Around The World With The Archibald Project
Around The World With The Archibald Project
The Archibald Project
Caring for orphaned and vulnerable children is one of the most important jobs in the world, but often people are too overwhelmed to get involved or lack the support they need to keep going. Our podcast is a place where the powerful stories of real people will inspire, encourage, and support you in your journey. Because when you thrive, children thrive.
82. Adopted Out of Foster Care and Now A Sister to Hundreds of Foster Kids With Monica
Monica was adopted out of foster care at the age of 5 and now she plays a vital role in her family. Monica has been a foster sister to over 300 hundred kids. She has been able to show each child coming through their home that she understands what they are going through and that she is always going to be there for them.
Nov 17
22 min
81. Texas 48 Hour Adoption Follow Up With Dominique White
It's been almost four years since we had the privilege of telling the powerful story of a birth mom and adoptive family. This film has been viewed almost 2 million times and has impacted thousands of lives, but there is more to this story. Four years later so much has changed and there is still so much to learn.
Nov 10
42 min
80. Adult Adoptee Sisters Share Foster Care And Adoption Experience With Patty and Angelica
Patty, her sister Angelica, and their two other siblings didn't want to be adopted out of foster care. But faced with a difficult choice that could separate the group, they decided that permanently joining another family was the best option. Patty and Angelica share their struggles, their joys, and how healing is possible even in the face of really difficult circumstances.
Nov 3
38 min
79. A Personal Journey Toward Racial Reconciliation with Gina Fimbel
After becoming an adoptive mom to black children, Gina Fimbel began to recognize that some things needed to change if she wanted her children to have the best chance at thriving in her family. Through friendships, education, and working with Be The Bridge, Gina has become a part of a movement of racial reconciliation that includes amplifying transracial adoptee voices. In a conversation that can often feel overwhelming, Gina's story and wisdom offers space to take this journey one step at time.
Oct 23
36 min
78. How To Have Healthier Adoptions By Learning From Adoptees With Tiffany and Jenn
What is one of the best ways to learn how to be a better adoptive parent? By listening to the people who have already lived it. Tiffany and Jenn were both transracially adopted as children, but now they are adults who have insight on what helped and what hurt. They are here to share their stories, experience, and highlight the need for the adoptee voice.
Oct 20
30 min
77. What You Learn From Fostering 20+ Children With Brittney And Kevin Borders
What started off as a lonely journey full of unknowns has culminated to Brittney and Kevin Borders fostering over 20 children and adopting their two sons. Their invaluable experience that includes infertility, fighting to reunite a child with her father, and adopting both a white and black son has left them with incredible wisdom to share.
Oct 13
46 min
76. Creating Community For Black Adoptive Families with Christine Beliard
Christine Beliard founded FAB Moms, Fabulous Adoptive Black Moms, when she noticed a need in her own adoption journey for more resources and community for Black families going through the adoption process. Christine's passion and wisdom dismantles stereotypes about Black families involvement in the adoption/foster care world, and also sheds light on the need for more people to get involved in caring for vulnerable children.
Oct 6
40 min
75. From Foster Care to Professional Athlete with Steven Benedict
Despite an abusive home, living in foster care, and being adopted only to have his adoptive parents pass away far too soon, Steven has never given up. Today he is a professional athlete and an advocate for foster kids. Whether you are a foster or adoptive parent or spent time in foster care yourself, Steven's story will give you hope.
Sep 25
35 min
74. Could Your Adoption Agency Be Doing More? With Carrie Murray Nellis
As a lawyer, Carrie Murray Nellis had a front row seat to see how often the Juvenile System fails our children and birth parents.This ignited a fire inside her that eventually led to her starting Abiding Love Adoptions where they work exclusively with birth parents. As a professional who has seen the beautiful, the heart breaking, and the complicated sides of adoption, she has so much wisdom to share on how we can continue to improve our systems and play our part in best caring for the vulnerable.
Sep 22
43 min
73. Redefining Success In Adoptive Parenting With Melissa Corkum
It's no secret that parenting through adoption can be difficult and make you feel isolated and alone. But, there is help and hope and today it comes through Melissa Corkum. Melissa is not only a Korean adoptee and adoptive mom herself, but she is a parent coach that helps families find brain-based solutions to challenging behaviors.
Sep 15
43 min
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