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Avery be better
Avery is not a good “host” and it was much more enjoyable with Caleb rambling by himself. Avery is all over the place and his ideas are usually half baked.
Was good but new guy bad
Giving this three stars cuz it used to be 5 but now it’s zero. This was better when Caleb rambled about his golf game and journey to improve. Having the dudes recap current events (golf or otherwise) is brutal. Make it the caleb pressely show and go on solo rants again.
Good show.
Avery, stop saying plethora.
Calib the sailship
Great show, just ruined by Glenny Balls when he appears.
Why Eh H
Hole in one!
Great podcast for the golfer of any ability.
Love Caleb but…
This is the worst podcast on the internet
Cmon Caleb
You’re better than this 5 stars though
Not good
Love you caleb and was excited for your journey but this entire thing now appears to be some extravagant goof on your fans. More paid ads than any of the other barstool pods. Never about golf which was fine until you spent 8 mins talking about a bad song after going from ad to another ad. Thank god for sundae convo or you would probably be useless to barstool now. Such a shame
Crypto is not gonna help your game
Golf content is great!!!!! Less crypto more golf like the title ding dong
Lost interest
Started out good before moving to other topics. The podcast clearly lacks direction and isn’t a “golf podcast.” I get the position he’s in, but why not just call it “The Caleb Presley Show.”
51 strokes
Golf podcast or crypto podcast?
Started out cool. I tune in to hear about your golf progress and I hear about crypto. Very disappointing
Came for golf talk, left because of crypto talk
Very misleading name of the pod. Love when Caleb talks golf but all he seems to talk about now is crypto which I have no interest in hearing.
Losing Interest
Started off great but lately not much about golf. Would like real updates on his game and where he’s improving rather than promoting other things/topics
you’re IT bro
this is such a fire podcast , the $ASS episodes been GOLD !
Losing steam fast
Loved the initial premise of the pod and early episodes but these last few have been pretty underwhelming
Good but wish there was more talk about his game
I would like it better if there was more talk on his game. I would like to hear what he is working on and how his rounds are going
More than a podcast
This is so much more than a golf podcast. Every time I listen to it, I am immediately motivated and feel like I can accomplish anything
Guy is all-time
2030 masters champion. Unreal poddy. Tiger and Caleb are gonna be the two goats in golf history in 100 years.
Dangle snipe and cellu
Love Caleb
One of the best from barstool, love everything with tone and him. Not huge into golf but getting into it because this podcast. Anything with Caleb, I know it’s worth my time. Hope Florida doesn’t mean less seeing him
New Listener
Unfortunately, I only recently discovered this podcast. I am intentionally listening to episodes in the manner in which they were created. Such an epic tale can only be given the reverence it deserves by listening to the journey unfold. Caleb, phenomenal job. I wish I could commit to golf as you have, but have a wife, kids and a job. I am lucky to get out when I can. Hoeing to catch up so I can be current. Looking forward to hearing your talk with Max Homa.
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The best dumbest podcast
Homa’s interview was the full episode I listened to.
T Rob12
Congrats on the move!
This is an incredible podcast for all of us retired collegiate athletes who have turned our focus to golf and debate pursuing the dream. Awesome content for the listener to improve their own game and fun to live vicariously through you, Caleb. Go get that scratch level in Florida
A great listen
Caleb brings a fresh and comedic take on the world of golf. A must listen
Original believer here
I can attest that Caleb’s strength battling through countless injuries (dog bite, turf toe, stomach surgery, etc.) on his journey to the PGA tour has inspired millions to also pursue the career path of their wildest dreams
Great Show
Great podcast best of luck with the 2030 Masters. I hope to see you out of the course!
Better than foreplay
Delightful listening to Caleb journey to become a PGA superstar
51 Strokes
Podcast name literally translates to Phillip Rivers family tree
Sonny Weems
The episodes about golf are really good.
Early episodes
We’re good but it’s lost focus
Caleb rulez, golf drools.
I hate golf and this is still one of my fav podcasts.
K nasty 19
Shitcoins are only there to steal your bitcoin
Buy bitcoin. Never sell it. do this or HFSP
Follow the wives
Caleb is awesome! Always authentic, insightful, humorous, and just entertaining!
I have been a fan of his material since his days at UNC. He is a must listen.
Love Caleb’s attitude, the interviews, the attitude, the aspirations we all hope to achieve. Great pod
FTCF ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Into this. Truth is the new spin zone, y’all. Get on this kid’s level. Vibe is similar to that of one of my fav OG podcasts, The Crab Feast (Shout out Jay Larson, Shout out Ryan Sickler, shout out to UPS, Baltimore hub, primary 1, Joh Ave!). Get in where you fit in, and enjoy the ride once you do, amiright!?!?! 🤙🏻
In one word
And I don’t take this word lightly in any way... “rad”
Greatest Golf Podcast ever listened too
Makes golf more enjoyable and personable. The common golfer becomes great and eventually will be the best. Super excited to watch Caleb’s journey continue.
Manning Trubisky
Necessary Guest
Please have Nick Clearwater on from Golftec.
A must listen.
Great show for anybody, especially someone looking to get into the game of golf
This show doesn’t miss
My man does not miss, ever
Anthony Andolino
I first saw the look in his eyes on July 30, 2014.
Best podcast I’ve heard since Young and Happy. The Supervisor of Morale does it again in his new hit podcast “51 Strokes.” Overall great podcast. I knew Caleb would eventually make the tour at some point, but I figured it would be after his NFL career.
High Handicap Delivers High Entertainment
I’m not even sure if he likes golf or if the whole thing is a bit. No free ads.
This project is truly one of a kinds. Athletes, documentarians, scientists, and Nobel peace prize winners will study this for years to come. A time capsule of human ingenuity
frannie lyden
Great Concept, Terrible Name
Caleb Pressley is not only one of the OG Barstool Personalities but is one of the best. He understands the TRUE ALPHA move of LISTENING over fishing for sound bites like those hacks over at Fore Play. The fact they haven’t made up some hilarious beef between the only two golf podcasts at Barstool yet is truly beyond me and seems like a marketing oversight or lack of creativity. It’s so obvious and I’m giving you free material here Caleb: You are hosting a golf podcast by yourself while Fore Play has 4 different personalities. The creative funny dynamics are never ending and this is a huge mistake. Also Fore Play is a great title and 51 Strokes is not good at all. I have 10 better ones ready to go off the top off my head. Come on now.
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Say something nice about Glenny
Glenny is very fast
Foreplay scramble against Caleb 2025
Also, Gio Valiante for the record said he doesn’t care if you live in a $60M house or a $600k house.. he’s been spending too much time with Cohen
A Journey Unlike Any Other
51...46...12...Scratch...2030 Masters Champion! Seldom are you granted a glimpse behind the curtains of an athlete’s dreams and psyche. On 51 Strokes you get just that. From the genesis of his dream to his coronation as a future Masters Champion, join Caleb as he navigates the wild world of becoming a PGA Tour player. With interviews, advice, and storytelling from some of golf’s greatest minds, you’ll be entertained and informed... and might even improve your own game! Golf is difficult... Subscribing is easy!
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The History of Caleb Pressley
51 handicap. Plays at Pinehurst, gets injured. Assembles the greatest team to ever do it. Then he becomes a professional golfer. Defeats Charlie Woods and Justin Timberlake and becomes the 2030 Masters Champion. The greatest golfer of all time- Caleb Pressley.
Best Barstool Podcast!
I love the content on this podcast it’s exactly what I wanted and needed. This podcast is great for any golfer trying to improve their game! Keep up the great work!
Entertaining and useful
Nothing like being entertained and getting in the right golf mindset so I can play a 119 or even sometimes lower!
Caleb and 51 Strokes is Golf Podcast Perfection
I only discovered Caleb a few months ago and I truly think he the funniest person on any social media platform. But then after learning of his personal quest to become not just a pro golfer but a future Masters champion...all I can say is wow! Mad respect dude. The thing with this podcast that comes through is that Caleb is a very humble guy who admits that there is so much to learn about the game (which is true for everyone who loves playing golf-no matter their handicap). He has surrounded himself with a great team and that paired with his work ethic, I have no doubt he will be scratch in 2-3 years. So glad I found this podcast because I have already learned so much through it not just about golf but life itself! Whether you are a +5 or a 51 index, this is the podcast you need!
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