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Both of Us
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Episode 12: Comparison, Kindness, and Creativity: An Interview with Ashlee Gadd, Writer and Creator of Coffee and Crumbs
37 minutes Posted Sep 4, 2018 at 12:58 am.
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Show notes
Today we are graced by the creator of Coffee and Crumbs, Ashlee Gadd! Coffee and Crumbs is an online community and podcast where mothers can share their stories, and find camaraderie together. Ashlee is an author, and mother to two boys and one baby girl on the way! In this episode, she will talk about how very normal she is (cereal for dinner? We’ve all been there!) And we will conquer the topic of COMPARISON. We will realize that comparison is a heart problem, that there is room to believe in abundance, and that we are ALL sacrificing something. Our hope is that you will feel empowered and receive the tools to overcome comparison, or at least soften the blow! We will tackle “V.H.E.” (aka. the marriage syndrome of ‘very high expectations’) as well as the importance of speaking kindly about our spouse! Ashlee will elaborate on her career path, her newly published book, ‘The Magic of Motherhood’, and how this large and growing community came to life. Of course, we will learn about Ashlee’s Disneyland favorites as well!  
This truly is such a good episode, chalk full of content to make your day that much brighter!
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‘I Became A Mother In That Chair’ essay
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