AEW Unrestricted
AEW Unrestricted
What does it take to be All-Elite? Dig in with the stars and talented team behind AEW on TNT via in-depth conversations highlighting their lives, pop culture, and pro wrestling. AEW referee Aubrey Edwards and broadcaster Tony Schiavone bring you new episodes every Thursday.
2point0 (Matt Lee & Jeff Parker) are off to a tremendous start at AEW! They talk about the road that led them to DYNAMITE, the phone call that ultimately changed their lives, teaming up with adopted son Daniel Garcia, and their awestruck moment standing in the AEW ring opposite Sting. Plus, they debate the merits of instant coffee, contemplate the details of a fantasy title match against The Young Bucks, relive their childhood backyard wrestling days, and explain why wrist tape goes on after teeth brushing. See for privacy information.
Oct 13
41 min
Malakai Black
Malakai Black reveals the mix of horror movies, music, mythology, and European history that’s influenced and inspired his incredible AEW entrance! He breaks down the evolution of the three light stabs and his name, and shares the backstage ritualist preparation he undergoes before every match. He also talks about his AEW debut in Miami and how they managed to keep it a secret, brawling with Cody Rhodes, and working with “Daredevil” star Rosario Dawson. He has stories about growing up in the Netherlands, the Dutch wrestling scene, his martial arts background, and his fascination with religion and the occult. Plus, he answers questions about a possible cinematic wrestling match in the future, developing his Blxck Mass clothing line, his cats, and learning to speak English. See for privacy information.
Oct 6
42 min
CM Punk
CM Punk details his AEW debut and return to wrestling after a 7-year absence in what was designed to be the worst-kept secret in the biz! He speaks to the “pop” at the United Center the night of his debut, his AEW entrance music of choice (Living Colour’s “Cult Of Personality”), the meeting with Tony Khan that sealed the deal, and the role that AEW’s Brodie Lee tribute show played in his decision to sign. He shares thoughts on his first match back (against Darby Allin), why he enjoys commentary so much, who he hopes to tag with at AEW, what he loves about working with Will Hobbs, and how his MMA training helped his in-ring performance. Plus, stories about his wrestling influences (Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper, Eddie Guerrero), his love of comics, his favorite horror movies, and his most memorable acting moment. Thanks to our sponsor AEW Casino!  Download it now: See for privacy information.
Sep 29
42 min
Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed
Anthony Bowens explains why Kenny Omega is his favorite AEW wrestler, what he’s learned so far from FTR, and how his parents figure in to his best AEW moment to date. He talks about the formation of The Acclaimed and his chemistry with Max Caster. He also speaks candidly about his LGBTQ journey, his decision to come out, and the importance of representation. Plus, you’ll discover what inspired Anthony’s YouTube channel, his new action figure collection, his love of reality TV, and why pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza! Thanks to our sponsor AEW Casino!  Download it now: See for privacy information.
Sep 22
42 min
It's A GREAT Time To Be All Elite!
It’s a great time to be All Elite, and with so many history-making developments, changes, and announcements at the league in recent weeks, Ref Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone decided a catch-up was in order! They share what it’s been like inside AEW with the arrivals of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole and Ruby Soho. They speak to AEW DYNAMITE’s return to the road, and performing for full-capacity crowds. They talk about AEW DARK’s move to Orlando to tape in front of live audiences, collaborating with other promotions and talent, the growth and development of the AEW Women’s Division, and the launches of AEW FanFest and AEW Heels. Plus, you’ll hear their favorite moments and memories from the pandemic era. See for privacy information.
Sep 15
41 min
Fuego Del Sol
Fuego Del Sol is officially All Elite, and explains why he thought his match on RAMPAGE was initially his swan song for AEW. He speaks to his best friend, Sammy Guevara, surprising him with his AEW contract, how he shared the news and celebrated with his family, what it meant to snap his 40-match losing streak, making a name for himself on Sammy’s Vlog, and the organic growth of his homegrown popularity. Fuego shares the story behind his gimmick and mask, what it means to be Alabama’s #1 Luchador, and how his backyard wrestling promotion, KBW, ultimately led him to this point in his career. Fuego also talks about learning from Cody Rhodes, Ethan Page, Lance Archer, Scorpio Sky, and Brian Cage. Plus, he reveals some of his favorite skits from Sammy’s Vlog including his on-going story with Griff Garrison, and the bit with Dustin Rhodes. AEW Casino!  Download it now: See for privacy information.
Sep 8
46 min
Tony Khan Previews All Out 2021
This weekend marks the first AEW pay-per-view on the road since the pandemic started. AEW ALL OUT is live from the Now Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill., this Sunday, Sept. 5, and it might be the best PPV card ever! AEW CEO, GM and Head of Creative Tony Khan returns to break down the event’s unbelievable matchups, which include all four Championships being defended, a 21-woman Casino Battle Royal, CM Punk’s historic return to the ring against Darby Allin with Sting, Chris Jericho’s potentially career-ending match versus MJF, an epic bout between Jon Moxley and Satoshi Kojima, and the AEW in-ring debut of Paul Wight. See for privacy information.
Sep 1
40 min
Bryce Remsburg
Ref Aubrey’s personal favorite referee, Bryce Remsburg, is telling stories about “Brittsburgh,” Excalibur, Shaquille O’Neal, and Eddie Kingston. He’s also sharing thoughts on Orange Cassidy’s AEW success, his friendship with Mr. Brodie Lee, his connection with The Young Bucks that ultimately brought him to AEW, and the most ridiculous thing he’s ever been a part of inside a wrestling ring. You’ll discover how Bryce got started as a referee, what it was like reff’ing an invisible man match, and what he believes has been the silver lining of the pandemic. And yes, Bryce Remsburg is his real name! Thanks to our sponsor AEW Casino!  Download it now: See for privacy information.
Aug 25
48 min
Santana & Ortiz
It was a long time coming, but definitely worth the wait! Santana and Ortiz bring the positivity, cheesy humor, and in-ring chemistry and intensity along with some great stories about a few of their biggest AEW moments including Stadium Stampede and their recent Fight For The Fallen match against FTR! Discover when and how they first heard of AEW, who contacted them about joining the company, the role that Chris Jericho unknowingly played in their decision to sign, the significance of “Proud And Powerful,” and why they call their Street Fight against the Best Friends one of their “crowning achievements.” The tag partners also talk about the first time they met, the New York Indie wrestling scene, Eddie Kingston, the evolution of their wrestling style, the biggest lessons they learned from Konnan, and why they may now have some beef with The Varsity Blonds. Thanks to our sponsor AEW Casino!  Download it now: See for privacy information.
Aug 18
47 min
Justin Roberts
AEW Ring Announcer and MC Justin Roberts shares the magic behind Kenny Omega’s North Carolina ring intro! He details The Varsity Blonds' pop that left him deaf, the intro that AEW fans do along with him, and the appearance at All In that led him to AEW. Justin talks about his ring announcing heroes, his most memorable introductions, the time he intro’ed Scooby Doo and Jesus in a match against QT Marshall and Brandon Cutler, and how he learned to so masterfully roll his Rs when he intros Rey Fenix! Plus, hear funny road stories, tips for keeping your voice healthy, and the joys of creative freedom! See for privacy information.
Aug 11
56 min
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