9-5 Dropout Show
9-5 Dropout Show
Rachael L Thompson
Because You Deserve to Have IT ALL. Welcome to the 9 to 5 Dropout Show where you learn from leading experts how to quit your job and successfully start your own business. With your host, Author, Owner of Mind Body & Spirit Entrepreneur and Creator of the 9 to 5 Dropout Academy, Rachael Thompson.
Rocket Scientist Turned Best Selling Fiction Author: How Stephanie Osborn Made this HUGE Transition
A must-listen for any writers or wanna-be writers! Today I chat with best-selling fiction author, and "Interstellar Woman of Mystery", Stephanie Osborne. She discusses reasons why she quit her not-so-conventional 9-5 job to pursue the life of a writer. We get into the pros and cons of getting a publisher vs. self-publishes, unique ways she markets her books, and also the basics of getting your first book released. Make sure to check out the Mind Body & Spirit Blog to read a free chapter from her latest book! https://www.mymbse.com/blog/excerpt-from-division-one-by-stephanie-osborn Her latest book in the series was just released! Check it out here: https://amzn.to/2v7X3nu For more about Stephanie, check out: Website: http://www.stephanie-osborn.com/ Social Media Links:  Twitter: @WriterSteph      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SFAuthorStephanieOsborn      Instagram: interstellarwomanofmystery Interested in Starting Your Own Business?? 10 Steps to Start Your Business FREE Mini-Course: https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1 Enroll in 9-5 Dropout Academy (Full Business/Entrepreneur Course): https://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3
Aug 1, 2018
48 min
[9-5] #9: Let's Talk About Stress Management...w/ Stress Management Coach, Nicky Stansbury
Being an entrepreneur...hell being a human...in today's society can be extremely stressful. It feels like we are being pulled in a million different directions between our careers, families, and any attempts at a personal life. In today's episode International Stress Management Life Coach, NickyStansbury, gives us simple tips and tricks to find balance and successfully manage stress. Find Out More About Nicky at: http://www.nicholyncoaching.net/ More helpful resources for business and life: Mind Body & Spirit Entrepreneur: http://www.mymbse.com Personalized Meditations to Help with Stress: http://www.mymbse.com/store/7ygCsNFq 10 Steps to Start a Business (FREE Mini Course): https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1 9-5 Dropout Academy Enrollment: https://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3
Jul 19, 2018
33 min
[9-5] #8: Authentic Marketing & Simple Tricks to Boost SEO w/ Kellen Kautzman
Get your pen and paper ready; you will want to take some notes listening to this interview with Internet Marketing Expert, Kellen Kautzman. He shares super simple SEO tips that you can start implementing for free with very little time investment. He also shares how to be authentic with genuine, heart-centered marketing. Anyone who feels like marketing is fake or forced NEEDS to listen to this! Where to find Kellen: Kellen Kautzman, Owner of Send It Rising Internet Marketing Website: SendItRising.com & KellenKautzman.com Kellen's Book 'Everybody's Doing It: Advertising Redefined by an SEO Expert': https://amzn.to/2L6heYN [affiliate link] Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/senditrising/ 10 Steps to Start Your Business (FREE) https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1 9-5 Dropout Academy Enroll Today: https://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3 More resources: https://www.mymbse.com
Jul 12, 2018
43 min
[9-5] #7: How to Attract Money Using the Power of Your Mind w/ James Goi
Do you think 'Manifesting' or 'Law of Attraction' sounds like hippy, woo-woo garbage? In today's episode, I talk with an author who actually applied these principles after quitting his 9-5 job with over 50K in credit card debt. He shares how he experienced his first 100K windfall within months. If this sounds nuts, or if you've tried manifesting techniques with no success, I encourage you to take a listen to his refreshingly simple take on these principles. Find James Goi's Book, How to Attract Money Using Mind Power here: https://amzn.to/2txTKVO Blog Article: [Attract Money in 3 Easy Steps] https://www.mymbse.com/blog/attract-money-in-3-easy-steps More About James Here: Website: https://www.jamesgoijr.com/ Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/JamesGoiJrPublicPage https://www.facebook.com/HowToAttractMoneyUsingMindPower https://www.facebook.com/jamesgoijr https://twitter.com/JamesGoiJr https://www.youtube.com/JamesGoiJr Make sure to check out!... 9-5 Dropout Academy: https://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3 10 Steps to Start Your Business (FREE!): https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1
Jul 5, 2018
43 min
[9-5] #6: Ever Thought About Franchising? Maybe You Should... w/ Mariel Miller
In today's episode we talk with Franchising Consultant, Mariel Miller, who gives tons of amazing advice and insights about franchise ownership. There are a lot of untrue ideas surrounding franchise ownership. We think of large chains and needing an equally large investment. The truth about franchising options is quite shocking. Don't allow misconceptions to hold you back from an amazing opportunity. Learn the facts about franchising from a leading expert in the field. Where to find more about Mariel: http://www.TheFranchiseAdvisor.com 877 220-4214 5 Myths & Facts About Franchising (Blog Article): https://www.mymbse.com/blog/5-shocking-myths-facts-of-starting-a-franchise FREE 10 Steps to Start Your Business PDF & Mini Course: https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1 9-5 Dropout Academy Enroll Today: https://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3 More Free Resources: http://www.mymbse.com
Jun 25, 2018
53 min
[9-5] # 5: All You Need to Know for a Successful Start-Up w/ Andrew Lermsider
In today's episode, expert Andrew Lermsider covers everything you need to know for a successful business. Learn what he did to gross over $600 million for his own online businesses and those of his clients. If you are starting an online business, you need to hear these tips! Where to find Andrew: Website: www.andrewlermsider.com Social Media Links: www.Instagram.com/andrewlermsider www.facebook.com/andrewlermsiderofficial www.twitter.com/andrewlermsider Get FREE 10 Steps To Start Your Business Checklist: https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1 Enroll in 9-5 Dropout Academy: https://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3 More about Andrew: Andrew Lermsider knows the exact steps needed to rapidly increase the sales of any company selling a product or service online. Lermsider, a renowned marketing expert, featured on the cover of “Response Magazine” has generated over $600 million dollars online for his own businesses and clients. INTERVIEW TOPICS • 3 key fundamentals that can triple the web sales of any business • Why posting so often on social media no longer works and what big companies do • Learn how small conversion improvements can increase your sales volume 50% • Testing can save your business from losing boat loads of cash • How user experience has become more important than ever before. • 8 email marketing hacks every entrepreneur needs to know. • Follow- up marketing is the key to your success. • Question based selling is the answer • It’s not all about Facebook. Google crushes it using their automation • Monetize your way to an entrepreneurial empire. • Why Facebook ads fail for so many businesses. They are not looking for you.
Jun 21, 2018
39 min
[9-5] # 4: Prepping For Success w/ Anmol Singh
Today's guest, Anmol Singh, shares simple, actionable & powerful advice on how to get started pursuing your dreams. Listen to his incredible story and message (make sure to have a pen handy)! Find Out More About Anmol: www.Livetraders.com @DeltaNinety on Instagram and Twitter Prepping For Sucess; 10 Keys for Making it in Life: www.PreppingforSuccess.com Additional Resources: Download FREE 10-Steps to Start Your Business: https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1 9-5 Dropout Academy: http://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3
Jun 11, 2018
40 min
[9-5] #3 How to Work Smart Not Hard: Marketing Uncomplicated  w/Owen Crisp
The world of marketing can be confusing and even terrifying to some. Today we discuss how to take the guesswork out, keep it simple, and see amazing results when marketing your business. Marketing Expert and Owner of Marketing Uncomplicated, Owen Crisp, discusses his top 3 principles that will lead your business to success: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), Work Smart First, & The NUMBERS Never Lie! Find Out More: https://marketinguncomplicated.com Owen's Story: An average student at best, one who just got by in both high school and university, it took a long time for Owen to discover that business is quite simple especially if you follow the most important rule……”The Numbers Never Lie”. After 5 years of advertising, Owen crossed over to marketing. It was there where he was mentored, and learned to follow a simple set of principles, which helped him amass significant successes (including the introduction of a $100 million business in North America). His 3 simple principles: 1. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) 2. Work Smart First……only then do you work hard 3. The NUMBERS never lie! Owen has over 30 years of CPG (consumer package goods) marketing and first-hand experiences and has proven growing every business he worked on because he knows every problem has a solution/alternate path and Business is not complicated! Owen loves the thrill of the chase and being hands-on, which is what he does for business at marketinguncomplicated.com Additional Resources: 9-5 Dropout Academy: http://www.mymbse.com/store/UBmqLkX3 10 Steps to Start Your Business (FREE) Checklist: https://www.mymbse.com/p/10-steps-to-start-your-business-1
Jun 6, 2018
34 min