best people in the world. Our guests are guaranteed to make you laugh and maybe even cry, as we hit on the raw topics of marriage, parenthood and much, much more. This is a podcast for moms, dads, husbands, wives, and anyone who wants to laugh with us. Thanks for joining Both of Us!
Episode 20: Presence, Relationships and Overcoming: An Interview with Annalece Misiego, creator of Famology
WHAT. AN. INTERVIEW. You will want to listen to this entire thing! Annalece Misiego is joining us for plenty of tears and inspiration as she shares her life-altering stroke survival story, and the massive recovery she endured in the midst of early motherhood, marriage and pregnancy. She will talk about the lessons she learned in being present, finding joy, and seriously changing your core when experiencing a trial. And that’s not all! Annalece is the creator and founder of Famology- an online platform for bringing families together and exploring all kinds of family dynamics. She’ll talk about the ins and outs of her marriage to someone from a different culture and background, and how to cultivate more kindness in general. This interview is amazing- and that’s just the half of it. So turn up your volume and get ready to be inspired! You can find Annalece on Instagram at: @famology @annalecemisiego Please comment, review and subscribe below! Or reach out to us: Email: Insta: @bothofuspodcast Happy New Year!
May 1, 2019
1 hr 5 min
Episode 19: Boundaries, Simplifying, and Important Holiday Conversations
Anyone else a bit overwhelmed when filling out the December calendar? If you’re like us, you’ve probably had to have some boundary-setting, simplifying conversations this season, and if not- you should! In today’s episode we will discuss a much-requested topic that holds up ALL YEAR: How to manage, maintain and navigate all those extended family events, create your OWN family traditions, and how to let go of guilt when simplifying your life as your own family unit! We will talk about ways we have simplified, and some ways we wish to improve this season and next! In the end, remember: it’s ok to say no! And it’s ok to say YES to what makes you and your family happiest! We hope you will join us for this real and honest conversation about a much-avoided marital topic! Give us your feedback! Email: Insta: @bothofuspodcast Please review this episode if you loved it, and share with someone who needs it! Here’s where you can go to help us #lighttheworld :
Dec 22, 2018
40 min
Episode 18: Becoming Homemaker-ish! with Kendra Hennessy, creator of Mother Like a Boss!
Episode 18: Becoming Homemaker-ish! with Kendra Hennessy, creator of Mother Like a Boss!  This episode, you guys. Whoa. Whether you love to clean or completely 100% HATE. IT. This is for YOU! Husbands, wives, homemakers, one and all! Come listen to this woman talk about how to find joy in making a home, and how to speed up the process and remove the pressure from cleaning, organizing, and everything in-between. The wisdom in this episode is amazing, and you will want to be Kendra’s best friend by the end!  Kendra is the founder and creator of Mother Like A Boss, a blog, podcast and platform to help you cultivate joy in maintaining your home, and becoming homemaker-ISH! Her programs are fantastic, and this interview is all of that in one!  Plus we will geek out over The Office for a good 5 minutes so you really don’t want to miss this, do you?!  Have a listen and reach out to let us know what you thought!  You can find Kendra Hennessy at:  Insta: @motherlikeaboss  And wherever you get your podcasts!  Contact us!  Insta: @bothofuspodcast  Email:  Subscribe and review! We LOVE YOU!!
Dec 11, 2018
46 min
Episode 17: Holiday Gift Guide
Episode 17: Holiday Gift Guide We are back! In today’s episode, we will explain our absence and kick off the holidays with some road-tripping tips (AKA don’t make yourself miserable!), and a HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE! Just in time for cyber week! We thought long and hard about our gift recommendations, and we are claiming these as fool-proof! If you’re struggling to decide what to get for your husband, wife, toddlers, or in-laws, we gotcha covered! Links included! We are so grateful for all of you- thanks for listening! Please subscribe and leave us a review! It would be the best gift you could ever give us this season. Visit us at: Instagram- @bothofuspodcast Links from today’s episode! For Her: LOVE POP CARDS PROMPTLY JOURNALS MADE BY MARY PERSONALIZED JEWELRY For Him: ENSO SILICONE RINGS STEAM GIFT CARDS TILE FINDER For Littles: ACCORDION TUNNEL TODDLER SLIDE MELISSA & DOUG INSTRUMENT SET LITTLE PEOPLE FARM SET MELISSA & DOUG WOODEN PUZZLES BABYLIT BOOKS ABC TRACING BOOK For "the" Parents: PERSONALIZED CALENDAR ROKU KINDLE PRESSURE COOKER
Nov 28, 2018
33 min
Episode 16: Unconventional Marriage in The Big Apple: An Interview with actress, Whitney Uland
Episode 16: Unconventional Marriage in The Big Apple: An Interview with actress, Whitney Uland. Today’s interview is going to change your life, friends! Whitney Uland is an actress, writer and producer on film and stage, currently living in New York City with her husband of 6 years!  From Whitney’s experiences in marriage, loss and acting we will learn all kinds of excellent marriage advice such as how to make time for one another, simple ways to bond, and the importance of supporting and cheering one another on.  We will also talk about life in New York, and Whitney’s impressive and intriguing career! This is not an episode to miss!  Let us know what you think by reviewing, or reaching out to us: Insta: @bothofuspodcast  Email:  Whitney’s Instagram: @whitneyuland  Website:
Oct 23, 2018
56 min
Episode 15: Side Hustling: The Inside Scoop, Our Hustles, and the Value of Pursuing Creative Endeavors
This is an episode we are very excited for!  Join us today as we chat about SIDE HUSTLES in all of their different forms, and what kinds of creative and financial value they add to our life! We will share some of the results from our Instagram poll, and explore different kinds of side hustles, as well as the ones we invest our time in! You will get the inside scoop on Maren’s writing jobs, Dallin’s videography and, of course, the behind-the-scenes info on our podcast! We will share how it came about, and our process for recording and producing!  That’s not even the best part! Later in the episode, we will hear from a dad, husband and entrepreneur who started his own side hustle of all side hustles- Bacon. Hunter Sebresos will talk to us about the importance of pursuing creative endeavors, and the stress and reward of providing for a family.  This episode is seriously chalk-full of good information, inside info, and as always- zero filter! We hope you love it, and we’d love to hear about your side hustles!  Here’s a link to Dallin’s Board Game: Game If you actually want to buy it, email us and we’ll send it to you! Please reach out to us and let us know what you think!  Insta: @bothofuspodcast  Email:  Today’s Sponsor: Bacon, Inc.  Visit to earn and extra $5 on your first job!  Review, subscribe, let us know how you feel! We love our listeners! Have a great week from Both of Us!
Oct 9, 2018
1 hr 9 min
Episode 14: Wellness, Health and Harmony: An Interview with Sarah Eve Benson- Certified Herbalist and Hippie Mama
Today, Maren will have an enlightening interview with down-to-earth, Sarah Benson. Sarah is the creator of a health and wellness platform and certified herbalist, as well as a wife and “hippie mama”! Not only will this interview open your eyes on matters of mental, physical and spiritual health, but give some practical and easy tips to get started right now on a journey to a more holistic lifestyle!  We will chat about the affects of social media on mental health, the importance of slowing down and caring for ourselves, as well as some tips for forming more real connections!  Sarah’s insights on marriage and her philosophies on parenting are so inspiring, and her overall laid back and earthy personality is so fun to get to know. We hope you enjoy this episode, and stay tuned to the end for some bonus content- a short interview with Sarah’s husband, Greg, who wanted to give his side of their “love story”.  As always, please let us know what you think of the episode!  Insta: @bothofuspodcast  Breathe meditation app Headspace meditation app Connect with Sarah!  Insta: @wellnesswitheve Email:  Featured Sponsor: Bacon, Inc.  Sign up for Bacon at to earn an extra $5 when you work your first job! Bacon allows you to find one-time jobs for businesses in your area! Bacon is like Uber, but helps anyone to get their side-hustle on!
Sep 25, 2018
38 min
Episode 13: Disneyland with Toddlers
We are back! We took a mid-season break last week to visit the Happiest Place on Earth! This time around we had even MORE fun than usual, and learned an awful lot about how to be successful at Disneyland with little ones!  In this episode we will talk about our favorite rides, food, and experiences to have with our toddlers in the park! We will share our tried and true methods for stress-free and money-saving fun, and our philosophy on how to handle those pesky tantrums! (Hint: They don’t have to ruin the fun!)  We will reminisce on some of our favorite moments from this trip as well as just laugh like usual.  We hope this episode is as enjoyable for you Disney-lovers as it is helpful!  Links:  Disneyland Events & Parade Info: GetAwayToday Disney Promotion: Disneyland App: Disneyland® by Disney Featured Sponsor Bacon, Inc. visit to sign up and earn an extra $5 when you work your first job! Please subscribe, review and contact us with questions, comments and feedback! Insta: @bothofuspodcast
Sep 18, 2018
40 min
Episode 12: Comparison, Kindness, and Creativity: An Interview with Ashlee Gadd, Writer and Creator of Coffee and Crumbs
Today we are graced by the creator of Coffee and Crumbs, Ashlee Gadd! Coffee and Crumbs is an online community and podcast where mothers can share their stories, and find camaraderie together. Ashlee is an author, and mother to two boys and one baby girl on the way! In this episode, she will talk about how very normal she is (cereal for dinner? We’ve all been there!) And we will conquer the topic of COMPARISON. We will realize that comparison is a heart problem, that there is room to believe in abundance, and that we are ALL sacrificing something. Our hope is that you will feel empowered and receive the tools to overcome comparison, or at least soften the blow! We will tackle “V.H.E.” (aka. the marriage syndrome of ‘very high expectations’) as well as the importance of speaking kindly about our spouse! Ashlee will elaborate on her career path, her newly published book, ‘The Magic of Motherhood’, and how this large and growing community came to life. Of course, we will learn about Ashlee’s Disneyland favorites as well!   This truly is such a good episode, chalk full of content to make your day that much brighter! You can find Ashlee online at:  Instagram: @coffeeandcrumbs  @ashleegadd  Coffee and Crumbs Podcast on ITunes Purchase ‘The Magic of Motherhood’ here ‘I Became A Mother In That Chair’ essay Let us know what you think, by reaching out to us:  Insta: @bothofuspodcast  Email:  And please, as always, subscribe and leave a review below!  Featured Sponsor: Bacon, Inc.  Never be jobless! Bacon is like Uber, but for all kinds of jobs for companies in your area! Join Bacon, for free, by following our link and you can get an EXTRA $5 when you work your first job:
Sep 4, 2018
37 min
Episode 11: “Reality” Television
You love to hate it, and hate that you love it! (And we are here to tell you that even if you think you don’t love it... you do. You’re going to tell us that you don’t like Chip & Jo?) This episode is purely for your entertainment, and honestly, we tried to keep it educational but might have laughed way too much for that! From Gordon Ramsey (and Dallin’s surprisingly accurate impersonations) to Queer Eye, we will be hitting on all kinds of reality TV shows, and our recommendations/observations. Poor Dallin has been dragged into this world since saying “I do” and now you can be too! In all seriousness, we do appreciate a TV show where dreams come true. And we greatly acknowledge the contrast between British and American cooking shows. (Hell’s Kitchen vs. The Great British Baking Show... I mean, are we barbarians over here?) As always, we will give our undying love to The Amazing Race, and a special shout out to Kylo Ren’s version of Undercover Boss. Don’t take this one too seriously, just know that “we are here for the right reasons”. We hope you enjoy THE MOST DRAMATIC EPISODE EVER. *Also, we have improved our audio and volume levels- please let us know if it was a better listening experience!* As always, please review, subscribe & reach out to us! We love to hear your feedback. Insta: @bothofuspodcast Email: Featured Sponsor: Bacon Inc. Bacon is like Uber, but for all kinds of short-term, one-time jobs for companies in your area! Visit to get an extra $5 when you work your first job! Angelica Hale: Pants on the Ground: Kylo Ren Undercover Boss SNL skit: *We own no rights to the TV shows and/or networks mentioned*
Aug 28, 2018
44 min
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