A Fine Time for Healing
A Fine Time for Healing
A Fine Time for Healing
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Great podcast on narcissistic people
I really like this podcast and I like her guests. however a few of her podcasts have audio problems which makes it difficult to continue listening other than that it’s very informative she has a very relaxed and unpretentious calm delivery which I enjoy
Perfect for positivity and self-growth
I find this podcast to be uplifting, inspiring, and mind-opening. I easily follow along despite problems with inattention. Whether you listen on the car ride home or while drinking your morning coffee or tea, you’ll find your energy listening well spent. Just this morning, I carried with me two important lessons from a recent episode on the utility of neuroplasticity and a positive mindset into my work and personal life. This podcast works perfectly into any lifestyle one works at involving self-growth and enrichment. On another note, I’d like to add - narcissistic abuse feels inextricable, yet Randi finds a way to describe it, talk about it and confirm a reality which is powerfully denied by abusers and, by consequence of the manipulative nature of the abuse, survivors themselves. In this podcast, Randi aims to enrich our lives and open our minds to the magic of our existence, and I believe she truly does so.
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Naia Aneres
Actually Good beyond audio quality
The audio is hasty (like a mic is put up to a phone speaker) and the intro can be dropped or made into a brief one, BUT quality info and help comes from this podcast! just needs some tuning.
Super Informative Show
I love this show - great topics, easy to listen to and just plan good content
Narcissistic abuse
Excellent advice on narcissistic abuse. Thanks Randi.
I listened to the root canal causing cancer episode. That dude is making bank by "coaching", i.e., preying on cancer victims. You two are incredibly ignorant to physiology. "I'll never get cancer cause I have a good immune system" yet he says cancer comes from either food, dental work, or stress.... Dude contradicts himself a million times and dumb woman is oblivious to it. But hey, gotta pay the bills, right!? Lolol
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