American Glutton
American Glutton
Actor Ethan Suplee was an aspiring plus size model long before it became trendy and now sets out to examine our current obesity crisis. On American Glutton, he’ll talk to everyone from experts to the average Joe, exploring all the diets he has been on over the last two decades, taking us on his journey from obese to svelte and back again, examining what worked and what made him gain everything back plus 50 pounds. Sharing his ever-lasting search for the next quick fix, we’ll delve into the joys of suffering, relativism, dogged determination, and the proper way to braise a pork belly.
Bill Rapier: Tactical Expert and Consultant
Ethan invites his friend Bill Rapier on the show for a conversation on training, intermittent fasting, and how the two have worked together for him when getting ready for races and events. Bill also shares his thoughts on high quality animal protein sources, balance, and overall diet and lifestyle habits.
Nov 26
1 hr
Andy Frisella: Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Public Speaker
Andy Frisella joins Ethan on American Glutton for an open conversation about their own personal weight loss journeys. Andy and Ethan discuss the idea of complacency and how to shift your perspectives in order to achieve your goals.
Nov 19
1 hr
The Science Behind a Plant-Based Diet with Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM & Founder of
Ethan welcomes Dr. Michael Greger, who is an American physician, author, and professional speaker, best known for his advocacy of a whole-food, plant-based diet. Ethan speaks with Dr. Greger about the science behind this way of eating and what the health benefits truly are.
Nov 12
35 min
The Return of Mike Israetel: Chief Sport Scientist, Renaissance Periodization
On this episode of American Glutton, Ethan welcomes back one of his favorite guests, Mike Israetel. Ethan and Mike dive deep into one of the most important components to sustaining weight loss; maintenance. Join them for this in-depth conversation about why this is so vital, and why we often don’t hear enough about it in the diet community.
Nov 5
1 hr 5 min
Jared Feather of Renaissance Periodization: Physique and Bodybuilding Specialist
Ethan is always asked about his diet and exercise plan. Today he goes in depth with the person who has coached him through it, Jared Feather. Ethan and Jared cover all things diet, calories, macros, and the importance of maintenance phases for long-term success.
Oct 29
44 min
Will Sasso: Actor, Comedian
Join Ethan for one of his favorite episodes of American Glutton, with actor and comedian, Will Sasso. Ethan and Will bond over their shared experiences… from being overweight, to loose skin surgeries, to every kind of up and down one could experience in the journey of weight loss. Listen as Ethan and Will hilariously discover all their similarities and become best friends right before our eyes.
Oct 22
1 hr 47 min
Alexandra Grey: Actress, Musician
Ethan welcomes the incredibly talented Alexandra Grey to American Glutton, who shares her personal journey of transformation. Ethan and Alexandra talk all things diet and health, and Alexandra shares how she changed her ways to live a healthier life, and how dancing has become her favorite form of exercise.
Oct 15
1 hr 1 min
Tyler Labine: Actor, Comedian
Tyler Labine joins Ethan to share his fitness and health journey. Ethan and Tyler talk about their failures and successes over the years with dieting and exercise, and how every step along the way has gotten them to where they are now.
Oct 8
1 hr 21 min
Ryan Holiday: Writer and Media Strategist
Ethan is joined by Ryan Holiday for a conversation on Stoicism, which teaches the development of self-control and fortitude as a means of overcoming destructive emotions. Ethan and Ryan discuss balance and extremes and how this applies to all of us in our daily lives.
Oct 1
49 min
Justin Garcia AKA Master Chim: MMA Fighter and Instructor
Justin Garcia AKA Master Chim shares his journey of recovery from a back injury, and his experience with fasting. Ethan and Master Chim discuss challenging yourself, internal self-worth and Justin’s core principal of "Pressure to Power." For daily emails, go to
Sep 24
58 min
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