Around The World With The Archibald Project
Around The World With The Archibald Project
The Archibald Project
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Best podcast
Love this podcast. The stories are so raw, real and uplifting. Getting to hear different perspectives from families going through a lot of the same things our family has gone through or is currently going through is so encouraging.
Definitely 5 stars!
So encouraging and helpful as we travel this path of foster care and adoption. So thankful for this podcast!
very encouraging and informative!
Thank you!
So thankful for a podcast like this! Mama to 8+ kids all from foster care and marriage!
Life giving
I follow The Archibald Project on Instagram and just recently found them on podcasts. This organization is many things, not the least of which encouraging, inspiring and life giving. As a foster sibling, they have provided so many resources and encouragement to my family as we walked through some of the hardest challenges we’ve ever faced. From foster care nightmares to adoption victories to trauma issues, they have touched on every topic and it’s so encouraging knowing I’m not alone in my feelings! Give them a listen - you won’t regret it!
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sydney vanhorn
As an adoptive mom, I can’t say enough about how great this podcast is!
Thank you
Our family is so grateful to know we aren’t alone on this journey as foster parents and soon-to-be adoptive parents.
Thank you!
Thank you for helping us foster and adoptive parents feel so connected and known. It means so much!
Excellent view of adoption
So appreciate the honest, vulnerable views shared!
Jordan AM L
Foster Care/Adoption
Such a great variety of topics all related to caring for vulnerable kids!
Such a beautiful souls!
I love everything this couple is doing to end the orphan crisis! Such a beautiful souls!
Constantly inspiring
The archibald projects and the stories they share helped lead me to adopt and this podcast continues to educate me and inspire me!
Foster support
Thanks AP for all of your posts and content to support foster and adoptive parents! Love looking and listening to your latest content!
Lindsay Terrell
This podcast it wonderful
Adoption is messy. Adoption can make my heart weary, but listening to this podcast brings me peace to know that I’m not alone in this journey. Thanks for bringing this to us walking this road.
Love this podcast!!
I’m always on the hunt for good podcasts on adoption/fostering and have been so encouraged by the Archibald Project! Thank you for being a refreshing resource for so many families!
Love it!
Listen to this podcast if you’re an adoptive family!
Lisa Qualls
I am so thankful for Lisa Qualls experience and insight!
Super helpful podcast!
The foster and adoption process has so many challenges, it’s such an emotional rollercoaster, and if others in your life aren’t going through the same thing you can feel so alone. This podcast has so many stories where you feel connected with others, you feel like you are understood snd not alone. It’s encouraging, it’s supportive, it’s real! I highly recommend it!
Encouragement and Hope
Even those of us who have been on this journey a long time need encouragement and continued hope! This podcast has great guests and they are from all sides of the journey. I especially recommend the episode with Lisa Qualls. I’m glad I found this!
LOVE The Archibald Project
This podcast is very informative. I love the wide variety of interviews & have learned so much through them! The Archibald Project shares incredible stories.
Kla Grace
Important content
Highly recommend!
marion smyser
Love it
I have enjoyed listening to the different episodes and hearing different perspectives on all things adoption. 10/10 recommend!
Great podcast
Encouraging and informative!
Encouragement for tired parents
This podcast is helpful for parents struggling to connect to their children.
A wealth of info for the adoptive family
A great variety of perspectives and informed storytelling including the whole triad of adoption (birth parent, adoptee, and foster/adoptive parents). I have so appreciated learning from The Archibald Project over the years.
skeywood in kentucky
So encouraging
Just found this podcast through a fellow foster mom and excited to listen to more, love what I’ve heard already!
Wonderful podcast
So thankful for this podcast and the way they bring light and hope to hard issues
Great resource for foster or adoptive parents
Such a great voice from the foster and adopted parent perspective.
Love it!
Love hearing real stories, and how this podcast keeps the adoption community encouraged and supported.
Share with the foster parents you know
So helpful and informative!! Foster parents everywhere need this support.
A treasured podcast
I am always trying to learn and grow as a mom and I love this podcast for their approach to parenting, adoption and insights/varied perspectives. I don’t have a ton of free time to focus and listen to something, but I always value and treasure getting to listen in and learn!
Love all of this
As a foster and soon to be adoptive mama, I can’t get enough. So much good information and stories. I could listen all day!
Making space to relate
Recommended and can’t wait to listen to even more.
Incredible, Educational Podcast
This has easily become one of my favorite podcasts in the last few months! As a current foster mom, I have gained so much wisdom listening to the guests on this podcast. I love the work that the archibald project is doing and the awareness they bring to all things foster care and adoption!
Abigail Mauser
Thank you Lisa! Foster care is so very hard and lonely sometimes.
Great podcast. So informative and encouraging.
Caring for children
Beautiful encouragement fro stories around the world. Care for the orphans.
Love it!
Great podcast- guests from all corners of the adoption world.
Great podcast
Such a great podcast! Honest and informative
So helpful and thought provoking, especially when we first started the journey in foster care
veney thots
Great, informative podcast!
This podcast does a great job of highlighting many voices in the triad and informing people of real-life scenarios and advice!
Great podcast
Love this podcast
The Archibald Project
Great podcast to listen to with great info!
Motherhood so white
I love listening to this podcast! So informative, encouraging and challenging!
Jacquelynn Coe
Stories to give hope
This podcast always gives me the best feels and makes me think the most and best of people. Adoption is such a beautiful picture of love. Thank you Archibald Project!
Always Thought Provoking
I have really enjoyed your podcast as it covers so many aspects of adoption. It offers great education and brings up many thoughtful topics. Really enjoyed Nefertiti’s story and was challenged to do better as a Adoption Professional and a mother of 2 black children. Look forward to reading her book. Thanks for your work to educate us all and make us think!!
Awesome resource
A great resource for anyone interested in advocating for vulnerable children, adoption or foster care.
long time listener
Love their story, love their podcast, their storytelling style. It’s a podcast I constantly share with others in my life.
Lauren Elisey
Stories Change Perceptive
Hearing real stories makes feel like I have a better grasp on the topic of adoption and foster care.
Listen to be moved to action
My husband and I discovered Around the World with the Archibald Project a couple months ago as we started to feel so burdened for vulnerable children, orphans, and the brokenness around us. We have both learned so much as we listen to the stories and wisdom shared in this space. Here, we laugh and cry. More importantly, this space and the conversations shared here move our hearts and minds to action. We are finding ways to support vulnerable children and help families stay together now, and we also hope to adopt in the near future. Thank you for being a part of our journey and changing the story of many vulnerable children through your beautiful story telling 💛
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