Basic Brewing Radio
Basic Brewing Radio
James Spencer
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I’m a home brewer and this podcast coupled with the basic brewing YouTube videos give me great inspiration for brewing
Reliable Infotainment
Like a venerable in-line 6 cylinder engine James and BBR always deliver. Add Steve into the mix and the fun is doubled! The content and production quality are equally good. My favorite homebrewing pod!
Elvis Johansen Jansen
This show was a huge resource for me when started out brewing. If your new dig into the archives there is a ton there and I am sure you will find a show about what your looking for.
One of the best
James and Steve are a match made in beery heaven.
Must listen if you like beer
Such a great podcast. I can’t believe I hadn’t reviewed it. I love Basic Brewing and always listen. Everyone should!
Punk curmudgeon
I’ve been listening to James and Steve for 11 years and I’m always happy for them when June signals a well deserved podcasting break. However, I’m happier when July rolls around and We all get new episodes. Thanks for all of your humor, insight, and dedication to our hobby. I definitely recommend the show to anyone who enjoys home brewing. Cheers!
Check the archives!
Best brewing show by far! Great show with so many topics in the archives. I just wish the website had better searching or some summary of all the taste tests they've done.
Adam The MechE
Must listen
So simple, and so advanced. He really knows how to explain just about everything in terms anyone can get. Lots of fun - dry humor, movie quoting and inside jokes. Great guests discussing Gose, or hop bitterness tests, or brewing and tasting varied hops and methods, or making beer with an old loaf of bread. Mead. A little cooking.
Mr. Doctorfantastic
My favorite podcast
I found this podcast when I was first getting into home brewing. Professionally done with some humor mixed in, the show is smart, informative and entertaining. I enjoy going back and finding previous episodes detailing the brew I plan on making in the future. It's called "Basic" brewing but the show does more than skim the surface because its too hard to stop there, the questions need to be answered and go deeper.
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As a new brewer and after only brewing a few beers, James and Steve do a really great job of testing out various hops, styles of beer and anything you can think of to guide you to a good home brew! Definitely worth a listen!
Necessary listening for any brewer
It’s been the go-to homebrew podcast for years, and it only gets better. Fun, educational, and occasionally goofy - this is a must-listen podcast for new brewers and experienced brewers alike!
Max Spang
Dad jokes and brewing
I’ve learned a lot from this show and have discovered some fantastic resources. Definitely worth listening to.
Sworn Brother
A Very Educational Podcast for Homebrewers
I enjoy the podcasts that James produces! There is a lot of information in them for any homebrewer! If you’re into homebrewing and not listening to this podcast, you’re missing out.
Most Entertaining!
I cannot say enough (as indicated by my repeat posts): James puts on quite the balanced show. He is interesting to listen to, has a great sense of humor (emphasis on fresh and funny perspectives), and avoids the very basic formulaic-style that other homebrew podcasts fall into.
Great information!
One of my go-to homebrewing podcasts. The info is well organized and they have a lot of great guests! Keep up the good work!
Must listen for any level brewer
I’ve been listening for about a year now and I highly recommend this to anyone who brews
6 stars
Awesome podcast. Entertaining and informative! I really love the shows involving experiments and blind or triangle tastings.
Awesome podcast
I’ve learned tons about brewing listening to this podcast. It may have been basic in the beginning, but it goes all over the map to some very deep techniques. The disaster shows are a lot of fun as well.
My favorite brewing pod cast!
I have enjoyed a number of brewing podcasts all very educational, most entertaining but Basic Brewing offers a fine balance of content, entertainment, sincere passion and high quality production. Over the years I have looked forward to the weekly podcasts and monthly videos, and am consistently rewarded. Thank you James and Steve for sharing your passion over the years!
The Best Brewing Podcast
There are a lot of podcasts about homebrewing out there, and while I listen to several on a regular basis, Basic Brewing Radio (& Video) is without a doubt my favorite. James is one of the easiest hosts to listen to - he's humble, fun and curious. His interviews are always interesting and inormative, and he's helped me improve my craft in many ways. He's very responsive to email, as well, so when questions have arisen as I've listened to various episodes, I've just sent him off a note and he always replies promptly. If you add one podcast to your feed, it should be this one.
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Franzy McKafka
Like audio beer articles
This show has great information for brewers from beginner to advanced. It’s like an audio news magazine for beer. Each show focuses on a specific topic with enough detail to provide new avenues to wander, while still being a light and fun listen. Thanks! Keep it up!
Hermy t
The classic home brew podcast
If you are a Home Brewer then you should be listening to this podcast! Excellent interviews, experiments and information.
Great podcast
Year after year, James continues to produce solid shows on a regular basis. Not always so “basic” but the huge library of prior shows is a trove of information for new and experienced home brewers alike. A couple of years ago when I started brewing, I began listening to the early episodes and slowly consumed most of the podcasts over several months. Shaved off a few by skipping anything about mead. Have never drank any and have had too much interest in brewing malt based beverages. Someday I may expand my horizons and learn about the world of fermented honey too. Unlike other networks of brewing podcasts that have adult sex toy shops as paid sponsors and misogynistic, adolescent hosts, I can listen to this one without worrying about my kids overhearing language and topics that I’d rather not need to explain. Keep up the good work James. Cheers!!!
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Best brewing podcast
Very informative and professional quality. James Spencer was pivotal to me becoming a proficient brewer.
Black Lion Brewing
Absolutely the best, most humble, and useful beer podcast out there
I have been listening to this podcast since 2011 and have learned so, so much; I am still learning! I have yet to try many of the techniques 😁 though I have made many of the food recipes, like kraut and beer creme brûlée. Thanks James and crew!!
Lessons are good
Learning a ton from your podcast. Thank you and keep it up!
Anything But Basic
How anyone could not give this creative, original, dynamic, thoughtful, inspiring, detailed, hilarious podcast a five star review is beyond me. James, along with Steve, and his plethora of insightful guests have captured the hearts of brewers from every walk of experience everywhere. It’s family friendly and extremely well produced. These two criteria make it THE stand out homebrewing podcast out there right now in my mind. I appreciate James taking his broadcasting background and using it to bring such a bright light to a, still relatively, small hobby. He’s humble and oh so fun to listen to. Here’s to Basic Brewing Radio being around for generations to come! “Wall’em Up!!”
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Great podcast
Love the show. So much good info and always a fun listen
Very informative
I've been listening since the first year and James is consistently informative and entertaining.
I've been brewing for the past 11 years now and I've listened to this podcast the entire time. Packed with info and great hokey sense of humor. Love it!
DJ Engh
Best Beer Podcast 10Stars
This is absolutely the best homebrew podcast on the inter-webs. Why is it the best? - Not because James and Steve are full of Information. - Not because I wouldn't dare to tread the water of all-grain brewing until my wife bought me "Stepping Into All Grain" - Not because if you email James he will always send a reply as if he truly cares about his listeners and fellow home brewers. - And definitely not because he keeps his show family friendly. Okay. So maybe it's actually ALL of that. But I love that it is family friendly. No cussing. No F bombs no inappropriate subject matter like just about EVER other beer and home brew podcast out there. Keep up the good work James.
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This is a truly excellent podcast. Always interesting & personal with good guests, but also well-prepared &great audio/production quality. Fantastic recent episode about starting a new home brew shop and entrepreneurship in general, which drove me to write this review. Thanks!!
Great Podcast for Homebrewers
If you're a homebrewer you should listen to this podcast. The breadth of topics goes far beyond "basic" but most episodes are not overly technical. Also, most episodes hit that sweet spot of about an hour long so they're not too long but long enough to do a deep dive into the topic. James Spencer does a great job with this podcast.
Making better beer by radio!
Thanks for so many great podcasts! I have enjoyed them all and found helpful guidence and insperation to make my home brewing more enjoyabe and tasty. Even as an exctract brewer, I am fascinated about other brewing technics and ideas. Thanks James and crew!
can’t wait
I look forward to each show.
Best Homebrew podcast going
With the popularity of home brewing these days there are a lot of podcasts devoted to the hobby … and most of them are done poorly — a couple of guys randomly babbling and trying to be funny with only snippets of any actual content. Basic Brewing Radio has been around a long time for a reason. It delivers. Great guests, good information, entertaining and all wrapped up in a professional program.
One of the best
A very informative brewing podcast with great guests. James does a good job as host although his frequent attempts at humor as well as his sound effects while drinking become annoying. That being said I look forward to more episodes.
Hoosier Country
Need fun during your brewday?
James has done a great job of mixing interviews, tastings and experiments, with humnor and science. This podcast is a must for anyone in the hobby, no matter what their level of experience! Keep up the great job James!
MUST subscribe for any brewer
Great information here for beginner and advanced brewers. I find myself downloading episodes that I’m not even interested in just so I can hear James and Steve and others talk beer. I feel like I know these guys! Fun, informative and not so abrasive as other brewing podcasts can be.
Everything and then some
James has done an excellent job to pave 10 or so years of excellent info on making your own home brew
Clean, Funny, and you just may learn something
Thank you
Keep up the great work.
Great topics and entertaining discussions.
Well done
I don't think there is a better example of "the home brewer" than James Spencer. Well done sir well done
I was listening to your Notch Brewing:American Session Beer episode.. I'd like to add in to the corn debate... I understand your guest's opinion on corn, but it must be said that corn is a vegetable which is US-government-sponsored in terms of both fertilization as well as growth, and both are based on petroleum-based products. In other words, corn is primarily grown with petroleum-based growth-inducing products (nitrogen-heavy fertilizers made from petroleum), so if you base your beer-fermenting sugar on this type of input, your beer is primarily based on oil. That's the bottom-line. Please let me know what your thinking is. Do you depart from this approach? If so, in what way? I'm a beer fan, but would like to know that my beer suppliers are not using a pathway from oil to beer. Best, Brocks
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Great homebrew resource
As a noob to homebrewing (my first batch of a porter is currently fermenting), the podcasts are lighthearted, insightful and full of good tips.
Very Informative, Very Easy to Listen
I drive 2.5 hours a day to work and try to keep myself occupied with talk radio such as NPR. BBR has been a refreshing change of pace. I have brewed a lot before, but the radio channel has helped reignite my interest. More advanced topics I didn't feel like researching before have been covered by James in an easy and informative way. I've now begun researching ways to step out my comfort zone in extract brewing and delve into all grain and beyond. Thanks for all of the hard work and time James!
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Lots of great info for homebrewers!
Don't be fooled by the name. This podcast covers a lot of advanced brewing techniques. I've gone back and listened to every episode and to be sure the early ones are more introductory. I would recommend that those new to homebrewing start at the beginning and work their way forward. I was fairly new to the hobby when I started listening, and it was a huge help for me. In fact just after a few months of listening, I took the jump from extract to all grain brewing and have been doing that ever since. I've actually entered my beer in competition and have received some great scores. I have Basic Brewing Radio to thank for that. Keep up the great work!
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Learn all aspects of Homebrewing
James and Steve are amazing, very informative and a willingness to try new things for the sake of well… trying new things. I got into to home brewing for the same exact thing and try to things that is not already out there or differently than what is out there. Trust me you will learn an incredible amount of things with these guys.
Well done and professional
I just discovered this podcast as a new homebrewer and it's very well done. Excellent production quality and James is a wonderful host. He's smooth and enjoyable to listen to. I'll be catching up on years of podcasts this Xmas season! Thanks James
Onlooker from Troy
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