9-5 Dropout Show
9-5 Dropout Show
Rachael L Thompson
[9-5] #3 How to Work Smart Not Hard: Marketing Uncomplicated w/Owen Crisp
34 minutes Posted Jun 6, 2018 at 6:07 pm.
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Show notes
The world of marketing can be confusing and even terrifying to some. Today we discuss how to take the guesswork out, keep it simple, and see amazing results when marketing your business. Marketing Expert and Owner of Marketing Uncomplicated, Owen Crisp, discusses his top 3 principles that will lead your business to success: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), Work Smart First, & The NUMBERS Never Lie!
Find Out More: https://marketinguncomplicated.com
Owen's Story:
An average student at best, one who just got by in both high school and university, it took a long time for Owen to discover that business is quite simple especially if you follow the most important rule……”The Numbers Never Lie”.
After 5 years of advertising, Owen crossed over to marketing. It was there where he was mentored, and learned to follow a simple set of principles, which helped him amass significant successes (including the introduction of a $100 million business in North America).
His 3 simple principles:
1. KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid)
2. Work Smart First……only then do you work hard
3. The NUMBERS never lie!
Owen has over 30 years of CPG (consumer package goods) marketing and first-hand experiences and has proven growing every business he worked on because he knows every problem has a solution/alternate path and Business is not complicated!
Owen loves the thrill of the chase and being hands-on, which is what he does for business at marketinguncomplicated.com
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