Body Wise Podcast
Body Wise Podcast
Cristina Curp, Laura Mar
Welcome to Body Wise podcast with your hosts (and sisters) Laura Mar, Sexual Health Educator, and Cristina Curp, NTP, as they navigate the intricacies of the body’s innate wisdom and our strong intuition. Join us for meaningful conversations and expert interviews dissecting the rituals surrounding food, cooking, movement, sex, love, and mindfulness.
#032: How to Tell Your Story with Rebekah Borucki
Cristina talks with Rebekah Borucki: mother of five, an author, founder of Row House Publishing and Wheat Penny Press, meditation guide, birth doula, and mentor for creative healers. Bex actively advocates for her community and is a living example of how to openly stand for social justice within your business. Together, they talk about how to tell your story authentically while working equity into the industry. Show notes:
Apr 14
46 min
#031: Being a Boss Lady with Autoimmune Disease with Jennifer Robins
Cristina talks with Jennifer Robins, the superhuman behind Predominantly Paleo, Legit Bread Co., five published cookbooks, and thousands of delicious recipes. Jen knows firsthand the importance of true self care that supports her health and wellness. This episode is full of tips, tricks, and empowerment; your autoimmune disease won’t stop you from doing everything you want, but you can’t forget the importance of true self care! Show notes:
Mar 31
42 min
#030: Functional Medicine and Beyond with Dr. Brandy Victory
Cristina talks with Dr. Brandy Victory about the layers of healing, going all the way to the root cause and imparting wellness on the cellular level. So many of us have been convinced that we are not active experts on our own healing, but the truth is we all have a divine right and ability to heal. So how do we tap into that, and what can we do with that information? This episode covers a little bit of everything. Show notes:
Mar 14
43 min
#029: COVID Year in Review with Justin Curp
Cristina and Justin reminisce about the last year: COVID-19, quarantine, deployment, separation, parenting, adulting, moving, and the collective loss we’ve all felt. From lack of community to lack of stimulation, losing loved ones and jobs and homes … together, as a society, we’ve been through a lot. It’s important to look back and recognize the weight of this last year, along with the support systems that helped us make it through. Show notes:
Feb 28
35 min
#028: Life After Vulvar Cancer with Heather Cooan
Cristina and Laura get to talk with Heather Coonan about her experience with vulvar cancer. From the diagnosis to treatment, plus the healing process and everything that comes after, Heather shares her story, beyond cancer. Heather’s grace and raw honesty empowers us all to pursue a different path in our individual healing journeys, and in our relationships with our bodies and pleasure as women. Show notes:
Feb 14
1 hr 5 min
#027: Auditing Your Lifestyle for Lasting Habits with Anya Perry and Brianna Wilkerson
Cristina meets with Anya Perry and Brianna Wilkerson to get to the core of how to set realistic, sustainable goals. They explore new year resolutions, why diets don’t work, and the types of habits you should focus on instead to get the results you REALLY want. Show notes:
Jan 31
38 min
#026: The Invisible Corset with Lauren Geertsen
Cristina chats with body connection coach Lauren Geertsen about how we can heal our relationship with food while healing the relationship and trust we have with our bodies. Lauren is the author of The Invisible Corset and has dedicated herself to helping clients around the world trust their bodies and step into their soul purpose. Show notes:
Jan 14
51 min
#025: Finding More Play in the Year Ahead with Cristina Curp and Laura Mar
Cristina and Laura are celebrating Body Wise Podcast’s 1 year anniversary with a 2020 wrap up and some thoughts for the year ahead. They explore how we can all get back to ourselves after so much trauma and so many dysregulating experiences -- it doesn’t have to be complicated! We can get back into our bodies and our hearts through playfulness, laughter, and fully embracing moments of childlike joy. Happy New Year from Body Wise to you and yours!
Dec 31, 2020
35 min
#024: The Space Between Healing Protocols and Weight Loss Diets with Cristina Curp
Cristina is interrupting the regularly scheduled body shaming diet dogma to bring you a new perspective on pursuing health in the new year. We’ve all had enough to deal with in 2020, let’s not start another year off by traumatizing ourselves with diet culture. Instead, Cristina is inviting you to explore the space between healing protocols and weight loss diets to find what really makes you thrive. Show notes:
Dec 14, 2020
29 min
#023: Everyday Latina with Gemma Aguayo-Murphy
Cristina talks with Gemma Aguayo-Murphy about Latinx heritage and cooking. From healthy swaps to dealing with guilt from swapping seasonings possibly shaming the ancestors, making meals work for the entire family, finding flavors that fit your food intolerances, and more. Show notes:
Nov 30, 2020
38 min
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