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My favorite official AEW podcast.
This podcast is fantastic. For long time AEW fans, it is a great way to get to understand the AEW roster. For new or casual fans, it is a great supplement to AEW’s TV product. Every episode makes you feel like the featured wrestler is now your favorite wrestler on the roster. AEW Unrestricted doesn’t take wrestling too seriously, but always respects it.
The music.
How much more annoying could that noise be?
I love this podcast. I like hearing how the wrestlers got into the business and hearing them not be their characters. Keep up the excellent interviews!!
Great show for AEW. BUT, can someone make a meme of one of the people from SHARK TANK and make it say “Because Aubrey Edwards is on here IM OUT”
Unbiased FanX
Awesome podcast
Love it especially when I first started listened to it guest starring with Rebel not Reba it was amazing keep it up you guys 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💯💯💯
Fun show! Best intro music ever!
I get excited just by the intro music and the way everyone makes you feel right at home! I love how we learn so much about the wrestlers before AEW and the way they got into the company and how it’s changed their life!
Sushi doss
Much improved!
Update: there aren’t many episodes I haven’t listened to; only the one that has poor audio quality. Since I made my initial review, everything that I took issue with has been corrected. I haven’t come across any more funky audio recordings, Aubrey is much more respectful of her cohost, and they’ve cut commercials completely. I honestly never expected my comments to make changes in a situation like this, but I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has made these complaints, so you can definitely say AEW is a company that listens to its fans, no matter what avenue they’re providing feedback for. I listen to this podcast every week while I’m working. 3 unfortunate things come to mind when I listen: 1) Some episodes have the WORST audio quality. 2) Aubrey needs to stop taking so much and listen more. There is not a need for a comment on literally every single statement a guest makes. The show is about the guests not her. Lots of fans/listeners complaining about this one. Also, she tries really hard to be “one of the boys” and it’s very cringe. If I were Tony I would be uncomfortable with the way she speaks to and about me. She makes fun of his age and the things that come with age often and also during the ads for the show. I don’t know what their relationship is really like, maybe it’s ok with it, but when I listen I cringe hard. It’s uncomfortable. 3) While listening to Amanda Huber talk about Brodie Lee (Jon’s) illness I thought it was pretty classless to have ads. She is there to answer questions and talk about the final days of her husband’s life. That’s not the time to talk about the little blue pill, trimming nose hairs, and other nonsense like that. I understand ads give you the ability to keep making these podcasts, but with a legit billionaire behind the wheel, I think you can afford to skip one week’s worth of ads. This is my opinion and hopefully someone who can make a difference will actually read this, but I’m not that hopeful. I really love the show otherwise. Keep putting on other amazing guests and I’ll continue to listen.
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More Lance Archer!
Such a Great Podcast
I’ve been playing catch up on this podcast so I started at the beginning and I’m currently in episodes that aired in September of 2020. Aubrey and Tony are fantastic cohosts. Their chemistry is great, and the guests to the point I have gotten to have all been a joy to listen to. I especially loved the ones with Nyla Rose and Sonny Kiss. Getting their stories and perspectives on things has actually probably helped my understanding of those lifestyles quite a lot. The Best Friends were hilarious to listen to. And really just in general getting to hear stories of guys I know less about like Darby Allin or the Butcher and Blade is great as well. I hope this level of quality carries on to the present episodes and beyond.
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Old Man Linderman
The reason in why I rated it 4 stars
I like aew and it’s cool seeing stats like pac and all them getting better treatment but aew steals wwe’s ideas like the casino ladder match is basically the Money inthe bank match and the casino battle royal is essentially the royal rumble but overall it is a great podcast
Tay Conti
Wonderful interview with Tay Conti!
KS is freaking awesome except She hasnt seen V?? Cool cool aubrey and skiavonne well done
Amazing Content
Hearing the stories of wrestlers I grew up with and even newewer ones is a breath of fresh air. LONG LOVE AEW 😎
Great Podcast!
Great Podcast! Love hearing the background of each of the AEW talent! Aubrey is the best!!!!
Mike Aug
Love Aubrey
Screw all these idiots Aubrey does an awesome job along with Tony. Been a listener from day one and I’ll continue listening to the great content.
Stay you Aubrey!!
I see several reviews with complaints about Aubrey “talking too much” or “being annoying” and it’s shameful, she’s obviously enjoying herself with Tony and their guests, and for people to take the time to write these overly negative reviews about someone simply enjoying what they do and showing it shamelessly is pathetic. Lighten up you sad, pathetic losers.
Biscuits and Banter
Hush Aubrey!!
Great podcast, but can't really get all the info from the guest as Aubrey continues to cut the guest off and interupt their stories. Great guests, stories, Tony knows his role, but Aubrey🤦🏻‍♂️. Put a muzzle on her.
Alright wrestling podcast, Aubrey is annoying
I get it, State Farm is a sponsor; Do I need to hear it 15 times in one sitting? I like the interviews, I enjoy hearing Tony, BUT Aubrey is a bit annoying, childish and vulgar. If I can’t stand host’s voice, then I can’t be loyal listener. She takes me out of interview with her childish behavior. Dude, grow up.
Husky haberdasher
This is a amazing podcast great hearing about the history of wrestlers in a unrestricted way, see what I did there
Weekly listener
Love tuning into this podcast every week to hear the stories of many wrestlers in AEW. But...if I have one complaint, Aubrey needs to stop cutting into whoever is talking when they’re telling their stories or answering questions.
Good podcast but...
I feel like Aubrey intercuts the guests all the time and makes the interview about her instead of letting the guests talk.its annoying. Otherwise it’s a good podcast.
Jason James Bauer
Pod cast
Great podcast but edwards needs to stop speaking as much .
Love me some Aubrey Edwards n Tony is the voice of my childhood
Aubrey Edwards Unrestricted
Who knew that AEW actually stands for Audrey Edwards Wrestling? I gave this podcast two chances, and unsubscribed twice. Aubrey is insufferable, she just can't help but try to put herself over EVERY SINGLE CHANCE SHE GETS. She clearly has a complex. She has this incessant fixation to be "one of the boys" and this compulsion to interrupt the guest and overreact. She's a terrible host. She's crude, and crass, and she thinks she's cute about it. Even Miro (Rusev) called her out on it. When the guest has to call out the host people in power should listen. Cody, the office and the fans have blown all this smoke up that woman's rear. She legitimitely has to make everything about herself: the matches she referees, the AEW Games presentation, and this podcast. I haven't mentioned Tony because you could hardly tell he's there. That dude is so checked out at this point it's pathetic. I guess he'll do anything to avoid going back to Starbucks.
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Tony is great. Guests have all been great too
Wreally good wrestling podcast
Tony and Aubrey got the chemistry
Good podcast overall, but the Amanda Huber episode is must-listen
Been listening to this podcast for a few months and enjoying it a lot, even the earlier ones when the audio was hit-or-miss. I really enjoy the podcast. Lots of insight into the people behind the larger-than-life characters. I just finished listening to the latest episode, with Amanda Huber (AKA Brodie Lee’s wife) and I must say it meant a lot. I lost my Mom from cancer two months earlier than Brodie passed, so I know the pain of watching a loved one slip away. Listening to Amanda reflected a lot of my experiences, although our stories are very different. Blessings to her and her kids, and the AEW people around them that are becoming like a part of her family in this time of need. Thanks for bringing this episode to us, to everyone involved, in front of the mics to behind the scenes.
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Joel L
Screw Aubrey
AUBREY IS THE WORST. For the love of God she’s so disrespectful to the guests.
Great show.
Mark Madden
Fun all the time
I can throw on any episode and have a great day. Thank you Aubrey and Tony.
Thank you for Brodie Lee again
It was wonderful to hear the Brody podcast again his infectious laugh made me laugh and made me forget that he wasn’t here anymore you guys are awesome you guys are great and I appreciate you guys for all that you do for the talent and for us the fans be safe this 2021 and make lots more podcast and have lots more fun thank you thank you so much
Frank, the other Mr. 305
Unrestricted rules
Tony and Aubrey play so well off each other. Awesome interviews. Not the same cookie cutter formula. A weekly favorite for sure
Best wrestling podcast
Aubrey Edwards is Awesome ban the Incel neckbeards from wrestling.
Great pod
You could argue that Aubrey is a serious detraction to the podcast. Extremely crude, and always brown nosing trying to be “one of the boys.” She can’t help but comment on every single point the guests make. It’s really intolerable. Tony is always professional. You can tell that Aubrey makes Tony uncomfortable.
Great pod with great hosts
I’ll 5 star anything tony puts his voice on, plus Aubrey is awesome too
Bailey Dotson-TN
Tony Schiavone and Referee Aubrey Edwards Y’all’s AEW Unrestricted Podcast Is A Good 5 Stars Every Thursday You Got Wrestlers As Your Special Guests I’ll Keep The Support To The AEW Men’s and Women’s
One of the best wrestling podcasts ever
Absolutely love how the show is set up and the interviews are conducted. Gives a great dive into the wrestlers lives and their every day wrestling career.
Audio bad
What’s happened to the audio the past few weeks, it has not been good at all
Corey c w
All Elite!
Amazing podcast just like AEW. Love to hear Tony Khan talk and his passion for professional wrestling.
Butcher and Blade
Incredibly poor recording. No one was mix’s properly. Such a shame.
Love the show
Really good pod cast tony and Aubrey are excellent host love this show will be listening faithfully loved the episode with Eddie Kingston a must listen !!!
For an AEW fan , it’s a great podcast
They have great guests on this podcast, but it’s strictly for AEW fans which is nice. They always have really great guests but Tony and Aubrey put the company over way to much, we get it guys love working there and love everyone you work with and it’s all rainbows and lollipops. The only reason why I didn’t do 5 stars is because instead of putting the company over every show and saying how wonderful everything is , id love to hear about some of the drama or behind the scenes stuff unless things are totally perfect and there is no drama , in which case I will give it 5 stars.
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This is better than watching AEW but not by much
The voice of wrestling Tony Schiavone and a really charismatic Aubrey Edwards dig in deep every week with some of the excellent talent at All Elite Wrestling. Also we get some excellent insight from the “higher ups” in the direction the promotion is heading. Every single episode is a joy to listen to.
AEW: Aubrey Edwards Wrestlepodcast
I started listening to this podcast back to like Jon moxley in the beginning but lately Aubrey keeps interrupting Tony and I let it go for a bit but it started get annoying after the Jim Ross episode so I unsubscribed. I used to like it but now meh.
Tony Schiavone talks about his balls
Head AEW referee Aubrey Edwards asks very insightful questions of the AEW talent, and then Tony Schiavone talks about his balls. It’s a lot of fun.
Gray Gunter
Incredible podcast
When is the Kentucky gentleman chuck Taylor gonna be one of the guest!!
Lu the handsome Vegan
Thank you...
I absolutely love this podcast. I learn so much about the wrestlers, who they really are.
Can’t rock with this pod anymore
I legit love AEW & beyond happy they made me become a die hard wrestling fan again. But this podcast isn’t it chief. Last I check I thought AEW meant All Elite Wrestling. But in terms of this podcast is Aubrey Edwards Wrestling pod. Tony is dam near a mute, while Aubrey is dam near unable to stop talking. Legit like Aubrey in the ring, as a co-podcast host it’s a beyond hard past. She’s legit the lone reason why I stopped listening. Can someone from the office tell Aubrey that fans like to listen to the guest & Tony every once and a while? Since us fans are here to listen to the guest & not Aubrey.
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Polar Bear Drew
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