A Fine Time for Healing
A Fine Time for Healing
A Fine Time for Healing
Podcast Host, Narcissistic Abuse Expert and Coach, and Author Randi Fine Discusses Helpful and Inspirational Wellness Topics,Bringing Insightful and Expert Information to Heal and Enhance Your Life Experiences. Offering You Top Experts in the Field of Spiritual Enlightenment,Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Holistic Health. Also Available On: ITunes, Stitcher, Podbean, Podbay, TuneIn, Player FM, Podbean, Podchaser, IHeart Radio, Listen Notes, Castbox, Podfanatic, and Ivoox
What is Your Lifestyle Intelligence? with Dr. Lloyd Glauberman
Understanding and increasing your LQ doesn’t start by simply changing bad habits or enhancing good ones. Instead, it presents a different model of reality with its own language. In other words, it’s not about tricking your brain, it’s about noticing and understanding the structure of your sensory and cognitive experience, so you have more information available to make good choices. LQ is a foundational intelligence that directly impacts EQ, IQ and almost everything else we do. To bring his methodology to the masses, today's special guest, Lloyd Glauberman, Ph.D.,created the LQ app which was designed to help us rethink and then reprogram our relationship to the macro-elements of wellbeing. It officially launched on July 31, 2023. A renowned Manhattan-based clinical psychologist specializing in mood disorders, anxiety, and relationships, and founder of the Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) method, Dr. Glauberman says we have been thinking about “health and wellness” all wrong. Based on 4+ decades in practice he says most mental, physical and emotional health issues he treats are either caused or exacerbated by the three core macro-elements of wellbeing which he calls Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ): Sleeping, Movement and Nutrition. Seems obvious, and there is an abundance of information that should be helping us, but as a society we’re only getting fatter and sicker. Something must change – and fast. Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's approach is centered around lifestyle management through an understanding of how timing and rhythm affect our core behavioral ecosystem: eating, moving and sleeping. His newest project, the Lifestyle Intelligence (LQ) app, is a cutting-edge vehicle that takes a unique psycho-educational approach to relearning, rebuilding and maintaining harmony among these three core elements in order to catalyze positive change.
Nov 28
1 hr 1 min
The Spiritual Power of Dogs with Heather Leigh Strom
Dogs have long been termed man’s best friend. They are known for their loyalty and devotion. It has been proven how they can bring comfort and happiness to people.  Their faithfulness is unquestioned. Some even claim they have healing and spiritual connections to humans. But what makes dogs stand out? Why are they so devoted to us?  What is the special connection with humans and dogs unlike any other? Today's special guest, Heather Leigh Strom, is the author of the critically acclaimed and best selling book, K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man’s Best Friend.  Heather will be discussing the social connection between human and dogs, what the connection is, and why dogs are truly man's best friend and most loyal companion, She will also be talking about the proof of the fact that dogs facilitate healing, elevate awareness, and expand our consciousness. Heather has more than thirty years of experience working with and healing the physical body. But it was never quite enough for her. She felt there was still something missing. In the Spring of 2020, a very unique spiritual awakening began to unfold in her life. This is when the Core Four Spirit Guides began working with her, showing her what needed to be healed, and then providing the resources for her to achieve it fully. She experienced profound divine healing, a complete rebirth. With this new elevated consciousness she began to hear the K9 Guides speaking to her. She discovered that her mission is to share their gifts of healing with the world.
Nov 21
1 hr 2 min
Living In Alignment With Your Basic Nature with Evolutionary Leader Steve Farrel
When we live in alignment with our basic nature, we come into flow. This greatly affects our present reality. For example, we maintain a daily practice that keeps us in connection and gratitude, become non-judgmental, are nurturing and supportive of the whole, live in the wisdom center of soul, and are devoted to the the shift of ages — the big pivot — which we are in the middle of now. Today's special guest, Steve Farrell, is with us today to share the three founding premises of living in Universal Consciousness, and to discuss his new book "A New Universal Dream: My Journey From Silicon Valley to a Life in Service to Humanity”. The three premises are: All of life is part of a Universal Consciousness animating and permeating the cosmos. We can also say the Universe is holographic and fractal. There are physical and non-physical realms from smallest to largest across the Universe. The non-physical realm is pure love.We are designed to be part of this One Universal Consciousness. The One loves us and we love it when in a balanced state. Our natural state is to support all parts of the One. We are designed this way.The more we give ourselves away the better we feel. It follows that we would feel this way if love and service are part of our basic design. Steve Farrell is an Evolutionary Pioneer and Co-Founder of Humanity's Team. In A New Universal Dream, he details his journey from Silicon Valley to a life in service to humanity. Alongside Neale Donald Walsch, (author, "Conversations with God"), Farrell co-founded Humanity's Team, a non-profit organization based in Boulder, Colorado which streams mind, body, and spirit courses focused on helping people throughout the world awaken to their deeper selves and the interconnectedness of everything.
Nov 17
1 hr 9 min
Evidence That a Parallel Universe Exists with Spiritual Philosopher Peter Canova
In recent years, theories about the existence of multiple and parallel universes, a subject once reserved for physicists and philosophers at the top of their fields, have entered the mainstream. The realm of possibility has been expanded by Oscar winning films like Everything, Everywhere, All at Once and Into the Spiderverse,along with books likeThe Golden Compass, and video games like The Legend of Zelda, and Mortal Kombat. Today's special guest, spiritual philosopher Peter Canova compares our "reality" to a cosmic holographic movie". In his new book, Quantum Spirituality,he unravels the nature of reality through the twin lenses of quantum physics and ancient spiritual wisdom. It answers the most fundamental questions of existence—how and why was the universe created, how did human beings come to exist and what is our purpose?  Exploring the perennial principles of Gnosticism, Peter Canova explains how they describe major theories of quantum physics, such as the Big Bang, parallel universes, the Holographic Universe theory, and Einstein’s Relativity. He reveals how to harness quantum spirituality for personal empowerment, access to higher levels of consciousness, and manifestation. In addition to being a spiritual philosopher, Peter Canova is a linguist, historian, and author of the award-winning First Souls Trilogy spiritual fiction series.
Nov 15
1 hr 6 min
The Power of Your Self Image with Performance & Success Coach Suzana Mihajlovic
You may have heard over and over again that you are limitless and the limits you have are only in your mind. It sounds cliche because you do not understand how  to tap into this limitlessness that you are.  Science now tells you that you are  99.99999% energy and only .00001% physical.Yet we are conditioned to focus 99% on the physical - on our five senses. This energy that you are is the greatest intelligence that exists, it is pure consciousness, it is the creative force that moves energy into physical.  Your mind, on the other hand, is also a part of the invisible.Your manifestations may interrupted or blocked if there is a conflicting belief in your subconscious - the subconscious being the control mechanism that works like a cybernetic instrument. When you understand who you truly are and the power of your mind, you understand that you are way more than what you have ever imagined to be. .  Suzana Mihajlovic is the founder of Your2Minds Pty Ltd. She is a multiple best selling author and elite level performance and success coach. Suzana has had a wide calibre of experience and expertise all of which distinguish her from the ordinary. She has been referred to by her clients as the “missing link between success and failure”. Suzana is one of the very few Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultants that worked very closely with the late Bob Proctor himself. Suzana holds a number of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates from various Universities. All of the books that Suzana has authored or co-authored have been best sellers including both editions of her first book Your2Minds. Suzana co-authored the book 'Renewing Your Mind’ with Canadian friend and colleague Makini Smith and was one of the 55 women who contributed to ’55 Faces: Global edition’ which also became a #1 Best Seller.
Nov 10
1 hr 2 min
Protecting Yourself From Emotional Predators with Expert Steven Wolhandler
Today's special guest, Steven Wolhandler, J.D., M.A., L.P.C., is an attorney and psychotherapist with decades of experience in dispute resolution and psychology. He is the author of Protecting Yourself from Emotional Predators: Neutralize the Users, Abusers and Manipulators Hidden Among Us, which presents a new paradigm for understanding toxic people and relationships. For Emotional Predators, life is a strategy game to dominate and control, and you are either a player to be defeated or a game piece to be used. Without empathy or remorse, they’ll ruin your life, and traditional approaches will make things worse. An attorney since 1984, Steven is a graduate of Cornell Law School where he was an Editor of the Law Review.  He practiced law in a large Wall Street law firm and as a soloist in a small New Mexican town.  Steven began his doctoral clinical psychology training in 1988, taking a leave of absence in 1990.  He formed Creative Conflict Resolutions, LLC in 1999 and received a Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2002. Steven has been resolving business and family disputes outside the courts since 1993 (as a mediator, arbitrator, consultant, custody evaluator and parental decision-maker). He combines his legal training and experience with his deep understanding of the psychological basis of high-conflict disputes. Listen to Steven's 1/7/2020 Interview on A Fine Time for Healing at https://www.blogtalkradio.com/randi-fine/2020/01/07/protecting-yourself-from-emotional-predators-with-author-steven-wolhandler
Nov 3
1 hr 15 min
Who You Are, Why You're Here, and What is Your Purpose with Raquel Reyna
If things were to collapse, would you still know who you are? Would you know which way to turn if you suddenly felt betrayed by the company you worked for or by the leaders of your country? Do you feel empowered to make decisions for yourself, or do you rely on others for guidance?  Each of us is conditioned to fit in, to strive for specific goals, to make life choices that our parents or society designated for us, rather than to understand and strive to live our uniqueness. And because we are in uncharted territory in these new times, which call for serious upgrades, it is essential to learn who you are, how to live as your unique self, and how to make decisions based on your own personalized inner GPS system - a powerful inner guidance system you probably don’t even know you have. Are You a Mutant? the book written by today's special guest, Raquel Reyna, breaks down brand-new intel designated to assist you in uncovering a truth about yourself that is inevitably shocking. An insight that rings true, like a mystical calling from your soul that simultaneously reveals all the places in your life you are living as a fake. Raquel Reyna, a revolutionary Human Design teacher, has her Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. She has been on a spiritual journey of awakening since age of 23 when she traveled the world going through a Shamanic initiation with one of the most powerful Shamans in the world. She is a spiritual shock igniter who has since helped countless people transform their lives by understanding their personalized success code in her Internationally known Creative Coaching Certification School, she founded.
Oct 31
1 hr 2 min
Psychedelic Reset: Renewed Hope For Mental Health Issues with Derek DuChesne
Today's special guest, Derek Duchesne, battled with depression and suicidal thoughts, exhausting traditional treatments without finding relief. In 2019, he reluctantly tried ketamine therapy and experienced a rapid mental transformation. Derek described his ketamine therapy experience as the most profound moment of his life. It provided him with a renewed sense of hope and the ability to breathe freely again. Recognizing the limitations of existing treatments, he became determined to make a difference. As he delved deeper into the potential of psychedelics for treating mental health challenges, Derek made it his mission to make this form of medicine more accessible. Inspired by his own journey, Derek collaborated with clinicians from Stanford's Psychedelic Science Center and Depression Research Clinic to explore ways to increase accessibility to psychedelic medicine.In 2021, he partnered with Dr. Sam Zand, a renowned expert in psychiatric and psychedelic medicine from Johns Hopkins University, to create Better U. Today, Derek's vision continues to impact the lives of many, as Better U revolutionizes the landscape of mental health treatment, breaking down barriers and offering hope and healing to individuals who may have felt helpless before.
Oct 24
57 min
True Romance and Love Stories from Vietnam War POW's with Co-Author Lee Ellis
In conjunction with this year’s 50th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War and return of the POWs, today's special guest, retired Air Force pilot Col. Lee Ellis, and love expert Greg Godek, have come together to share the inspiring stories of POWs who returned from the Vietnam War after years of incarceration and mistreatment in the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" prison system. Their book, "Captured by Love," offers readers a rare glimpse into the resilient and enduring love and romance that emerged from such a challenging and heartbreaking situation. "We wrote this book to not only show that love overcomes all but, to also honor the men and women who sacrifice for our nation," said Retired Air Force pilot Col. Lee Ellis, co-author. According to Wikipedia, Ellis gained notoriety when, as a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War, he was shot down, captured, and spent 5+1⁄2 years as a prisoner of war in Hanoi and surrounding areas with former presidential candidate and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and others. His capture occurred on November 7, 1967, and he was released on March 14, 1973. He was one of the youngest, junior members in the camps. Lee Ellis is Founder and President of Leadership Freedom® LLC and FreedomStar Media®. He is an award-winning author, leadership coach, and expert presenter in the areas of leadership, teambuilding, and human performance. His past clients include Fortune 500 senior executives and C-Level leaders in telecommunications, healthcare, military, and other business sectors. His last book is entitled "Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability", and his latest book is entitled "Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance from Vietnam POWs.”
Oct 3
59 min
Turns Out Our Pets Are Anxious Too with Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet
Our pets are so good at reading our mood and comforting us when we’re sad or stressed. We can learn to return the favor.  Poor mental health is surging these days. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 1 in 5 adults struggle with some form of mental health issue.  And our pets are not immune; they are suffering with anxiety and depression just like the rest of us. Research by Guide Dogs UK reveals that nearly 75% of dogs showed signs of poor mental health in 2022.  Much like humans, an animal’s mental distress can manifest as anxiety, fear, or destructive behavior, depending on the severity of the condition. And an animal doesn’t need to experience extreme abuse or neglect to exhibit those symptoms. Sometimes a big change, such as moving to a new house or losing a loved one can trigger a response. Some dogs are even showing signs of post-covid social anxiety, with “other dogs or cats” surpassing all but “loud noises” as the leading cause of canine anxiety in 2022!  Today's special guest, Joan Ranquet, is an accomplished animal communicator of over 30 years, an author, TEDx speaker, educator, and animal guardian. She donates her time to animal rescue missions, sanctuaries, and therapeutic riding centers, and is an avid fundraiser for organizations focused on the rescue, recovery, and rehabilitation of compromised animals and endangered species. She has served as Star-Lioness, an advisory/sounding board for the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and on the Spiritual Council for The Gentle Barn.  Joan’s newest book is Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and their Humans, Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping.  She is also the author of several other books.
Sep 29
1 hr 1 min
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