Body Wise Podcast
Body Wise Podcast
Cristina Curp, Laura Mar
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Good info not overwhelming
Easy listen. Empowering
Love love Cristina
This podcast is like an extension of her Instagram. I can listen to her talk about food, health & wellness for days.
Truly Raw stories, information & overall amazing
I have followed Cristina for quite some time now. I have yo-yo’d in my healthy lifestyle. She is so inspiring not only in her journey but how RAW & open she is about it all! I am enjoying her guests, her stories and getting to myself to reconnect with food in a healthy way!
Taco Tita Tuesday
Hidden Gem Among Never Ending Health Opinions
I have been following Castaway Kitchen for some time and have always loved Cristina’s work, recipes, etc. I’ve dabbled with Paleo, Keto, Crossfit, Essential Oils, etc but at the end of the day, I fall off the wagon and I’m back to being overweight with a cocktail in my hand complaining about something. This cycle is ending with BodyWise! Cristina has done such as amazing job of bringing together such a wide range of people and subjects that touch on all aspects of health, mind, and spirit. They have made me laugh, made me cry, and got me thinking and moving about how to empower myself to make better choices and let go of the guilt when I slip up. Every episode is my favorite and even when I’m not sure if I’m “into it” I come out feeling better and inspired - but not shameful and lacking. It’s a tough balance to get right and this has done it! I’m busy, we all are, but I’ve made the time to listen and it has really made a tremendous impact in my life. Better yet, I’m beginning to see the “big” picture. It’s not about looking fit, being skinny, eating kale. It’s about a whole body approach. Thank you! Keep up the good work!
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You should be listening to this
I have been sharing this podcast with all my friends. Thank you for the honesty and information. As I have gone through my own journey it has often felt lonely. To hear your stories, insights, and laughter brightens my day
Worthwhile Listening
Recently came upon these podcasts and have enjoyed the topics and the information.
It’s the real deal
I’ve alway been a huge fan of Christina and her work and this podcast is no exception. I love her and Laura’s perspectives on ALL things health and wellness and they aren’t afraid to talk about subjects that other people aren’t willing to talk about. So far the interviews have been fantastic and I can’t wait for new episodes!
Love Body Wise
Cristina and Laura make you feel like you’re sitting at their kitchen table talking to friends. They’re open and honest and fun and real! I’ve always taken a nugget from listening to each podcast. I’m a fan!!
Thank You
I am really enjoying this podcast. I love everything Christina puts out and appreciate this new platform. This podcast episode with a Peace Love Low Caen was meaningful because it is good to learn that influencers want to take the time to get to know their audience! I also loved tips about setting boundaries and learning what is best for you! Can’t wait to get my new book in a few days!
Tiffany Blitz
Love the podcast! I’ve learned so much already, I can’t wait for your new book!
Real authenticity
Thank you for taking us on this journey with you! I so appreciate the real raw authentic Christina! I loved you as a guest on The Paleo Cardiologist Podcast and so grateful to you for making a positive impact on my health!
Episode 2
Love these ladies. I’ve been following Cristina for about 2 years and have learned so much! Thank you for this episode. Thank you for your realness and vulnerability.
Love these ladies
I love listening to these ladies. I love they are sisters, so they a comfortable talking to each other about topics that others find a bit raw or sensitive. Keep up the amazing work and I love following Cristina on her blog, The Castaway Kitchen.
Kell Chom
So informative and relatable
I am absolutely loving this podcast!!! It is raw and real and I am so grateful that they are willing to talk about things others won’t because things like talking about sex are not cringe worthy and need to be discussed. I’ve been following. Christina for a few years now and I am loving seeing a fellow mil-spouse kicking booty and showing the world healthy ways to nourish and love your body. And it’s wonderful to get to know her sister who is equally as awesome. Can’t wait for more episodes!!!
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Happy to add this podcast to my collection! I look forward to what the future holds!
Loving this!
I have been following Cristina for a few years now on Instagram and Facebook. I’m so excited to see a podcast now! Perfect to listen to as I cook. I need every bit of encouragement and the feeling of I’m not alone in this journey! Xoxo
I’ve been following Christina for years and I was so excited to hear about her coming out with a podcast! Her & her sister have enlightened me so much with their wisdom, humor and ability to talk about meaningful, deep topics. Highly recommend to anyone who is new to the wellness space or a seasoned pro. They have nuggets of wisdom for everyone. Cannot wait to continue listening to upcoming episodes!
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Love Cristina and this podcast!!!
I have Made Whole and love Cristina’s creations in the kitchen, but I also love her take on all things for our bodies. She is wise and authentic with her community when she makes changes to give her body what it needs. You don’t always find those willing to change and follow their body’s cues. Thank you for being a voice in this community!
Exactly what we need!
The Bodywise Podcast is precisely what’s missing from the healthy-living space. The hosts are two sisters who clearly have respect for each other and the listener. There is no dogma, but a sincere discussion on many aspects of womens health, including sexuality. I can’t wait to hear what they talk about next!
Body Wise Podcast #1
Great first podcast! I can so relate to so much that was said, especially the body image stuff. I too come from a Cuban family and oh boy are they judgy when it comes to the external appearance of women - especially those in their own family. Looking forward to more informative wisdom from both of you!
Aleida Polanco
This is the voice I need in my ears!
Wow! What a great first episode. I’m blown away by how much I connected with their stories and health journeys. This is just the thing I need to motivate and encourage me to listen to by body and learn from it. I also loved the focus on women in community with one another. So important to have that! 👏🏻Well done... can’t WAIT for the next episode!
Can’t wait to hear more....
Jen Hinkle
Great podcast
This first episode was so great! I loved all the information and hearing about what you have in store for future episodes. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the family!
This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for
Health podcasts usually focus solely on the food, but there’s much more to wellness than what we eat. Laura and Cristina are talking about ALL the stuff that contributes to overall health, and their voices are refreshingly real and not afraid to explore the full spectrum of women’s wellness.
Jess Liv